UIST '16 Adjunct- Proceedings of the 29th Annual Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology

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SESSION: Doctoral Symposium

Computational Design Driven by Aesthetic Preference

Promoting Natural Interactions Through Embedded Input Using Novel Sensing Techniques

Nomadic Virtual Reality: Exploring New Interaction Concepts for Mobile Virtual Reality Head-Mounted Displays

Object-Oriented Interaction: Enabling Direct Physical Manipulation of Abstract Content via Objectification

Making Fabrication Real

Data-driven Mobile App Design

Physiological Signal-Driven Virtual Reality in Social Spaces

Asymmetric Design Approach and Collision Avoidance Techniques For Room-scale Multiplayer Virtual Reality


Luminescent Tentacles: A Scalable SMA Motion Display

Rig Animation with a Tangible and Modular Input Device

Watch Commander: A Gesture-based Invocation System for Rectangular Smartwatches using B2B-Swipe

MagTacS: Delivering Tactile Sensation over an Object

floatio: Floating Tangible User Interface Based on Animacy Perception

3D Printed Physical Interfaces that can Extend Touch Devices

Thickness Control Technique for Printing Tactile Sheets with Fused Deposition Modeling

Sparkle: Towards Haptic Hover-Feedback with Electric Arcs

The UIST Video Browser: Creating Shareable Playlists of Video Previews

WithYou: An Interactive Shadowing Coach with Speech Recognition

Representing Gaze Direction in Video Communication Using Eye-Shaped Display

Gushed Diffusers: Fast-moving, Floating, and Lightweight Midair Display

SoEs: Attachable Augmented Haptic on Gaming Controller for Immersive Interaction

LaserStroke: Mid-air Tactile Experiences on Contours Using Indirect Laser Radiation

M.Sketch: Prototyping Tool for Linkage-Based Mechanism Design

Depth Based Shadow Pointing Interface for Public Displays

A Tangible Interface to Realize Touch Operations on the Face of a Physical Object

AmbioTherm: Simulating Ambient Temperatures and Wind Conditions in VR Environments

Wrap & Sense: Grasp Capture by a Band Sensor

Facial Expression Mapping inside Head Mounted Display by Embedded Optical Sensors

An Input Switching Interface Using Carbon Copy Metaphor

Designing a Haptic Feedback System for Hearing-Impaired to Experience Tap Dance

Ballumiere: Real-Time Tracking and Projection for High-Speed Moving Balls

ScalableBody: A Telepresence Robot Supporting Socially Acceptable Interactions and Human Augmentation through Vertical Actuation

MlioLight: Multi-Layered Image Overlay using Multiple Flashlight Devices

Polyspector™: An Interactive Visualization Platform Optimized for Visual Analysis of Big Data

Hand Gesture and On-body Touch Recognition by Active Acoustic Sensing throughout the Human Body

Wolverine: A Wearable Haptic Interface for Grasping in VR

Phones on Wheels: Exploring Interaction for Smartphones with Kinetic Capabilities

Applications of Switchable Permanent Magnetic Actuators in Shape Change and Tactile Display

Virtual Sweet: Simulating Sweet Sensation Using Thermal Stimulation on the Tip of the Tongue

Fitter: A System for Easily Printing Objects that Fit Real Objects

RunPlay: Action Recognition Using Wearable Device Apply on Parkour Game

Music Composition with Recommendation

waveSense: Ultra Low Power Gesture Sensing Based on Selective Volumetric Illumination

Expanding the Field-of-View of Head-Mounted Displays with Peripheral Blurred Images

Reconstruction of Scene from Multiple Sketches

2.5 Dimensional Panoramic Viewing Technique utilizing a Cylindrical Mirror Widget

ExtendedHand on Wheelchair

Synesthesia Suit

Interaction Technique Using Acoustic Sensing for Different Squeak Sounds Caused by Number of Rubbing Fingers

Fluxa: Body Movements as a Social Display

WhammyPhone: Exploring Tangible Audio Manipulation Using Bend Input on a Flexible Smartphone

UnlimitedHand: Input and Output Hand Gestures with Less Calibration Time


Orchestrated Informal Care Coordination: Designing a Connected Network of Tools in Support of Collective Care Activities for Informal Caregivers

Switch++: An Output Device of the Switches by the Finger Gestures

Transparent Reality: Using Eye Gaze Focus Depth as Interaction Modality

Toward a Compact Device to Interact with a Capacitive Touch Screen

Initial Trials of ofxEpilog: From Real Time Operation to Dynamic Focus of Epilog Laser Cutter

Design and Evaluation of EdgeWrite Alphabets for Round Face Smartwatches

Touchscreen Overlay Augmented with the Stick-Slip Phenomenon to Generate Kinetic Energy

Histogram: Spatiotemporal Photo-Displaying Interface

AquaCAVE: Augmented Swimming Environment with Immersive Surround-Screen Virtual Reality

Partial Bookmarking: A Structure-independent Mechanism of Transclusion for a Portion of any Web Page

Thermocons: Evaluating the Thermal Haptic Perception of the Forehead

Sidetap & Slingshot Gestures on Unmodified Smartwatches

Developing fMRI-Compatible Interaction Systems through Air Pressure

OmniEyeball: Spherical Display Embedded With Omnidirectional Camera Using Dynamic Spherical Mapping

Estimating Contact Force of Fingertip and Providing Tactile Feedback Simultaneously

Activity-Aware Video Stabilization for BallCam

Study on Control Method of Virtual Food Texture by Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Uniformity Based Haptic Alert Network

Flying User Interface

Prevention of Unintentional Input While Using Wrist Rotation for Device Configuration

Peripersonal Space in Virtual Reality: Navigating 3D Space with Different Perspectives

A Novel Real Time Monitor System of 3D Printing Layers for Better Slicing Parameter Setting

Hilbert Curves: A Tool for Resolution Independent Haptic Texture

Friend*Chip: A Bracelet with Digital Pet for Socially Inclusive Games for Children

NeverMind: Using Augmented Reality for Memorization

Analysis of Sequential Tasks in Use Context of Mobile Apps

Towards Understanding Collaboration around Interactive Surfaces: Exploring Joint Visual Attention

Resolving Spatial Variation And Allowing Spectator Participation In Multiplayer VR

OctaRing: Examining Pressure-Sensitive Multi-Touch Input on a Finger Ring Device