UbiComp '16- Proceedings of the 2016 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing

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SESSION: Keynote speaker

Emotion technology, wearables, and surprises

SESSION: Activity recognition

Unsupervised recognition of interleaved activities of daily living through ontological and probabilistic reasoning

Learning from less for better: semi-supervised activity recognition via shared structure discovery

Human respiration detection with commodity wifi devices: do user location and body orientation matter?

A weakly supervised activity recognition framework for real-time synthetic biology laboratory assistance

SESSION: Supporting the visually and motor impaired

UniPass: design and evaluation of a smart device-based password manager for visually impaired users

Finding a store, searching for a product: a study of daily challenges of low vision people

CueSee: exploring visual cues for people with low vision to facilitate a visual search task

Situational impairments to mobile interaction in cold environments

SESSION: Living in smart homes

Selecting home appliances with smart glass based on contextual information

AirSense: an intelligent home-based sensing system for indoor air quality analytics

"It's like living with a friendly stranger": perceptions of personality traits in a smart home

TableTalk: integrating personal devices and content for commensal experiences at the family dinner table

SESSION: Unobstrusive sensing and feedback

Exploring the design space of glanceable feedback for physical activity trackers

Verifiable smart packaging with passive RFID

Device-free detection of approach and departure behaviors using backscatter communication

Cognitive rhythms: unobtrusive and continuous sensing of alertness using a mobile phone

Passive and contactless epidermal pressure sensor printed with silver nano-particle ink

SESSION: Indoor localisation

Dynamic-MUSIC: accurate device-free indoor localization

Indoor localization via multi-modal sensing on smartphones

Predicting location semantics combining active and passive sensing with environment-independent classifier

Towards area classification for large-scale fingerprint-based system

Efficient calibration for rssi-based indoor localization by bayesian experimental design on multi-task classification

SESSION: Interacting using the hands and eyes

WiFinger: talk to your smart devices with finger-grained gesture

Accuracy of interpreting pointing gestures in egocentric view

TextPursuits: using text for pursuits-based interaction and calibration on public displays

UbiTouch: ubiquitous smartphone touchpads using built-in proximity and ambient light sensors

TraceMatch: a computer vision technique for user input by tracing of animated controls

SESSION: UbiComp in education

TalkLIME: mobile system intervention to improve parent-child interaction for children with language delay

EDUM: classroom education measurements via large-scale WiFi networks

Collective use of a fabric-based interactive surface to support early development in toddler classrooms

Apps to measure motor skills of vocational workers

SESSION: Sensing walking

WiDir: walking direction estimation using wireless signals

Gait recognition using wifi signals

Exploiting cyclic features of walking for pedestrian dead reckoning with unconstrained smartphones

iKneeBraces: knee adduction moment evaluation measured by motion sensors in gait detection

SESSION: Leveraging the crowd

TASKer: behavioral insights via campus-based experimental mobile crowd-sourcing

TaskMe: multi-task allocation in mobile crowd sensing

Sensus: a cross-platform, general-purpose system for mobile crowdsensing in human-subject studies

The night is young: urban crowdsourcing of nightlife patterns

SESSION: Sound and audio

WalkieLokie: sensing relative positions of surrounding presenters by acoustic signals

Automated estimation of food type and amount consumed from body-worn audio and motion sensors

WritingHacker: audio based eavesdropping of handwriting via mobile devices

AudioGest: enabling fine-grained hand gesture detection by decoding echo signal

SESSION: User and behavior modeling and prediction I

Modelling smartphone usage: a markov state transition model

Discovering different kinds of smartphone users through their application usage behaviors

The potential of physical motion cues: changing people's perception of robots' performance

Differentiating smartphone users by app usage

SESSION: Security and privacy I

Privacy-friendly photo capturing and sharing system

Loca: a location-oblivious co-location attack in crowds

PrivCheck: privacy-preserving check-in data publishing for personalized location based services

A data hiding approach for sensitive smartphone data


Design and learnability of vortex whistles for managing chronic lung function via smartphones

Exploring glass as a novel method for hands-free data entry in flexible cystoscopy

HemaApp: noninvasive blood screening of hemoglobin using smartphone cameras

LumiO: a plaque-aware toothbrush

Using passively collected sedentary behavior to predict hospital readmission

SESSION: User and behavior modeling and prediction II

Engagement-aware computing: modelling user engagement from mobile contexts

Why would you do that? predicting the uses and gratifications behind smartphone-usage behaviors

Cooperative phoneotypes: exploring phone-based behavioral markers of cooperation

Exploring space syntax on entrepreneurial opportunities with Wi-Fi analytics

SESSION: Security and privacy II

Touch-and-guard: secure pairing through hand resonance

PERUIM: understanding mobile application privacy with permission-UI mapping

Location privacy for crowdsourcing applications

mSieve: differential behavioral privacy in time series of mobile sensor data

SESSION: UbiComp in transportation

CityCoupling: bridging intercity human mobility

DESTPRE: a data-driven approach to destination prediction for taxi rides

Is only one gps position sufficient to locate you to the road network accurately?

CityProphet: city-scale irregularity prediction using transit app logs

SESSION: Sensing and using emotion

EmotionCheck: leveraging bodily signals and false feedback to regulate our emotions

Learning from the ubiquitous language: an empirical analysis of emoji usage of smartphone users

An affect detection technique using mobile commodity sensors in the wild

Shining (blue) light on creative ability

SESSION: Supporting physically active lifestyle

Exploring user experiences of active workstations: a case study of under desk elliptical trainers

Technology meets adventure: learnings from an earthquake-interrupted Mt. everest expedition

Reconsidering the device in the drawer: lapses as a design opportunity in personal informatics

Dynamic cluster-based over-demand prediction in bike sharing systems


Spotting prejudice with nonverbal behaviours

mCrave: continuous estimation of craving during smoking cessation

Domain adaptation methods for improving lab-to-field generalization of cocaine detection using wearable ECG

CrossCheck: toward passive sensing and detection of mental health changes in people with schizophrenia

Assessing social anxiety using gps trajectories and point-of-interest data

SESSION: Images, videos and AR

ARTcode: preserve art and code in any image

Tell me what i see: recognize RFID tagged objects in augmented reality systems

ROC comment: automated descriptive and subjective captioning of behavioral videos

Interactive worker assistance: comparing the effects of in-situ projection, head-mounted displays, tablet, and paper instructions

SpotGarbage: smartphone app to detect garbage using deep learning

SESSION: Power saving techniques for mobile computing

PADA: power-aware development assistant for mobile sensing applications

Crowdsensing-based smartphone use guide for battery life extension

GreenTouch: transparent energy management for cellular data radios

AFV: enabling application function virtualization and scheduling in wearable networks

SESSION: Predictive analytics

Test time feature ordering with FOCUS: interactive predictions with minimal user burden

Looking back on the current day: interruptibility prediction using daily behavioral features

Predicting room occupancy with a single passive infrared (PIR) sensor through behavior extraction

Predicting user error for ambient systems by integrating model-based UI development and cognitive modeling

SESSION: Urban sensing

Urban sensing based on human mobility

Characterizing the life cycle of point of interests using human mobility patterns

Context-aware real-time population estimation for metropolis

Spatially fine-grained urban air quality estimation using ensemble semi-supervised learning and pruning

SESSION: Sensing with smartphones and wearables

Toward practical factory activity recognition: unsupervised understanding of repetitive assembly work in a factory

Enabling on-body transmissions with commodity devices

Wearable sensor based multimodal human activity recognition exploiting the diversity of classifier ensemble

μEMA: Microinteraction-based ecological momentary assessment (EMA) using a smartwatch

SESSION: Real-world navigation and exploration

Lets not stare at smartphones while walking: memorable route recommendation by detecting effective landmarks

ALPS: accurate landmark positioning at city scales

AutoLabel: labeling places from pictures and websites

Probing the interconnections between geo-exploration and information exploration behavior

SESSION: Sustainable ubicomp

How does eco-coaching help to save energy? assessing a recommendation system for energy-efficient thermostat scheduling

FORCES: feedback and control for occupants to refine comfort and energy savings

Genie: a longitudinal study comparing physical and software thermostats in office buildings

ThermalSense: determining dynamic thermal comfort preferences using thermographic imaging

SESSION: Notifcations and scheduling

PrefMiner: mining user's preferences for intelligent mobile notification management

Context-aware application scheduling in mobile systems: what will users do and not do next?

A contextual collaborative approach for app usage forecasting

In-situ investigation of notifications in multi-device environments