MobileHCI '17- Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services

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Zap++: a 20-channel electrical muscle stimulation system for fine-grained wearable force feedback

TapSense: combining self-report patterns and typing characteristics for smartphone based emotion detection

An interactive 3D health app with multimodal information representation for frozen shoulder: co-creation and evaluation with patients

EXHI-bit: a mechanical structure for prototyping EXpandable handheld interfaces

Understanding users' perception of simultaneous tactile textures

The connected car: an empirical study of electric cars as mobile digital devices

Pharos: improving navigation instructions on smartwatches by including global landmarks

Camera-based mobile electronic travel aids support for cognitive mapping of unknown spaces

CapSoles: who is walking on what kind of floor?

Usability of different types of commercial selfie sticks

Productive, anxious, lonely: 24 hours without push notifications

Predicting interruptibility for manual data collection: a cluster-based user model

Too tense for candy crush: affect influences user engagement with proactively suggested content

Evaluating deformable devices with emergent users

Roman-txt: forms and functions of roman urdu texting

Influence of letter size on word reading performance during walking

Transition animations support orientation in mobile interfaces without increased user effort

CrowdEyes: crowdsourcing for robust real-world mobile eye tracking

Enabling remote deictic communication with mobile devices: an elicitation study

Third-wave livestreaming: teens' long form selfie

Exploring the feasibility of subliminal priming on smartphones

FrontFace: facilitating communication between HMD users and outsiders using front-facing-screen HMDs

Text entry tap accuracy and exploration of tilt controlled layered interaction on Smartwatches

Investigating current techniques for opposite-hand smartwatch interaction

SpeCam: sensing surface color and material with the front-facing camera of a mobile device

Designing a gaze gesture guiding system

EarTouch: turning the ear into an input surface

Language learning on-the-go: opportune moments and design of mobile microlearning sessions

CETA: designing mixed-reality tangible interaction to enhance mathematical learning

Designing a ubiquitous sensor-based platform to facilitate learning for young children in Thailand

Assessing the usability of smartwatches for academic cheating during exams

Spatial knowledge acquired from pedestrian urban navigation systems

Understanding the ergonomic constraints in designing for touch surfaces

Finger tracking: facilitating non-commercial content production for mobile e-reading applications

Exploiting mid-air gestures to share data among devices

User-independent real-time hand gesture recognition based on surface electromyography

WheelieMap: an exploratory system for qualitative reports of inaccessibility in the built environment

EnergyHome: leveraging housemate dynamics to motivate energy conservation

Weigh it and share it!: crowdsourcing for pro-environmental data collection

Using nature elements in mobile AR for education with children

Customizable automatic detection of bad usability smells in mobile accessed web applications

"What can i help you with?": infrequent users' experiences of intelligent personal assistants

Better together: disaggregating mobile services for emergent users

No passwords needed: the iterative design of a parent-child authentication mechanism

EatAR tango: portion estimation on mobile devices with a depth sensor

CETA: open, affordable and portable mixed-reality environment for low-cost tablets

MyoShare: sharing data among devices via mid-air gestures

Walking motion recognition system by estimating position and pose of leg mounted camera device using visual SLAM

Using frame of mind: documenting reminiscence through unstructured digital picture interaction

PeriMR: a prototyping tool for head-mounted peripheral light displays in mixed reality

βTap: back-of-device tap input with built-in sensors

Study on manual palletization of inhomogeneous boxes with the help of different interfaces to assess specific factors of ergonomic impact

Range-IT: detection and multimodal presentation of indoor objects for visually impaired people

Activity recognition for movement-based interaction in mobile games

FootStriker: an EMS-based assistance system for real-time running style correction

User-centered development of a system to support assembly line worker

Understanding mobile phone activities via retrospective review of visualizations of usage data

Designing for delight

Entrepreneurial & UX mindsets: two perspectives - one objective

What users want in their mobile phones?: localization for low socio-economic emerging market

Machine learning for intelligent mobile user interfaces using TensorFlow

The car as an environment for mobile devices

Speed dating, love letters, and couples interviews: how to get the spark back in user research methods

Tutorial on wearable computing in sports

Speech and Hands-free interaction: myths, challenges, and opportunities

EMS in HCI: challenges and opportunities in actuating human bodies

Towards smart notification management in multi-device environments

Understanding and designing for emerging digital eco-systems: the cases of private and shared cars

Designing mobile deformable controls for creation of digital art

Augmenting human interaction capabilities with proximity, natural gestures, and eye gaze

A mobile game system for improving the speech therapy experience

Mobile context-aware cognitive testing system

Crafting collocated interactions: exploring physical representations of personal data

Workshop on object recognition for input and mobile interaction

The UX of IoT: unpacking the internet of things

NatureCHI 2017: the 2nd workshop on unobtrusive user experiences with technology in nature

Mobile interaction with and in autonomous vehicles

A design space for conversational in-vehicle information systems

Are you hiding it?: usage habits of lifelogging camera wearers

Visualizing out-of-view objects in head-mounted augmented reality

Feasibility analysis of detecting the finger orientation with depth cameras

Visual, auditory and haptic navigation feedbacks among older pedestrians

Visualizing spatial and time-oriented data in a second screen application

DroneCAST: towards a programming toolkit for airborne multimedia display applications

Eliciting values through wearable expression in weight loss

A location-based educational game for understanding the traveling salesman problem: a case study

ShakeCast: using handshake detection for automated, setup-free exchange of contact data

Towards pressure-based feedback for non-stressful tactile notifications

Simplifying the making of probes, prototypes and toolkits in mobile interaction research using tasker

How to look at two-sided photos?: exploring novel perspectives on digital images

Creating community fountains by (re-)designing the digital layer of way-finding pillars

Film, interrupted: investigating how mobile device notifications affect immersion during movies

My phone assistant should know I am an Indian: influencing factors for adoption of assistive agents

Which cloak dresses you best?: comparing location cloaking methods for mobile users

Paper ladder: a rating scale to collect children's opinion in user studies

"In search of light": enhancing touristic recommender services with local weather data

Prototyping sonic interaction for walking

Improving pocket paint usability via material design compliance and internationalization & localization support on application level

A smartphone prototype for touch interaction on the whole device surface

Balance trees: a new visual representation for body balance

Impact of location-based games on phone usage and movement: a case study on Pokémon GO

MobiLearn go: mobile microlearning as an active, location-aware game

Leveraging user-made predictions to help understand personal behavior patterns

Interacting with large maps using HMDs in VR settings

Fam-On: family shared time tracker to improve their emotional bond

Improving software-reduced touchscreen latency

Slate master: a tangible Braille slate tutor for mobile devices