VRST '17- Proceedings of the 23rd ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology

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SESSION: Games and cinematics

Beyond cute: exploring user types and design opportunities of virtual reality pet games

The matrix has you: realizing slow motion in full-body virtual reality

JackIn Airsoft: localization and view sharing for strategic sports

Can you cut it?: an exploration of the effects of editing in cinematic virtual reality

SESSION: Tracking and display

Edible retroreflector

SESSION: Applications and experiments

A comparison of head-mounted displays vs. large-screen displays for an interactive pedestrian simulator

Outside-in monocular IR camera based HMD pose estimation via geometric optimization

A tile based colour picture with hidden QR code for augmented reality and beyond

Virtual reality studies outside the laboratory

Agent: automatic generation of experimental protocol runtime

SESSION: Simulation and graphics

Accurate real-time occlusion for mixed reality

Fast generation of realistic virtual humans

Design and exploration of braiding swarms in VR

A hybrid CRF framework for semantic 3D reconstruction

SESSION: Collaboration

Collaborators awareness for user cohabitation in co-located collaborative virtual environments

Immersive environment for distributed creative collaboration

Towards seamless interaction between physical and virtual locations for asymmetric collaboration

SESSION: Sensors, inputs, and locomotions

Legomotion: scalable walking-based virtual locomotion

CheekInput: turning your cheek into an input surface by embedded optical sensors on a head-mounted display

Gain compensation in redirected walking

Spontaneous alternation behavior in humans


Evaluating snapping-to-photos virtual travel interfaces for 3D reconstructed visual reality

A unified model for interaction in 3D environment

A study on improving performance in gesture training through visual guidance based on learners' errors

SESSION: Virtual worlds

Automated interior design using a genetic algorithm

Auris: creating affective virtual spaces from music


Using custom transformation axes for mid-air manipulation of 3D virtual objects

Computational design of hand-held VR controllers using haptic shape illusion

SESSION: Augmented reality

Real-world occlusion in optical see-through AR displays

Occlusion in outdoor augmented reality using geospatial building data

Exploring the effects of observed physicality conflicts on real-virtual human interaction in augmented reality

SESSION: Panoramas and virtual agents

PanoTrace: interactive 3D modeling of surround-view panoramic images in virtual reality

Case-based planning for large virtual agent societies

SESSION: Health and cybersickness

Pulse and vital sign measurement in mixed reality using a HoloLens

Virtual reality navigation system for prostate biopsy

Measurement of exceptional motion in VR video contents for VR sickness assessment using deep convolutional autoencoder

SESSION: Presence

Information recall in a virtual reality disability simulation

Presence and immersion of "easy" mobile VR with open flip-on lenses

The effect of avatar realism in immersive social virtual realities

Effects of virtual arm representations on interaction in virtual environments

Dual task based cognitive stress induction and its influence on path integration

POSTER SESSION: Poster abstracts

A comparative study of 2D and 3D mobile keypad user interaction preferences in virtual reality graphic user interfaces

A multiple-view geometric model of specularities on non-uniformly curved surfaces

A virtual reality based internet-of-things (IoT) framework for micro devices assembly

Acoustical manipulation for redirected walking

Adaptive method for 2.5D scattered point approximation

Analysis of the user experience in a 3D gesture-based supported mobile VR game

Augmented invaders: a mixed reality multiplayer outdoor game

Augmented reality system with collision response simulation using measured coefficient of restitution of real objects

Building a hybrid virtual agent for testing user empathy and arousal in response to avatar (micro-)expressions

Capturing aboriginal heritage in virtual reality

Color consistency of specular highlights in consumer cameras

Data visualization versus data perception

Diegetic cues for guiding the viewer in cinematic virtual reality

Direct retinal signals for virtual environments

Do you feel what you see?: multimodal perception in virtual reality

"Drop the beat": virtual reality based mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy for panic disorder --- a pilot study

Emotionally mediated spatial experience with AR

Enjoyable carving with ChiselDevice in mixed reality space

Eyeexpression: exploring the use of eye expressions as hands-free input for virtual and augmented reality devices

GalVR: a novel collaboration interface using GVS

Hand-free natural user interface for VR HMD with IR based facial gesture tracking sensor

Immercity: communicating about virtual and augmented realities

Immersive VR for numerical engagement

In situ editing (EiS) for fulldomes

Integrating performer into a real-time augmented reality performance spatially by using a multi-sensory prop

Multi-device mixed reality TV: a collaborative experience with joint use of a tablet and a headset

Multi-view VR system for co-located multidisciplinary collaboration and its application in ergonomic design

PeriText+: utilizing peripheral vision for reading text on augmented reality smart glasses

ProjectDR: augmented reality system for displaying medical images directly onto a patient

Real-time avatar animation synthesis from coarse motion input

Real-time wall outline extraction for redirected walking

ScatAR: a mobile augmented reality application that uses scattering delay networks for room acoustic synthesis

Score-based recommendation for efficiently selecting individual virtual agents in multi-agent systems

Searching and exploring software repositories in virtual reality

The game of flow - cellular automaton-based fluid simulation for realtime interaction

The impact of avatar-owner visual similarity on body ownership in immersive virtual reality

Towards multimodal interactions: robot jogging in mixed reality

Using virtual reality for scaffolding computer programming learning

VR wildfire prevention: teaching campfire safety in a gamified immersive environment

Which ranges of intensities are more perceptible for non-visual vibro-tactile navigation on touch-screen devices


A gaze-preserving group video conference system using screen-embedded cameras

A playback tool for reviewing VR experiences

Cubely: virtual reality block-based programming environment

Gaze- and qoe-aware video streaming solutions for mobile VR

LabDesignAR: configuring multi-camera motion capture systems in augmented reality

Solving Poisson's equation on the Microsoft HoloLens

The interactive soundscape renderer for loudspeaker- and headphone-based spatial sound presentation

The smart pin: a novel object manipulation technique for immersive virtual environments

VEAAR: virtual environment for archaeological artefacts restoration

Walkable self-overlapping virtual reality maze and map visualization demo: public virtual reality setup for asymmetric collaboration