SUI '16- Proceedings of the 2016 Symposium on Spatial User Interaction

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SESSION: Keynote Address

The Reality of Mixed Reality

SESSION: Interaction I

Interacting with Maps on Optical Head-Mounted Displays

Touching the Sphere: Leveraging Joint-Centered Kinespheres for Spatial User Interaction

Optimising Free Hand Selection in Large Displays by Adapting to User's Physical Movements

Locomotion in Virtual Reality for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

SESSION: Touch and Movement

A Non-grounded and Encountered-type Haptic Display Using a Drone

Enhancement of Motion Sensation by Pulling Clothes

Impact of Motorized Projection Guidance on Spatial Memory

Inducing Body-Transfer Illusions in VR by Providing Brief Phases of Visual-Tactile Stimulation

SESSION: Interaction II

Shift-Sliding and Depth-Pop for 3D Positioning

Preference Between Allocentric and Egocentric 3D Manipulation in a Locally Coupled Configuration

Providing Assistance for Orienting 3D Objects Using Monocular Eyewear

Combining Ring Input with Hand Tracking for Precise, Natural Interaction with Spatial Analytic Interfaces

SESSION: Applications & Technology

Thumbs-Up: 3D Spatial Thumb-Reachable Space for One-Handed Thumb Interaction on Smartphones

Moving Ahead with Peephole Pointing: Modelling Object Selection with Head-Worn Display Field of View Limitations

Improving Interaction in HMD-Based Vehicle Simulators through Real Time Object Reconstruction

Exploring Immersive Interfaces for Well Placement Optimization in Reservoir Models

SESSION: Input Device & Usability

A Metric for Short-Term Hand Comfort and Discomfort: Exploring Hand Posture Evaluation

Improving Gestural Interaction With Augmented Cursors

Desktop Orbital Camera Motions Using Rotational Head Movements

On Your Feet!: Enhancing Self-Motion Perception in Leaning-Based Interfaces through Multisensory Stimuli


Spatial User Interaction Panel


Sharpen Your Carving Skills in Mixed Reality Space

Stickie: Mobile Device Supported Spatial Collaborations

Shift-Sliding and Depth-Pop for 3D Positioning

Developing Interoperable Experiences with OpenUIX

TickTockRay Demo: Smartwatch Raycasting for Mobile HMDs


Mushi: A Generative Art Canvas For Kinect Based Tracking

AR Tabletop Interface Using an Optical See-Through HMD

Coexistent Space: Collaborative Interaction in Shared 3D Space

Development of a Toolkit for Creating Kinetic Garments Based on Smart Hair Technology

Large Scale Interactive AR Display Based on a Projector-Camera System

TickTockRay: Smartwatch Raycasting for Mobile HMDs

3D Camera Pose History Visualization

Social Spatial Mashup for Place and Object: based Information Sharing

Real-time Sign Language Recognition with Guided Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Window-Shaping: 3D Design Ideation in Mixed Reality

KnowWhat: Mid Field Sensemaking for the Visually Impaired

Katsukazan: An Intuitive iOS App For Informing People About Volcanic Activity in Japan

Empirical Method for Detecting Pointing Gestures in Recorded Lectures

Arm-Hidden Private Area on an Interactive Tabletop System

AnyOrbit: Fluid 6DOF Spatial Navigation of Virtual Environments using Orbital Motion

KnowHow: Contextual Audio-Assistance for the Visually Impaired in Performing Everyday Tasks

Effect of using Walk-In-Place Interface for Panoramic Video Play in VR

Using Area Learning in Spatially-Aware Ubiquitous Environments

MocaBit 2.0: A Gamified System to Examine Behavioral Patterns through Granger Causality

Fast and Accurate 3D Selection using Proxy with Spatial Relationship for Immersive Virtual Environments

Haptic Exploration of Remote Environments with Gesture-based Collaborative Guidance

Subliminal Reorientation and Repositioning in Virtual Reality During Eye Blinks

Multimodal Embodied Interface for Levitation and Navigation in 3D Space

Acquario: A Tangible Spatially-Aware Tool for Information Interaction and Visualization

Grasp, Grab or Pinch?: Identifying User Preference for In-Air Gestural Manipulation

Biometric Authentication Using the Motion of a Hand