UIST '16- Proceedings of the 29th Annual Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology

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SESSION: Opening Keynote Address

Smart Headlight: An Application of Projector-Camera Vision

SESSION: Session 1A: Fabrication

Mobile Fabrication

Crowdsourced Fabrication

Reprise: A Design Tool for Specifying, Generating, and Customizing 3D Printable Adaptations on Everyday Objects

Exploring the Design Space for Energy-Harvesting Situated Displays

SESSION: Session 1B: Touch and Beyond

FaceTouch: Enabling Touch Interaction in Display Fixed UIs for Mobile Virtual Reality

Supporting Mobile Sensemaking Through Intentionally Uncertain Highlighting

HoloFlex: A Flexible Light-Field Smartphone with a Microlens Array and a P-OLED Touchscreen

AuraSense: Enabling Expressive Around-Smartwatch Interactions with Electric Field Sensing

SESSION: Session 2A: TUI

ChainFORM: A Linear Integrated Modular Hardware System for Shape Changing Interfaces

Zooids: Building Blocks for Swarm User Interfaces

Rovables: Miniature On-Body Robots as Mobile Wearables

aeroMorph - Heat-sealing Inflatable Shape-change Materials for Interaction Design

SESSION: Session 2B: Interaction Techniques

Beyond Snapping: Persistent, Tweakable Alignment and Distribution with StickyLines

Porous Interfaces for Small Screen Multitasking using Finger Identification

Mining Controller Inputs to Understand Gameplay

TRing: Instant and Customizable Interactions with Objects Using an Embedded Magnet and a Finger-Worn Device

SESSION: Session 3A: Touch It, Feel It

Designing a Non-contact Wearable Tactile Display Using Airflows

RealPen: Providing Realism in Handwriting Tasks on Touch Surfaces using Auditory-Tactile Feedback

Muscle-plotter: An Interactive System based on Electrical Muscle Stimulation that Produces Spatial Output

Haptic Learning of Semaphoric Finger Gestures

GyroVR: Simulating Inertia in Virtual Reality using Head Worn Flywheels

SESSION: Session 3B: Dev Tools

Telescope: Fine-Tuned Discovery of Interactive Web UI Feature Implementation

CodeMend: Assisting Interactive Programming with Bimodal Embedding

Meta: Enabling Programming Languages to Learn from the Crowd

SESSION: Session 4A: Touch

Next-Point Prediction Metrics for Perceived Spatial Errors

Wearables as Context for Guiard-abiding Bimanual Touch

Gaze and Touch Interaction on Tablets

Predicting Finger-Touch Accuracy Based on the Dual Gaussian Distribution Model

SESSION: Session 4B: Sensing

ViBand: High-Fidelity Bio-Acoustic Sensing Using Commodity Smartwatch Accelerometers

proCover: Sensory Augmentation of Prosthetic Limbs Using Smart Textile Covers

SleepCoacher: A Personalized Automated Self-Experimentation System for Sleep Recommendations

Bootstrapping User-Defined Body Tapping Recognition with Offline-Learned Probabilistic Representation

SESSION: Session 5A: Viz

Eviza: A Natural Language Interface for Visual Analysis

Semi-Automated SVG Programming via Direct Manipulation

Reading and Learning Smartfonts

Interactive Volume Segmentation with Threshold Field Painting

SESSION: Session 5B: Physical Displays

SkyAnchor: Optical Design for Anchoring Mid-air Images onto Physical Objects

Changing the Appearance of Physical Interfaces Through Controlled Transparency

JOLED: A Mid-air Display based on Electrostatic Rotation of Levitated Janus Objects

LIME: LIquid MEtal Interfaces for Non-Rigid Interaction

Phyxel: Realistic Display of Shape and Appearance using Physical Objects with High-speed Pixelated Lighting

SESSION: Session 6A: Information & Obfusc**ion

Private Webmail 2.0: Simple and Easy-to-Use Secure Email

CloakingNote: A Novel Desktop Interface for Subtle Writing Using Decoy Texts

Mavo: Creating Interactive Data-Driven Web Applications by Authoring HTML

SESSION: Session 6B: Video & Audio

QuickCut: An Interactive Tool for Editing Narrated Video

Dynamic Authoring of Audio with Linked Scripts

VidCrit: Video-based Asynchronous Video Review

SESSION: Session 7A: Fab with New Materials

Metamaterial Mechanisms

Digital Gastronomy: Methods & Recipes for Hybrid Cooking

A 3D Printer for Interactive Electromagnetic Devices

Foundry: Hierarchical Material Design for Multi-Material Fabrication

SESSION: Session 7B: Text Entry

DriftBoard: A Panning-Based Text Entry Technique for Ultra-Small Touchscreens

Expressive Keyboards: Enriching Gesture-Typing on Mobile Devices

EdgeVib: Effective Alphanumeric Character Output Using a Wrist-Worn Tactile Display

On Suggesting Phrases vs. Predicting Words for Mobile Text Composition

SESSION: Session 8A: Crowds

IdeaHound: Improving Large-scale Collaborative Ideation with Crowd-Powered Real-time Semantic Modeling

Boomerang: Rebounding the Consequences of Reputation Feedback on Crowdsourcing Platforms

Habitsourcing: Sensing the Environment through Immersive, Habit-Building Experiences

VizLens: A Robust and Interactive Screen Reader for Interfaces in the Real World

SESSION: Session 8B: Electronics Printing & Prototyping

Aesthetic Electronics: Designing, Sketching, and Fabricating Circuits through Digital Exploration

The Toastboard: Ubiquitous Instrumentation and Automated Checking of Breadboarded Circuits

CircuitStack: Supporting Rapid Prototyping and Evolution of Electronic Circuits

Stretchis: Fabricating Highly Stretchable User Interfaces

SESSION: Session 9A: Reality

Optical Marionette: Graphical Manipulation of Human's Walking Direction

NormalTouch and TextureTouch: High-fidelity 3D Haptic Shape Rendering on Handheld Virtual Reality Controllers

Immersive Scuba Diving Simulator Using Virtual Reality

Holoportation: Virtual 3D Teleportation in Real-time

SESSION: Session 9B: Creativity

Energy-Brushes: Interactive Tools for Illustrating Stylized Elemental Dynamics

ERICA: Interaction Mining Mobile Apps

The Elements of Fashion Style

Multi-Device Storyboards for Cinematic Narratives in VR

SESSION: Session 10A: Innovative Interaction

SketchingWithHands: 3D Sketching Handheld Products with First-Person Hand Posture

Authoring Illustrations of Human Movements by Iterative Physical Demonstration

AggreGaze: Collective Estimation of Audience Attention on Public Displays

RadarCat: Radar Categorization for Input & Interaction

SESSION: Session 10B: Gesture

Advancing Hand Gesture Recognition with High Resolution Electrical Impedance Tomography

Interacting with Soli: Exploring Fine-Grained Dynamic Gesture Recognition in the Radio-Frequency Spectrum

WristWhirl: One-handed Continuous Smartwatch Input using Wrist Gestures

A Rapid Prototyping Approach to Synthetic Data Generation for Improved 2D Gesture Recognition

SESSION: Closing Keynote Address