SEACHI 2016- Proceedings of the SEACHI 2016 on Smart Cities for Better Living with HCI and UX

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Re-imagining Public Interactive Learning Spaces To Support Singaporean Children's Wellbeing

Concept of Interactive Machine Learning in Urban Design Problems

Using smartphones in cities to crowdsource dangerous road sections and give effective in-car warnings

In the Quest of Defining Smart Digital City in Medini Iskandar Malaysia, Iskandar Puteri, Malaysia

Squat & Grow: Designing Smart Human-Food Interactions in Singapore

Crowdsourcing: Tackling Challenges in the Engagement of Citizens with Smart City Initiatives

Sharing Economy in Smart City Transportation Services

Free UX Testing Tool: The LudoVico UX Machine for Physiological Sensor Data Recording, Analysis, and Visualization for User Experience Design Experiments

Being heroically lost, being heroically found