TEI '18- Proceedings of the Twelfth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction

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SESSION: Paper Session 1: Shapechanging & Moving Interfaces

Working with an Autonomous Interface: Exploring the Output Space of an Interactive Desktop Lamp

Morphology Extension Kit: A Modular Robotic Platform for Physically Reconfigurable Wearables

TwistBlocks: Pluggable and Twistable Modular TUI for Armature Interaction in 3D Design

Digitally Enchanted Wear: a Novel Approach in the Field of Dresses as Dynamic Digital Displays


The Cuebe: Facilitating Playful Early Intervention for the Visually Impaired

Soft-bodied Fidget Toys: A Materials Exploration

NewsThings: Exploring Interdisciplinary IoT News Media Opportunities via User-Centred Design

Mechamagnets: Tactile Mechanisms with Embedded Magnets

The Evolving Design of Tangibles for Graph Algorithmic Thinking

The Artistic Potential of Tactile Vision Interfaces: A First Look

Embodied Interactions with E-Textiles and the Internet of Sounds for Performing Arts

Designing a Smart Reading Environment with and for Children

Kniwwelino: A Lightweight and WiFi Enabled Prototyping Platform for Children

CRISPEE: A Tangible Gene Editing Platform for Early Childhood

Exploring Around-Device Tangible Interactions for Mobile Devices with a Magnetic Ring

Investigation of Touch Interfaces Using Multilayered Urushi Circuit

Tangible Interaction in the Dentist Office

Paper Circuitry and Projection Mapping: An Interactive Textbook Approach to Veterinary Education

Touch Connection: A Vibrotactile, Textile Prototype

Designing an Expandable Illuminated Ring to Build an Actuated Ring Chart

SESSION: Paper Session 2: Shapechanging Textiles & Interactive Materials

HäirIÖ: Human Hair as Interactive Material

Integrating Textile Materials with Electronic Making: Creating New Tools and Practices

ShapeTex: Implementing Shape-Changing Structures in Fabric for Wearable Actuation

Beyond LED Status Lights - Design Requirements of Privacy Notices for Body-worn Cameras

SESSION: Demo Session 1: Textile, Light, and Shape Changing Interfaces

zPatch: Hybrid Resistive/Capacitive eTextile Input

COLORISE: Shape- and Color-Changing Pixels with Inflatable Elastomers and Interactions

Plux: Exploring Light Settings through Hybrid Control

Screenprinting and TEI: Supporting Engagement with STEAM through DIY Fabrication of Smart Materials

W.O.U.S.: Widgets of Unusual Size

Tailor-made Accessible Computers: An Interactive Toolkit for Iterative Co-Design


Augmented Metacognition: Exploring Pupil Dilation Sonification to Elicit Metacognitive Awareness

Designing Bimanual Tangible Interaction for Stroke Survivors

MacroScope: First-Person Perspective in Physical Scale Models

SENSE-SEAT: Challenging Disruptions In Shared Workspaces Through a Sensor-Based Seat

EMS Painter: Co-creating Visual Art using Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Mobile, Exercise-agnostic, Sensor-based Serious Games for Physical Rehabilitation at Home

Feeling Virtual Worlds: An Exploration into Coupling Virtual and Kinaesthetic Experiences

Your Body of Water: A Display that Visualizes Aesthetic Heart Rate Data from a 3D Camera

Charged Utopia VR: Exploring Embodied Sense-making in the Virtual Space

Designing the Interaction with the Internet of Tangible Things: A Card Set

Sew-Flow: A Craft Interpretation of a Digital Game

Full Body Interaction beyond Fun: Engaging Museum Visitors in Human-Data Interaction

Prototyping and Simulating Complex Systems with Paper Craft and Augmented Reality: An Initial Investigation

Flyables: Exploring 3D Interaction Spaces for Levitating Tangibles

TUIst: A Collaborative and Computationally Enhanced Game Board

Crimson Wave: Shedding Light on Menstrual Health

SESSION: Paper Session 3: Toys, Talk, & Play

Smart Toys Design Opportunities for Measuring Children's Fine Motor Skills Development

ClassBeacons: Designing Distributed Visualization of Teachers-Physical Proximity in the Classroom

Evolving Tangibles for Children's Social Learning through Conversations: Beyond TurnTalk

Come and Play: Interactive Theatre For Early Years

SESSION: Paper Session 4: Sensing in Virtual & Augmented Reality

Sensory VR: Smelling, Touching, and Eating Virtual Reality

"You Better Eat to Survive": Exploring Cooperative Eating in Virtual Reality Games

Situated Game Level Editing in Augmented Reality

Ani-Bot: A Modular Robotics System Supporting Creation, Tweaking, and Usage with Mixed-Reality Interactions

SESSION: Demo Session 2: Kids, Arts, Music, Theatre & Augmented Reality

Tquencer: A Tangible Musical Sequencer Using Overlays

Real-time Recognition of Guitar Performance Using Two Sensor Groups for Interactive Lesson

Loominary: Crafting Tangible Artifacts from Player Narrative

Interactive and Open-Ended Sensory Toys: Designing with Therapists and Children for Tangible and Visual Interaction

MOD: A Portable Instrument for Mixing Analog and Digital Drawing for Live Cinema

SWAY - Designing for Balance and Posture Awareness

Hard and Soft Tangibles: Mixing Multi-touch and Tangible Interaction in Scientific Poster Scenarios

SESSION: Arts Session: TEI Arts

Opto-Phono-Kinesia (OPK): Designing Motion-Based Interaction for Expert Performers

PainByte: Chronic Pain and BioMedical Engineering Through the Lens of Classical Ballet & Virtual Reality

The Cloakroom: Documentary Narratives in Embodied Installation

Nettle: An Exploration of Communication Interface Design for Older Adults

The Shared Individual

Au Clair de la Lune on Gramophone "For Édouard-Léon Scott and László Moholy-Nagy" (1860 / 1923 / 2015)

Objektivisering: Text Physicalization and Self-introspective Post-digital Objecthood

DeepWear: a Case Study of Collaborative Design between Human and Artificial Intelligence

Op 1254: Music for Neutrons, Networks and Solenoids using a Restored Organ in a Nuclear Reactor

Embodisuit: A Wearable Platform for Embodied Knowledge

The Bronze Key: Performing Data Encryption

Tracking, Animating, and 3D Printing Elements of the Fine Arts Freehand Drawing Process

The Screaming Sun: Choreographing Synesthesia

Twinkle: A Flying Lighting Companion for Urban Safety

Synesthetic Experience in S T R A T I C

Thou and I: Exploring Expressive Digital Interaction with Interactive Characteristic Wigs

Beacon: Exploring Physicality in Digital Performance

Marching Cubes Made Tangible

SKIN - Embodied Navigation through WiFi Traffic using Vibro-Tactile Feedback

I Want To: Multi-media Installation for Understanding Our Desire

Rewilding Wearables: Sympoeitic Interfaces for Empathic Experience of Other-than-human Entities

Code{strata} Sonifying Software Complexity

'Let's Fake News'

SESSION: Paper Session 5: Evaluating Tangible Interactions

Evaluating Learning with Tangible and Virtual Representations of Archaeological Artifacts

The Impact of Tangible Props on Gaming Performance and Experience in Gestural Interaction

Multimodal Effects of Color and Haptics on Intuitive Interaction with Tangible User Interfaces

Being in the Sky: Framing Tangible and Embodied Interaction for Future Airliner Cockpits

SESSION: Paper Session 6: Theory, Communities & Frameworks

Cohousing IoT: Design Prototyping for Community Life

Through the Glance Mug: A Familiar Artefact to Support Opportunistic Search in Meetings

Focus Framework: Tracking Prototypes' Back-Talk

Understanding Transformations through Design: Can Resilience Thinking Help?


Exploring the Potential of Data Physicalization for STEM Learning

Designing for Instructed Physical Training

Understanding and Designing Embodied Experiences Through Mid-air Tactile Stimulation

The Interactive Carpet - Smart Textile Interface for Children on Autism Spectrum Disorder

Choreographic Computational Composites: Investigating Small-Size Shape-Change Architecture through Performative Arts

Creating and Staging Interactive Costumes

Unfolding an Industrial Design Approach to Physical Computing

SESSION: Studios

Sociomateriality: Infrastructuring and Appropriation of Artifacts

Designing eTextiles for the Body: Shape, Volume & Motion

Deformable Controllers: Fabrication and Design to Promote Novel Hand Gestural Interaction Mechanisms

Kinetic Body Extensions for Social Interactions

Internet of Tangibles: Exploring the Interaction-Attention Continuum

Tracking Well-Being Design Explorations Through Object Theatre