MA3HMI '16- Proceedings of the Workshop on Multimodal Analyses enabling Artificial Agents in Human-Machine Interaction

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SESSION: Gesture and body analyses

Analysis of gesture frequency and amplitude as a function of personality in virtual agents

Deictic gestures in coaching interactions

Automatic annotation of gestural units in spontaneous face-to-face interaction

Body movements and laughter recognition: experiments in first encounter dialogues

SESSION: User interest and attitude

Annotation and analysis of listener's engagement based on multi-modal behaviors

Assessment of users' interests in multimodal dialog based on exchange unit

Attitude recognition of video bloggers using audio-visual descriptors

On data driven parametric backchannel synthesis for expressing attentiveness in conversational agents

SESSION: Multimodal interaction

Fitmirror: a smart mirror for positive affect in everyday user morning routines

Increasing robustness of multimodal interaction via individual interaction histories