MobileHCI '16- Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services

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SESSION: Wrist and hand interaction I

Nail+: sensing fingernail deformation to detect finger force touch interactions on rigid surfaces

ScatterWatch: subtle notifications via indirect illumination scattered in the skin

Exploring tilt for no-touch, wrist-only interactions on smartwatches

NailTactors: eyes-free spatial output using a nail-mounted tactor array

SESSION: Text entry

Does prediction really help in Marathi text input?: empirical analysis of a longitudinal study

Effect of target size on non-visual text-entry

Invisiboard: maximizing display and input space with a full screen text entry method for smartwatches

SwipeKey: a swipe-based keyboard design for smartwatches

SESSION: Supporting visual impairment

What can I say?: addressing user experience challenges of a mobile voice user interface for accessibility

Feasibility of using haptic directions through maps with a tablet and smart watch for people who are blind and visually impaired

NavCog: a navigational cognitive assistant for the blind

From tactile to virtual: using a smartwatch to improve spatial map exploration for visually impaired users

SESSION: Health and elderly

Time to exercise!: an aide-memoire stroke app for post-stroke arm rehabilitation

A longitudinal evaluation of the acceptability and impact of a diet diary app for older adults with age-related macular degeneration

Back on bike: the BoB mobile cycling app for secondary prevention in cardiac patients

Acceptance of mobile technology by older adults: a preliminary study

SESSION: Input techniques

Bitey: an exploration of tooth click gestures for hands-free user interface control

2D-Dragger: unified touch-based target acquisition with constant effective width

Investigating the effects of splitting detailed views in Overview+Detail interfaces

Understanding back-to-front pinching for eyes-free mobile touch input

SESSION: Wearables

Visual parameters impacting reaction times on smartwatches

Wearable ESM: differences in the experience sampling method across wearable devices

Natural group binding and cross-display object movement methods for wearable devices

Digital vibrons: understanding users' perceptions of interacting with invisible, zero-weight matter


Gesture morpher: video-based retargeting of multi-touch interactions

In situ CAD capture

Epistenet: facilitating programmatic access & processing of semantically related mobile personal data

WAVI: improving motion capture calibration using haptic and visual feedback

SESSION: Wayfinding

Technology literacy in poor infrastructure environments: characterizing wayfinding strategies in Lebanon

Where are we?: evaluating the current rendering fidelity of mobile audio augmented reality systems

NaviLight: investigating ambient light displays for turn-by-turn navigation in cars

People, places, and perceptions: effects of location check-in awareness on impressions of strangers

SESSION: Games & learning

Interruption and pausing of public display games

It's not how you stand, it's how you move: F-formations and collaboration dynamics in a mobile learning game

Playing on AREEF: evaluation of an underwater augmented reality game for kids

Virtual.Cultural.Collaboration: mobile phones, video technology, and cross-cultural learning

SESSION: Participation

Facilitating citizen engagement in situ: assessing the impact of pro-active geofenced notifications

Combining contribution interactions to increase coverage in mobile participatory sensing systems

Talkin' about the weather: incorporating TalkBack functionality and sonifications for accessible app design

Discovering activities in your city using transitory search

SESSION: Wrist and hand interaction II

WatchMI: pressure touch, twist and pan gesture input on unmodified smartwatches

ScrollingHome: bringing image-based indoor navigation to smartwatches

Bringing mobile into meetings: enhancing distributed meeting participation on smartwatches and mobile phones

Let your body move: a prototyping toolkit for wearable force feedback with electrical muscle stimulation

SESSION: Improving mobile interaction

Motion based remote camera control with mobile devices

Software-reduced touchscreen latency

Changing the camera-to-screen angle to improve AR browser usage

See you next time: a model for modern shoulder surfers

SESSION: Observing and logging

Mobile manifestations of alertness: connecting biological rhythms with patterns of smartphone app use

Fix and slide: caret navigation with movable background

Understanding call logs of smartphone users for making future calls

Smartphones, apps and older people's interests: from a generational perspective

SESSION: Sociability

Sender-intended functions of emojis in US messaging

EmojiZoom: emoji entry via large overview maps

Conversational context helps improve mobile notification management

Let's take photos together: exploring asymmetrical interaction abilities on mobile camera phones