UbiComp '16- Proceedings of the 2016 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing: Adjunct

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Softsense: sensing at software level

Run with me: designing storytelling tools for runners

How age and gender affect smartphone usage

Indoor localisation system based on low-cost commodity hardware

Multimodal multisensor activity annotation tool

SmileAtMe: rating and recommending funny images via smile detection

Discovering air quality patterns in urban environments

Optimizing taxiing with detours by using traffic dynamics and driving habits

OCEAN: a new opportunistic computing model for wearable activity recognition

Designing a bet placing mobile application to tackle procrastination

vTrack: virtual trackpad interface using mm-level sound source localization for mobile interaction

Floor plan design and automatic nodes deployment for indoor location and monitoring systems

Towards a natural language programming interface for smart homes

Sonnengarten: urban light installation with human-plant interaction

ClimbingAssist: direct vibro-tactile feedback on climbing technique

An intelligent system to improve T-H-C parameters at the workplace

In-situ versus simulation-based experience evaluation of media augmented urban environments

Speaking status detection from body movements using transductive parameter transfer

Personal BORIS: flavor-based cocktail recommendation

MetroEye: towards fine-grained passenger tracking underground

Who are the people in my life? towards tangible eco-maps

Location-based risk assessment for mobile authentication

Predicting daily nursing load from nurses' activity logs and patients' medical records

ProCom: designing a mobile and wearable system to support proximity awareness for people with autism

AIR: recognizing activity through IR-based distance sensing on feet

Safety vs. privacy: user preferences from the monitored and monitoring sides of a monitoring system

A benchmark study on feature selection for human activity recognition

Hand pose estimation based on active bone-conducted sound sensing

SleepSight: a wearables-based relapse prevention system for schizophrenia

Getting home safely with drone

An eating speed guide system using a wristband and tabletop unit

Smart-rug: haptic feedback for restraining crossed leg

Examination of safe-walking support system for "texting while walking" using time-of-flight range image sensors

Democratizing children's engagement with the internet of things through connectUs

Self-managed and blockchain-based vehicular ad-hoc networks

Personalized record of the city wander with a wearable device: a pilot study

Challenges and opportunities for designing new technology to reveal early warning signs in acute psychiatric units

Where to place the next outlet? harnessing cross-space urban data for multi-scale chain store recommendation

Mining cell-id trajectory patterns by exploiting handoff features

Tangible interaction drawers for people with dementia: retrieving living experiences from past memories

Investigating collaboration evolution in UbiComp research

LiBS: lifelog browsing system to support sharing of memories

Estimation of beautiful gait using an accelerometer

TakeOut: drawing application using distributed user interface for being close to real experience

Travel planning system considering experience flows based on driving histories

Human activeness recognition by variety of rare sounds

Towards multimodal deep learning for activity recognition on mobile devices

Self-knowledge through numbers and the operationalization of learning

An interactive mobile control center for cyber-physical systems

Codebook approach for sensor-based human activity recognition

Mobile-to-mobile passive localization on walking path

Eye blink as an input modality for a responsive adaptable video system

Engaging people to participate in data collection

E-ballet: designing for remote ballet learning

CrowdWatch: pedestrian safety assistance with mobile crowd sensing

Towards recognising collaborative activities using multiple on-body sensors

StrapMaps: bringing map-based navigation to the straps of bags

Activity sense organs: energy-efficient activity sensing with adaptive duty cycle control

Toward estimating user-social event distance: mobility, content, and social relationship

CrowdStory: multi-layered event storyline generation with mobile crowdsourced data

MagAttack: remote app sensing with your phone


Large scale, flexible electroluminescent display

Speaker-less sound-based 3D localization with centimeter-level accuracy

Gaze-guided object classification using deep neural networks for attention-based computing

Protobject: a sensing tool for the rapid prototyping of UbiComp systems

CrowdAlert: a mobile app for event reporting and user alerting in real-time

Crowdsensing route reconstruction using portable bluetooth beacon-based two-way network

Semi complex navigation with an active optical gesture sensor

Internet of touch: analysis and synthesis of touch across wearable and mobile devices

EyeVR: low-cost VR eye-based interaction

A demonstration of SwiVRChair: a motorized swivel chair to nudge users' orientation for 360 degree storytelling in virtual reality

A context-adaptive workflow engine for humans, things and services

Planning simulation tool for designing energy harvesting applications

The wordometer 2.0: estimating the number of words you read in real life using commercial EOG glasses

A campus-scale mobile crowd-tasking platform

Classifying smartphone screen ON/OFF state based on wifi probe patterns

Automatic capturing and analysis of manual manufacturing processes with minimal setup effort

AFit: adaptive fitness tracking by application function virtualization

Rapid interweaving of smart things with the meSchup IoT platform

Experiential tangible UI for controlling lighting

MedicaLVR: towards medical remote collaboration using virtual reality

When can we detect human respiration with commodity wifi devices?

COSMS: unconscious stress monitoring system for office worker

Peripheral view calculation in virtual reality applications

SenStick 2: ultra tiny all-in-one sensor with wireless charging

Smart glasses with a peripheral vision display

Mogeste: mobile tool for in-situ motion gesture design

Smart helmet for construction site documentation and work support

Any problems? a wearable sensor-based platform for representational learning-analytics.

Towards improving touchscreen input speed and accuracy on smartphones for tremor affected persons

Automatic authentication of smartphone touch interactions using smartwatch

Simply tag and find: finding indoor items by using detection history of RFID tags

Solar system: smooth pursuit interactions using EOG glasses

sigAlbum: an embedded photo service using a tiny text intelligence

Ubiquitous wireless charging

Smart home cards: tangible programming with paper cards

Guiding the visually impaired through the environment with beacons

Regular-look eyeglasses can monitor chewing

SESSION: Doctoral School

Physical activity classification meeting daily life conditions

Towards multimodal analysis of human behavior in crowded mingling scenarios using movement cues from wearable sensors and cameras

Are you (not) entertained? estimating the state of a crowd in an event using wearable sensors

Wearable and ambient sensing for well-being and emotional awareness in the smart workplace

System approach towards private proximity services

Investigating the viability of automated, intuitive, and contextual insights for chronic disease self-management using ubiquitous computing technologies

Model based and service oriented interaction for ubiquitous environments

Ocular symptom detection using smartphones

Intelligent personal guidance of human behavior utilizing anticipatory models

SESSION: Design Exhibition

Anemonestarheart: an emotive wearable

Self-adjusting wearables: variable control through a shape-memory latching mechanism

Active "hugging" vest for deep touch pressure therapy

Programmable plaid: the search for seamless integration in fashion and technology.

Interactive workwear: smart maintenance jacket

Touchplay: crafting material affinities

Superhearo: sensory augmentation for your friendly neighborhood vigilante

Stresssense: skin conductivity monitoring garment with a mobile app

Fleurtech: transformable smart dress

Solar shirt: design of an environmental awareness wearable

Step in and out of the dreams: toward an immersive and interactive virtual experience of dreams

WORKSHOP SESSION: (Quantified self) new frontiers of quantified self 2: going beyond numbers

New frontiers of quantified self 2: going beyond numbers

LOL: levels of learning through personal informatics

No effects but useful? long term use of smart health devices

A new approach for visualizing quantified self data using avatars

QS x NUI: towards natural user interfaces for personal health information

Impact of mood changes on application selection

Understanding rail travel through the curation of personal data

Mining hidden correlations between sleep and lifestyle factors from quantified-self data

Exploring lifelog sharing and privacy

Menthal: quantifying smartphone usage

Playing with your data: towards personal informatics driven games

Assessment of activity trackers: toward an acceptance model

Privacy threat model in lifelogging

On the stories activity trackers tell

Deceptive visualizations and user bias: a case for personalization and ambiguity in PI visualizations

Obtaining data on hearing experience through self-tracking

Stripe painting: a method of expressing the experience of cycling through 'quantified self' data visualisation

An ontology for quantified self: capturing the concepts behind the numbers

Understanding individuals phone call behavior for calendar events

WORKSHOP SESSION: (UBIMI) 3rd international workshop on ubiquitous mobile instrumentation

3rd international workshop on ubiquitous mobile instrumentation

Investigating how users engage with a pedometer app

Instrumenting smartphones with portable NIRS

Menthal: a framework for mobile data collection and analysis

Phone call log as a context source to modeling individual user behavior

mQoL smart lab: quality of life living lab for interdisciplinary experiments

Mobile information visualization design of the adkintun mobile app

Contact lingo keyboard

Measuring group dynamics in an elementary school setting using mobile devices

WORKSHOP SESSION: (IOT horizons) new horizons for the iot in everyday life: proactive, shared, sustainable

New horizons for the IoT in everyday life: proactive, shared, sustainable

Supporting distant familial relationships with the internet of things

The internet of things for the open sharing economy

SPOT: a smartphone-based control app with a device-agnostic and adaptive user-interface for IoT devices

EV charging: separation of green and brown energy using IoT

WORKSHOP SESSION: (WAEO) workshop on autonomous everyday objects: exploring actuation in ubiquitous devices

Autonomy is the key: from smart towards intelligent textiles

Autonomous desktop companions: comparing interactive zoomorphs

The social behavior of autonomous vehicles

WORKSHOP SESSION: (HASCA) 4th int workshop on human activity sensing corpus and applications: towards open-ended context awareness

4th workshop on human activity sensing corpus and applications: towards open-ended context awareness

UbiComp/ISWC 2015 PDR challenge corpus

HASC-PAC2016: large scale human pedestrian activity corpus and its baseline recognition

A multi-media exchange format for time-series dataset curation

Towards recognizing person-object interactions using a single wrist wearable device

Implicit positioning using compass sensor data

Detecting group formations using iBeacon technology

Enhancing location prediction with big data: evidence from dhaka

Inhalation during fire experiments: an approach derived through ECG

Let the objects tell what you are doing

Discovery and recognition of unknown activities

FPGA based hardware acceleration of sensor matrix

Exploring human activity annotation using a privacy preserving 3D model

A recognition method for continuous gestures with an accelerometer

Recognizing unknown activities using semantic word vectors and twitter timestamps

A better positioning with BLE tag by RSSI compensation through crowd density estimation

Patterns of human activity behavior: from data to information and clinical knowledge

Wearable electric potential sensing: a new modality sensing hair touch and restless leg movement

WORKSHOP SESSION: (UbiMount) ubiquitous computing in the mountains

Interfaces for assessing the rated perceived exertion (RPE) during high-intensity activities

Automatic detection of alpine ski turns in sensor data

Towards understanding digital sharing practices in outdoor sports

Emotions in climbing: a design opportunity for haptic communication

Concept design for informative illumination on a snowboard

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop on wearables for sports

Workshop on wearables for sports

miPod 2: a new hardware platform for embedded real-time processing in sports and fitness applications

Virtual and augmented reality in sports: an overview and acceptance study

Supporting safety in cycling groups using LED-augmented gestures

Monitoring of biomarkers in sweat with printed sensors combined with sport wearables

IMU-based determination of fatigue during long sprint

Live-feedback from the IMUs: animated 3D visualization for everyday-exercising

E-archery: prototype wearable for analyzing archery release

WORKSHOP SESSION: (UnderWare) aesthetic, expressive, and functional on-skin technologies

SkinMotion: what does skin movement tell us?

Protibadinext: sensor support to handle sexual harassment

E-fashion fusionist aiming for supportive and caring garments

Body covers as digital display: a new material for expressions of body & self

On-skin technologies for muscle sensing and actuation

ON-skin technologies: aesthetic, expressive, and functional tattoos for child health records

Wearables for physical privacy

Digital fabrication technologies for on-skin electronics

Digital fabrication pipeline for on-body sensors: design goals and challenges

Basic estimation of internal power harvesting in the mouth cavity

Ultra personalization and textile thinking in interaction design

WORKSHOP SESSION: 3rd workshop on full-body and multisensory experience

Third workshop on full-body and multisensory experience

Capturing social cues with imaging glasses

A system to support the learning of movement qualities in dance: a case study on dynamic symmetry

Designing a deformable musical surface for children with autism

Multisensory experiences for singers: a first tangible prototype

Investigating nuanced sensory experiences in textiles selection

Designing and measuring gesture using laban movement analysis and electromyogram

Multi-sensory EmotiPlant: multimodal interaction with augmented plants

WORKSHOP SESSION: (WAHM) 3rd workshop on ubiquitous technologies for augmenting the human mind

WAHM 2016: 3rd workshop on ubiquitous technologies for augmenting the human mind

Impact of reviewing lifelogging photos on recalling episodic memories

Measuring the effect of cued recall on work meetings

Entropy based transition analysis of eye movement on physics representational competence

Cognition-aware systems as mobile personal assistants

Towards an intelligent textbook: eye gaze based attention extraction on materials for learning and instruction in physics

Managed forgetting, data condensation & preservation in application

Personalized object recognition for augmenting human memory

A cognitive assistant for the emergency department

WORKSHOP SESSION: (IOPH) designing, developing, and evaluating the internet of personal health

Designing, developing, and evaluating the future internet of personal health

Multiple sensor fusion approach to map environmental noise impact on health

The ultimate wearable: connecting prosthetic limbs to the IoPH

Identifying coronary artery disease from photoplethysmogram

Personal MobileCoach: tailoring behavioral interventions to the needs of individual participants

Towards decisive garments for heat stress risk detection

A vision for heart rate health through wearables

Discovering vital trends for personalized healthcare delivery

Using design fiction to reflect on autonomy in smart technology for people living with dementia

Wearable haptic devices for post-stroke gait rehabilitation

B-ePain: a wearable interface to self-report pain and emotions

A digital technology framework to optimise the self-management of obesity

WORKSHOP SESSION: Mental health and well-being: sensing and intervention

Towards multi-modal anticipatory monitoring of depressive states through the analysis of human-smartphone interaction

DEMONS: an integrated framework for examining associations between physiology and self-reported affect tied to depressive symptoms

Harmony: close knitted mhealth assistance for patients, caregivers and doctors for managing SMIs

A wearable system for mood assessment considering smartphone features and data from mobile ECGs

Designing context-aware cognitive behavioral therapy for unipolar and bipolar disorders

OSN mood tracking: exploring the use of online social network activity as an indicator of mood changes

Large scale mood and stress self-assessments on a smartwatch

Continuous stress detection using a wrist device: in laboratory and real life

Toward a portable, self-administered critical flicker frequency test

Assessing mental health issues on college campuses: preliminary findings from a pilot study

Eustress or distress: an empirical study of perceived stress in everyday college life

Superpower glass: delivering unobtrusive real-time social cues in wearable systems

WORKSHOP SESSION: Smarticipation - intelligent personal guidance of human behavior utilizing anticipatory models

Smarticipation: intelligent personal guidance of human behavior utilizing anticipatory models

Analyzing group interaction and dynamics on socio-behavioral networks of face-to-face proximity

Sensing, processing and analytics: augmenting the Ubicon platform for anticipatory ubiquitous computing

Anticipating habit formation: a psychological computing approach to behavior change support

Recognizing activities of daily living from patterns and extraction of web knowledge

Towards proactive food diaries: a participatory design study

Anticipatory system for T--H--C dynamics in room with real and virtual sensors

WORKSHOP SESSION: (HotPlanet) the 7th international workshop on hot topics in planet-scale measurement

The 7th international workshop on hot topics in planet-scale measurement (HotPlanet '16)

Characterizing smartphone power management in the wild

Energy efficiency of large scale graph processing platforms

Compression-aware graph computation

Smart cities based on web semantic technologies

WORKSHOP SESSION: (VLSU) collective adaptation in very large scale ubicomp: towards a superorganism of wearables

Self-* properties in collective adaptive systems

Challenges of decentralized coordination in large-scale ubicomp systems

On execution platforms for large-scale aggregate computing

Understanding individuals in masses: case study vienna city marathon

AL17: triggering interactions in an ecosystem of wearables

WORKSHOP SESSION: (PURBA) the 5th workshop on pervasive urban applications

PURBA 2016: the 5th workshop on pervasive urban applications

Visualization tool for taxi usage analysis: a case study of lisbon, portugal

Tweets of the nation: tool for visualizing and analyzing global tweets

Visualizing mobile phone usage for exploratory analysis: a case study of portugal

Monitoring crowd condition in public spaces by tracking mobile consumer devices with wifi interface

Mobile walking game and group-walking program to enhance going out for older adults

Representation learning for geospatial areas using large-scale mobility data from smart card

How does taxi driver behavior impact their profit? discerning the real driving from large scale GPS traces

Expand your comfort zone! smart urban objects to promote safety in public spaces for older adults

BikeNow: a pervasive application for crowdsourcing bicycle traffic data

An empirical study on the regularity of route mobility

Real-time people movement estimation in large disasters from several kinds of mobile phone data

WORKSHOP SESSION: (WMSC) second workshop on mobile and situated crowdsourcing

WMSC '16: second workshop on mobile and situated crowdsourcing

Situated and ubiquitous crowdsourcing with volunteers during disasters

How to validate mobile crowdsourcing design? leveraging data integration in prototype testing

Supporting community-centric use and management of vacant houses: a crowdsourcing-based approach

Managing smartphone crowdsensing campaigns through the organicity smart city platform

Social-aware device-to-device communication: a contribution for edge and fog computing?

MobiBee: a mobile treasure hunt game for location-dependent fingerprint collection

Crowdsourcing situated & subjective knowledge for decision support

WORKSHOP SESSION: The Mobile Museum: supporting indoor and outdoor experiences

"The speaking celt": augmented reality avatars guide through a museum -- case study

Time travelers: mapping museum visitors across time and space

Two countries, eight museums: aiming for cross-cultural experience blend

Human or machine perspective? throwing "light" on optical see-through headsets in museums

Mobile media in the museum space: the example of the neanderthal museum's app "neanderthal+"

"Mobiles for museum visit should be abolished": a comparison of smart replicas, smart cards, and phones

WORKSHOP SESSION: Ubittention: smart & ambient notification and attention management

UbiTtention: smart & ambient notification and attention management

Interruptibility research: opportunities for future flourishment

Assessment of social roles for interruption management: a new concept in the field of interruptibility

An IoT infrastructure for ubiquitous notifications in intelligent living environments

How to inform privacy agents on preferred level of user control?

TaskyApp: inferring task engagement via smartphone sensing

Challenges for designing notifications for affective computing systems

The roles of emojis in mobile phone notifications

Demonstrator for extracting cognitive load from pupil dilation for attention management services

Dynamic guide signs system to control pedestrian flow

Challenges in designing and implementing adaptive ambient notification environments

Designing natural language output for the IoT

Preliminary investigations about interruptibility of smartphone users at specific place types

Envisioning an ambient smart calendar to support aging in place

Investigating interruptibility at activity breakpoints using smartphone activity recognition API

Towards an ambient awareness interface for home battery storage system

WORKSHOP SESSION: Tangible interaction with light in the IoT

Tap sensor: evaluating a new physical user interface for connected lighting

An intelligent lighting system: learn user preferences from inconsistent feedback

Ambient light as spatial attention guidance in indoor environments

Prototyping lighting schemes to reflect solar energy storage in the home: a light bulb DSL

Smart lighting in dementia care facility

STARS: enlightenment in the office space for behavioral change

Tangible interaction with light in the IoT

WORKSHOP SESSION: PETMEI 2016: the 6th international workshop on pervasive eye tracking and mobile eye-based interaction

6th international workshop on pervasive eye tracking and mobile eye-based interaction

Eyes wide open? eyelid location and eye aperture estimation for pervasive eye tracking in real-world scenarios

SPEED: SPectral eye vidEo database

Design and evaluation of a gaze tracking system for free-space interaction

"The story of life is quicker than the blink of an eye": using corneal imaging for life logging

WTP: web-tracking plugin for real-time automatic AOI annotations

Towards gaze-based interaction with urban outdoor spaces

Evaluation of state-of-the-art pupil detection algorithms on remote eye images

Brightness- and motion-based blink detection for head-mounted eye trackers

Challenges and design space of gaze-enabled public displays

WORKSHOP SESSION: EyeWear 2016: first workshop on eye wear computing

EyeWear 2016: first workshop on eyeWear computing

Smart experimental platform for collecting various sensing data from various things

Exploring a multi-sensor picking process in the future warehouse

Reading interventions: tracking reading state and designing interventions

What's my line? glass versus paper for cold reading in duologues

Smart glasses with peripheral vision display

Eye movement interactions in google cardboard using a low cost EOG setup

Estimation of english skill with a mobile eye tracker