TVX '17- Proceedings of the 2017 ACM International Conference on Interactive Experiences for TV and Online Video

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SESSION: Opening Keynote Address

'Here's Looking At You, Kid': Interactive Entertainment In The Age Of Machine-Readable Humans

SESSION: User Consumption Patterns

Media Multitasking at Home: A Video Observation Study of Concurrent TV and Mobile Device Usage

How People Multitask While Watching TV

Countering Contextual Bias in TV Watching Behavior: Introducing Social Trend as External Contextual Factor in TV Recommenders

How Millennials and Teens Consume Mobile Video

SESSION: The Role of the Audience

The Social Construction of Targeted Television Advertising: The Importance of "Social Arrangements" in the Development of Targeted Television Advertising in Flanders

Let's Play My Way: Investigating Audience Influence in User-Generated Gaming Live-Streams

SESSION: Panoramic Video and Virtual Reality

User Experience of Panoramic Video in CAVE-like and Head Mounted Display Viewing Conditions

Integrating Mid-Air Haptics into Movie Experiences

Project Orpheus A Research Study into 360° Cinematic VR

SESSION: Secondary Content and Companion Screens

Enhancing Interaction with Dual-Screen Television Through Display Commonalities

On Time or Not on Time: A User Study on Delays in a Synchronised Companion-Screen Experience

Don't Leave: Combining Sensing Technology and Second Screens to Enhance the User Experience with TV Content

Understanding Secondary Content Practices for Television Viewing

SESSION: Closing Keynote Address

Virtual Reality and the Future of Immersive Entertainment

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop Summaries

Emerging TV Experiences: How VR, Voice, and Emerging Audiences Have Changed the TV Landscape

Converging User-Generated Material with Professional Video User Experiences

Workshop on Interactive Digital Storytelling in Broadcasting Environment

In-Programme Personalization for Broadcast: IPP4B

ACM TVX Asia Forum 2017: A Brand New Game of Online Digital Marketing in Asia