TVX '16- Proceedings of the ACM International Conference on Interactive Experiences for TV and Online Video

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SESSION: Keynote

"We are the [virtual] 99%": Bringing the Promise of Live Digital Interaction to All the Peoples

SESSION: Session I: Smart TVs and Input

Uncovering the Underlying Factors of Smart TV UX over Time: A Multi-study, Mixed-method Approach

Design Guidelines for Notifications on Smart TVs

Who Has the Force?: Solving Conflicts for Multi User Mid-Air Gestures for TVs

SESSION: Session II. Live Events and Connected Living Rooms

Rivulet: Exploring Participation in Live Events through Multi-Stream Experiences

Analysis of User Behavior with a Multicamera HbbTV App in a Live Sports Event

Connecting Living Rooms: An Experiment In Orchestrated Video Communication

SESSION: Session III. Understanding Users

Confessions of A 'Guilty' Couch Potato Understanding and Using Context to Optimize Binge-watching Behavior

Understanding Video Rewatching Experiences

I Kind of Had an Avatar Switch: The Role of the Self in Engagement with an Interactive TV Drama

SESSION: Session IV. Second Screen and Gaming

Enabling Frame-Accurate Synchronised Companion Screen Experiences

Mining Subtitles for Real-Time Content Generation for Second-Screen Applications

GameBridge: Converging Toward a Transmedia Storytelling Experience through Gameplay

SESSION: Course Overviews

Practical UX Research Methodologies

Incorporating Kids and Teens into UX Research

Interactive Television Experience in Convergent Environment: Models, Reception and Business

SESSION: Works-in-Progress

Region-of-Interest-Based Subtitle Placement Using Eye-Tracking Data of Multiple Viewers

Semi-Automatic Camera and Switcher Control for Live Broadcast

Multi-Platform Application Toolkit

Automated News Generation for TV Program Ratings

A System Designed to Collect Users' TV-Watching Data Using a Smart TV, Smartphones, and Smart Watches

Towards Biometric Assessment of Audience Affect

REFLEX: Face Micro-Expression Recognition System for TV Content Curation

Towards Media for Wellbeing

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop Summaries

4th International Workshop on Interactive Content Consumption at ACM TVX'16

Design Methods for Persuasive Media Experiences

Design Strategies for Interactive Digital Narratives