MIE 2017- Proceedings of the 1st ACM SIGCHI International Workshop on Multimodal Interaction for Education

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SESSION: Pedagogical and Psychophysical Studies

Developing a pedagogical framework for designing a multisensory serious gaming environment

Angle discrimination by walking in children

SESSION: Technologies for Enhanced Learning Experiences

Using force-feedback devices in educational settings: a short review

What cognitive and affective states should technology monitor to support learning?

An unobtrusive and multimodal approach for behavioral engagement detection of students

Predicting student engagement in classrooms using facial behavioral cues

SESSION: Proof-of-Concepts in Specific Learning Environments

Evaluation of audio-based feedback technologies for bow learning technique in violin beginners

A multimodal LEGO®-based learning activity mixing musical notation and computer programming

An open platform for full-body multisensory serious-games to teach geometry in primary school

Automatic generation of actionable feedback towards improving social competency in job interviews

SESSION: Posters and Demos

Bowing modeling for violin students assistance

Air violin: a machine learning approach to fingering gesture recognition

A multimodal serious-game to teach fractions in primary school

Differences of online learning behaviors and eye-movement between students having different personality traits