TEI '17- Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction

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SESSION: Session: Tangible Applications

The Blue Studio: Designing an Interactive Environment for Embodied Multi-Stakeholder Ideation Processes

Polipo: a Tangible Toy for Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Design Directions for Media-Supported Collocated Remembering Practices

Wobble: Shaping Unobtrusive Reminders for Prospective Memories in the Home Context

Window-Shaping: 3D Design Ideation by Creating on, Borrowing from, and Looking at the Physical World

SESSION: Session: Expanding Foundations

Designing for Embodied Being-in-the-World: Two Cases, Seven Principles and One Framework

What a Life!: Building a Framework for Constructive Assemblies

Un-Crafting: De-Constructive Engagements with Interactive Artifacts

Texture Metaphors and Tangible Interaction: No Smooth Relationship?

Interactive Architecture: Exploring and Unwrapping the Potentials of Organic User Interfaces

SESSION: Session: Making Science Tangible

Tangible mtDNA: A Tangible Tabletop System for Exploring Genetic Mutations on Mitochondrial DNA Cancer Data

BacPack: Exploring the Role of Tangibles in a Museum Exhibit for Bio-Design

Toward Wearable App Design for Children's In-the-World Science Inquiry

SESSION: Session: Fabrication and New Materials

FoldMecha: Exploratory Design and Engineering of Mechanical Papercraft

UTAP - Unique Topographies for Acoustic Propagation: Designing Algorithmic Waveguides for Sensing in Interactive Malleable Interfaces

Flexy: Shape-Customizable, Single-Layer, Inkjet Printable Patterns for 1D and 2D Flex Sensing

SESSION: Session: Novel Experiences

Bendy: Exploring Mobile Gaming with Flexible Devices

End-User Prototyping of Cross-Reality Environments

Virtual Lemonade: Let's Teleport Your Lemonade!

LaserViz: Shared Gaze in the Co-Located Physical World

SESSION: Session: Body and Aesthetics

Bio-Sensed and Embodied Participation in Interactive Performance

Torrent: Integrating Embodiment, Physicalization and Musification in Music-Making

Collective Loops: Multimodal Interactions Through Co-located Mobile Devices and Synchronized Audiovisual Rendering Based on Web Standards

Learning from the Crackle Exhibition

Tacit Narratives: Surfacing Aesthetic Meaning by Using Wearable Props and Focusing

SESSION: Demos and Posters

Designing and Making the Datacatchers: Batch Producing Location-Aware Mobile Devices

Data Flow, Spatial Physical Computing

Button+: Supporting User and Context Aware Interaction through Shape-Changing Interfaces

LangWidgets: Tangible Navigation System for Semantic Fields

An Exploration of Mobile Shape-Changing Textures

3D-modeling and 3D-printing Explorations on Japanese Tea Ceremony Utensils

Expected Behavior and Desired Appearance of Insect-Like Desk Companions

Needle as Input: Exploring Practice and Materiality When Crafting Becomes Computing

Sketching-in-Light: Enabling Hybrid Prototyping of Low-Resolution Lighting Displays

AWElectric: That Gave Me Goosebumps, Did You Feel It Too?

Popfab: A Case for Portable Digital Fabrication

Combining Practices in Craft and Design

SqueezaPulse: Adding Interactive Input to Fabricated Objects Using Corrugated Tubes and Air Pulses

Experience and Ownership with a Tangible Computational Music Installation for Informal Learning

Kinetic Pelvic Limb Model to Support Students' Understanding of Spatial Visualization in Gross Anatomy

The Haptic Body Scale: Designing Imprecision in Times of the Quantified Self

SESSION: Works in Progress

WireMolding: 3D Modeling Approach Involving Molding with Wire

A Thermal Pattern Design for Providing Dynamic Thermal Feedback on the Face with Head Mounted Displays

Quantifying Children's Engagement with Educational Tangible Blocks

HapticAid: Haptic Experiences System Using Mobile Platform

Escaping Chair: Furniture-Shaped Device Art

devEyes: Tangible Devices on Augmented Passive Surfaces

Grassffiti: Drawing Method to Produce Large-scale Pictures on Conventional Grass Fields

Sprite Catcher: A Handheld Self-Reflection and Mindfulness Tool for Mental Healthcare

Balance, Cogito and Dott: Exploring Media Modalities for Everyday-life Reflection

Designing Swing Compass with Liveliness: From Personal to Public Interactions

Felted Paper Circuits Using Joomchi

Field Computing: Wearable Devices for Citizen Science

Demulti Display: A Multiplayer Gaming Environment for Mitigating the Skills Gap

Exploring a Modular Approach to Redesigning Interfaces for Physical Interactive Devices

Tangible Audio Game Development Kit: Prototyping Audio Games with a Tangible Editor

Extending the Design Space of Tangible Objects via Low-Resolution Edge Displays

ForceClicks: Enabling Efficient Button Interaction with Single Finger Touch

My Tablet Is Moving Around, Can I Touch It?

Vital+Morph: A Shape-changing Interface for Remote Biometric Monitoring

Designing Interactive Systems for Balance Rehabilitation after Stroke

Nellodee 1.0: A Living Book to Enhance Intimacy with Head Gestures and Kinetic Typography

Exploring Eyes-free Interaction with Wrist-Worn Deformable Materials

Human and Dog: An Experimental Game using Unequal Communication Mechanic

Vibrette: Aiding Smoke Cessation with Tangible Game Devices

EchoSnap and PlayableAle: Exploring Audible Resonant Interaction

InstructiBlocks: Designing with Ambiguous Physical-Digital Models

Elsa: Temporary Ice Jet 3D Printing

HoloMuse: Enhancing Engagement with Archaeological Artifacts through Gesture-Based Interaction with Holograms

Corus: A Holographic Candle System with Intuitive Gestural Interaction and Ambient Feedback to Promote Co-Sleeping

Eyewear to Make Me Smile: Can Electric Muscle Stimulation increase Happiness?

Spatial Calibration of Airborne Ultrasound Tactile Display and Projector-Camera System Using Fur Material

DOK: Enhancing Child Patient Empowerment

Tangible Interaction for Stroke Survivors: Design Recommendations

Iyagi: An Immersive Storytelling Tool for Healthy Bedtime Routine

TurnTable: Towards More Equivalent Turn-Taking

Developing a Tangible Gaming Board for Post-Stroke Upper Limb Functional Training

BalanSAR: Using Spatial Augmented Reality to Train Children's Balancing Skills in Physical Education

ShapeShift: Mediating User Interaction Through Augmented Shading and Shadow

Seamless Multithread Films in Virtual Reality

SESSION: Session: Arts and Performance

Sparklry: Designing "Sparkle" of Interactive Jewelry

Second Skin: An Exploration of eTextile Stretch Circuits on the Body

Brighter than a Thousand Suns: A Uniform to Detect and Display Radiation

Distorted Reality: Augmented 3D Photogrammetry Over HoloLens?

InTouch Wearables: Exploring Ambient Remote Touch in Child-Parent Relationships

Tea with Crows: Experiencing Proactive Ubiquitous Technology by Interactive Art

SESSION: Session: Graduate Student Consortium

The Design and Evaluation of Embodied Interfaces for Supporting Spatial Ability

Designing Gaze Simulation for People with Visual Disability

Communicating Built Heritage Information Using Tangible Interaction Approach

Design of Age-Inclusive Tangible User Interfaces Using Image-Schematic Metaphors

Coupling Motion and Perception in Body Based UI

Exploring Bio-Inspired Soft Fluidic Actuators and Sensors for the Design of Shape Changing Tangible User Interfaces

Negotiating Ambiguity in Describing Fabrics Through Technology

[X]Changing Perspectives: Designing a Product Service System for Participatory Sensemaking in Multi- Stakeholder Dynamics around Public Issues

Maintaining and Constraining Performer Touch in the Design of Digital Musical Instruments

Performing with Technology

Exploring Advance Interactions for Augmented Reality: From Casual Activities to In-Situ 3D Modeling

SESSION: Student Design Challenge

Knock Knock to Unlock: A Human-centered Novel Authentication Method for Secure System Fluidity

Paranovirus: Bridging Realities Using Digital Media Simulations

Interactive Wall: Dynamic Structure in Living Spaces

The Sixth Sense: Augmenting Sensory Perception through Critical Design

Phenomenologically Augmented Reality With New Wearable LED Sequential Wave Imprinting Machines

MIDI Motion: Interactive Music Composition Gloves

Star-Force: A Playful Implementation of the Jedi-force

SESSION: Studios

The Body as a Source of Aesthetic Qualities for Design: Explorations and Techniques

Paper Machines

We-Coupling!: Designing New Forms of Embodied Interpersonal Connection

Participatory Design 101: Co-Creating Tangible User Interfaces to Enrich a Business Trip Experience