TVX '17 Adjunct- Adjunct Publication of the 2017 ACM International Conference on Interactive Experiences for TV and Online Video

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SESSION: Works-in-Progress

Work-in-Progress Track Chairs' Welcome

Subtitles in 360-degree Video

User Research and Design for Live TV UX in China

HEd: A Flexible HbbTV WYSIWYG Visual Authoring Tool

Investigating the Effect of Relative Time Delay on Companion Screen Experiences

A Middleware to Enable Immersive Multi-Device Online TV Experience

Beyond The Timeline a Data-Driven Interface For Interactive Documentary

Exploring Online Video Databases by Visual Navigation

Mobile Devices and Professional Equipment Synergies for Sport Summary Production

Enhancing Use of Social Media in TV Broadcasting

Multi-Screen Director: a New Role in the TV Production Workflow?


Demo Chairs' Welcome

Scanning News Videos With An Interactive Filmstrip

Multi-User Motion Matching Interaction for Interactive Television using Smartwatches

Production and Delivery of Video for Multi-device Synchronized Playout

2-IMMERSE: A Platform for Orchestrated Multi-Screen Entertainment

Tellybox: Nine Speculative Prototypes For Future TV

Movies in Mid-Air: One-Minute Movies Enhanced through Mid-Air Haptic Feedback

Edinburgh Festival Explorer Demo

Object-Based Production: A Personalised Interactive Cooking Application

Web-based Platform for Subtitles Customization and Synchronization in Multi-Screen Scenarios

Social VR Platform: Building 360-degree Shared VR Spaces

SESSION: Doctoral Consortium

Doctoral Consortium Chairs' Welcome

Effects of Camera Position on Perception of Self In 360 Degree Video and Virtual Environments

Decoding Kashgar: Participatory Digital Heritage Making via Digital Online Interaction and Gamification

Recommending Personalized Informative Contents on iTV

Accessible Broadcast Audio Personalisation for Hard of Hearing Listeners

Integration of Touch and Taste with Interactive Media

Enhancing Over-the-Top Video Streaming Quality with DASH Assisting Network Elements

TV Consumption Practices of Brazilian Young People

Towards Behavior-oriented Quality of Experience Assessment for Online Video Services

Streaming and Presentation Architectures for Extended Video Streams