SUI '17- Proceedings of the 5th Symposium on Spatial User Interaction

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SESSION: Opening keynote address

Fooling your senses: (super-)natural user interfaces for the ultimate display

SESSION: Immersion & presence

RealME: the influence of body and hand representations on body ownership and presence

Smooth immersion: the benefits of making the transition to virtual environments a continuous process

ReflectiveSpineVR: an immersive spine surgery simulation with interaction history capabilities

SESSION: User interfaces

Cloudbits: supporting conversations through augmented zero-query search visualization

Visibility perception and dynamic viewsheds for topographic maps and models

Using artificial landmarks to improve revisitation performance and spatial learning in linear control widgets

SESSION: Haptics

Stylo and handifact: modulating haptic perception through visualizations for posture training in augmented reality

Evaluating the effect of tangible virtual reality on spatial perspective taking ability

Analysing the effect of tangibile user interfaces on spatial memory

Haptobend: shape-changing passive haptic feedback in virtual reality


The eyes don't have it: an empirical comparison of head-based and eye-based selection in virtual reality

Gaze + pinch interaction in virtual reality

EyeSee360: designing a visualization technique for out-of-view objects in head-mounted augmented reality


Spatial user interaction panel

SESSION: Systems & applications

Evaluation of finger position estimation with a small ranging sensor array

GestureDrawer: one-handed interaction technique for spatial user-defined imaginary interfaces

Triggerwalking: a biomechanically-inspired locomotion user interface for efficient realistic virtual walking


EyeSee: beyond reality with Microsoft HoloLens

GestureDrawer demo: one-handed interaction technique for spatial user-defined imaginary interfaces

Haptic feedback with HaptoBend: utilizing shape-change to enhance virtual reality

Head vs. eye-based selection in virtual reality

Using facial gestures to drive narrative in VR

Artificial landmarks augmented linear control widgets to improve spatial learning and revisitation performance


Look closer: adaptive mobile content zooming based on natural spatial user interaction

An unobservable and untraceable input method for public spaces by reconstructing points of gaze only on servers

Filtering world-in-miniature: visual analytics for immersive virtual experiences

Constraint-based modeling technique for mid-air interaction

Soundspace: toward accessible spatial navigation and collaboration for blind users

CS-DTW: real-time matching of multivariate spatial input against thousands of templates using compute shader DTW

Exploring task performance and user's preference of mid-air hand interaction in a 3D docking task experiment

Spatial virtual keyboard for wand based virtual reality

A head coupled cursor for 2D selection in virtual reality

User experience with semi-natural locomotion techniques in virtual reality: the case of the Virtuix Omni

Flex: hand gesture recognition using muscle flexing sensors

Player performance with different input devices in virtual reality first-person shooter games

SESSION: Closing keynote address

Intuitive spatial interactions in VR: learnings from "job simulator"