RecSys '17- Proceedings of the Eleventh ACM Conference on Recommender Systems

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SESSION: Invited Keynotes

Recommender Systems and the New New Economics of Information

Improving Higher Education: Learning Analytics & Recommender Systems Research

Personalization is a Two-Way Street

Memory Networks for Recommendation

SESSION: Paper Session 1: Ranking

Learning to Rank with Trust and Distrust in Recommender Systems

Metalearning for Context-aware Filtering: Selection of Tensor Factorization Algorithms

A Gradient-based Adaptive Learning Framework for Efficient Personal Recommendation

entity2rec: Learning User-Item Relatedness from Knowledge Graphs for Top-N Item Recommendation

On Parallelizing SGD for Pairwise Learning to Rank in Collaborative Filtering Recommender Systems

Controlling Popularity Bias in Learning-to-Rank Recommendation

SESSION: Paper Session 2: Human Interaction

Educational Question Routing in Online Student Communities

The Magic Barrier Revisited: Accessing Natural Limitations of Recommender Assessment

Effective User Interface Designs to Increase Energy-efficient Behavior in a Rasch-based Energy Recommender System

Evaluating Decision-Aware Recommender Systems

Using Explainability for Constrained Matrix Factorization

User Preferences for Hybrid Explanations

SESSION: Paper Session 3: Unbiased and Private

Secure Multi-Party Protocols for Item-Based Collaborative Filtering

Modeling the Assimilation-Contrast Effects in Online Product Rating Systems: Debiasing and Recommendations

Fairness-Aware Group Recommendation with Pareto-Efficiency

A Novel Recommender System for Helping Marathoners to Achieve a New Personal-Best

SESSION: Paper Session 6: Session-Based Recommender Systems

Recommending Personalized News in Short User Sessions

Personalizing Session-based Recommendations with Hierarchical Recurrent Neural Networks

3D Convolutional Networks for Session-based Recommendation with Content Features

Modeling User Session and Intent with an Attention-based Encoder-Decoder Architecture

SESSION: Paper Session 7: Algorithms I

Sequential User-based Recurrent Neural Network Recommendations

Translation-based Recommendation

MPR: Multi-Objective Pairwise Ranking

An Elementary View on Factorization Machines

SESSION: Paper Session 8: Algorithms II

Expediting Exploration by Attribute-to-Feature Mapping for Cold-Start Recommendations

Additive Co-Clustering with Social Influence for Recommendation

Folding: Why Good Models Sometimes Make Spurious Recommendations

Chemical Reactant Recommendation Using a Network of Organic Chemistry

SESSION: Paper Session 9: Diversity

Fewer Flops at the Top: Accuracy, Diversity, and Regularization in Two-Class Collaborative Filtering

Geographical Diversification in POI Recommendation: Toward Improved Coverage on Interested Areas

SESSION: Paper Session 10: Conversations

Understanding How People Use Natural Language to Ask for Recommendations

Defining and Supporting Narrative-driven Recommendation

SESSION: Paper Session 11: Novel and Practical

Recommending Product Sizes to Customers

Practical Lessons from Developing a Large-Scale Recommender System at Zalando

Exploiting Socio-Economic Models for Lodging Recommendation in the Sharing Economy

Surveying User Reactions to Recommendations Based on Inferences Made by Face Detection Technology

An Insurance Recommendation System Using Bayesian Networks

SESSION: Paper Session 12: Deep Learning

Getting Deep Recommenders Fit: Bloom Embeddings for Sparse Binary Input/Output Networks

TransNets: Learning to Transform for Recommendation

Interpretable Convolutional Neural Networks with Dual Local and Global Attention for Review Rating Prediction

When Recurrent Neural Networks meet the Neighborhood for Session-Based Recommendation

Recommendation of High Quality Representative Reviews in e-commerce

SESSION: Paper Session 13: Semantics and Sentiment

A Semantic-Aware Profile Updating Model for Text Recommendation

A Multi-criteria Recommender System Exploiting Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis of Users' Reviews

Exploring the Semantic Gap for Movie Recommendations

Dynamic Scholarly Collaborator Recommendation via Competitive Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

SESSION: Industry Session 1: Games and Travel

Rethinking Collaborative Filtering: A Practical Perspective on State-of-the-art Research Based on Real World Insights

Recommendation Applications and Systems at Electronic Arts

Search Ranking And Personalization at Airbnb

Bootstrapping a Destination Recommender System

SESSION: Industry Session 2: Interesting Domains

Déjà Vu: The Importance of Time and Causality in Recommender Systems

Building Recommender Systems for Fashion: Industry Talk Abstract

Boosting Recommender Systems with Deep Learning

Personalization challenges in e-Learning

Personalized Job Recommendation System at LinkedIn: Practical Challenges and Lessons Learned

SESSION: Industry Session 3: Algorithms@Industry

Online Learning to Rank for Recommender Systems

Bandit Algorithms for e-Commerce Recommender Systems: Extended Abstract

You are what apps you use: Transfer Learning for Personalized Content and Ad Recommendation

DEMONSTRATION SESSION: Demonstrations A Sensor-based Recommender System for micro-location Marketing

A Research Tool for User Preferences Elicitation with Facial Expressions

Data-Driven Repricing Strategies in Competitive Markets: An Interactive Simulation Platform

Pokedem: an Automatic Social Media Management Application

Citolytics: A Link-based Recommender System for Wikipedia

Visual Analysis of Recommendation Performance

PathRec: Visual Analysis of Travel Route Recommendations

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshops and Challenge

The 1st Workshop on Intelligent Recommender Systems by Knowledge Transfer & Learning: (RecSysKTL)

The 1st International Workshop on Temporal Reasoning in Recommender Systems

DLRS 2017: Second Workshop on Deep Learning for Recommender Systems

RecSys Challenge 2017: Offline and Online Evaluation

Second Workshop on Health Recommender Systems: (HealthRecSys 2017)

KidRec: Children & Recommender Systems: Workshop Co-located with ACM Conference on Recommender Systems (RecSys 2017)

VAMS 2017: Workshop on Value-Aware and Multistakeholder Recommendation

Workshop on Recommendation in Complex Scenarios: (ComplexRec 2017)

FATREC Workshop on Responsible Recommendation

RecSys'17 Joint Workshop on Interfaces and Human Decision Making for Recommender Systems

RecTour 2017: Workshop on Recommenders in Tourism

CitRec 2017: International Workshop on Recommender Systems for Citizens

LSRS'17: Workshop on Large-Scale Recommender Systems


New Paths in Music Recommender Systems Research

Privacy for Recommender Systems: Tutorial Abstract

Deep Learning for Recommender Systems

Product Recommendations Enhanced with Reviews

Tutorial on Open Source Online Learning Recommenders

SESSION: Doctoral Symposiums

Recommending a Sequence of Points of Interest to a Group of Users in a Mobile Context

Deep Cross-Domain Fashion Recommendation

Online Recommender System for Personalized Nutrition Advice

Improving Similarity Measures Using Ontological Data

Improving the Trustworthiness of Recommendations in Collaborative Filtering under the Belief Function Framework

Unsupervised Context-Driven Recommendations Based On User Reviews

The Exploration-Exploitation Trade-off in Interactive Recommender Systems

User Preferences Analysis Using Visual Stimuli

Constructive Recommendation