IUI '18- 23rd International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces

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SESSION: Keynote & Invited Talks

From on Body to Out of Body User Experience

Intelligent Music Interfaces

Surveillance or Support?: When Personalization Turns Creepy

SESSION: Session 1A: Reccomender Systems

FocusMusicRecommender: A System for Recommending Music to Listen to While Working

Ensemble Recommendations via Thompson Sampling: an Experimental Study within e-Commerce

Discovering Surprising Documents with Context-Aware Word Representations

FontMatcher: Font Image Paring for Harmonious Digital Graphic Design

SESSION: Session 1B: Multimodal Interfaces

AlterEgo: A Personalized Wearable Silent Speech Interface

Aging and Engaging: A Social Conversational Skills Training Program for Older Adults

Supporting Spatial Skill Learning with Gesture-Based Embodied Design

Bio-adaptive Social VR to Evoke Affective Interdependence: DYNECOM

Eye Gaze Controlled MFD for Military Aviation

SESSION: Session 2A: Evaluation of IUIs

Cubicle: An Adaptive Educational Gaming Platform for Training Spatial Visualization Skills

An Interactive Relevance Feedback Interface for Evidence-Based Health Care

Modality Switching for Mitigation of Sensory Adaptation and Habituation in Personal Navigation Systems

Touch-Supported Voice Recording to Facilitate Forced Alignment of Text and Speech in an E-Reading Interface

Comparing Speech and Text Input in Interactive Narratives

Eye Gaze-driven Prediction of Cognitive Differences during Graphical Password Composition

SESSION: Session 2B: Modelling and Predicting User Behavior

Detecting Low Rapport During Natural Interactions in Small Groups from Non-Verbal Behaviour

A Data-Driven Approach to Developing IoT Privacy-Setting Interfaces

To Draw or Not to Draw: Recognizing Stroke-Hover Intent in Non-instrumented Gesture-free Mid-Air Sketching

Webcam-based Attention Tracking in Online Learning: A Feasibility Study

User-adaptive Support for Processing Magazine Style Narrative Visualizations: Identifying User Characteristics that Matter

Detecting Memory-Based Interaction Obstacles with a Recurrent Neural Model of User Behavior

SESSION: Session 3A: XAI: Explainable IUIs

Bringing Transparency Design into Practice

Toward Foraging for Understanding of StarCraft Agents: An Empirical Study

Beyond the Ranked List: User-Driven Exploration and Diversification of Social Recommendation

Opportunity Team Builder for Sales Teams

Combining Brain-Computer Interface and Eye Tracking for High-Speed Text Entry in Virtual Reality

SESSION: Session 3B: Interactive Machine Learning and Analysis

AnchorViz: Facilitating Classifier Error Discovery through Interactive Semantic Data Exploration

Interactive Document Clustering Revisited: A Visual Analytics Approach

Closing the Loop: User-Centered Design and Evaluation of a Human-in-the-Loop Topic Modeling System

User Modelling for Avoiding Overfitting in Interactive Knowledge Elicitation for Prediction

Who is the Hero, the Villain, and the Victim?: Detection of Roles in News Articles using Natural Language Techniques

SESSION: Session 4A: Information Retrieval and Search

Cloud Menus: a Circular Adaptive Menu for Small Screens

Creative Writing with a Machine in the Loop: Case Studies on Slogans and Stories

Session-based Suggestion of Topics for Geographic Exploratory Search

A Study on User-Controllable Social Exploratory Search

Towards an Optimal Dialog Strategy for Information Retrieval Using Both Open- and Close-ended Questions

SESSION: Session 4B: Persuasive and Assistive IUIs

Burst Your Bubble! An Intelligent System for Improving Awareness of Diverse Social Opinions

Visible Hearts, Visible Hands: A Smart Crowd Donation Platform

Every Little Movement Has a Meaning of Its Own: Using Past Mouse Movements to Predict the Next Interaction

Modeling Expertise in Assistive Navigation Interfaces for Blind People

AVEID: Automatic Video System for Measuring Engagement In Dementia

Voice Input Tutoring System for Older Adults using Input Stumble Detection

The I in Team: Mining Personal Social Interaction Routine with Topic Models from Long-Term Team Data

SESSION: Session 5A: IUIs for Wearable, Mobile and Ubiquitious Computing

Write-it-Yourself with the Aid of Smartwatches: A Wizard-of-Oz Experiment with Blind People

Responsive News Summarization for Ubiquitous Consumption on Multiple Mobile Devices

Below the Surface: Unobtrusive Activity Recognition for Work Surfaces using RF-radar sensing

Investigating Interactions for Text Recognition using a Vibrotactile Wearable Display

Can a Helmet-mounted Display Make Motorcycling Safer?

A Model for Detecting and Locating Behaviour Changes in Mobile Touch Targeting Sequences

Ether-Toolbars: Evaluating Off-Screen Toolbars for Mobile Interaction

SESSION: Session 5B: Intelligent Visualization and Smart Environments

Organic Visualization of Document Evolution

Coupling Story to Visualization: Using Textual Analysis as a Bridge Between Data and Interpretation

CARDINAL: Computer Assisted Authoring of Movie Scripts

Interactive Storytelling for Movie Recommendation through Latent Semantic Analysis

An Active Tangible User Interface Framework for Teaching and Learning Artificial Intelligence

Familiarisation: Restructuring Layouts with Visual Learning Models

SESSION: Session 6A: IUIs for Complex Tasks

Two Tools are Better Than One: Tool Diversity as a Means of Improving Aggregate Crowd Performance

Visualizing Gaze Direction to Support Video Coding of Social Attention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Quester: A Speech-Based Question Answering Support System for Oral Presentations

EASEL: Easy Automatic Segmentation Event Labeler

An Evaluation of Inclusive Dialogue-Based Interfaces for the Takeover of Control in Autonomous Cars

SESSION: Session 6B: Social Media and Reccomenders

Visualizing Reviews Summaries as a Tool for Restaurants Recommendation

Citicafe: An Interactive Interface for Citizen Engagement

Personal Recommendations for Raising Social Eminence in an Enterprise

TSCSet: A Crowdsourced Time-Sync Comment Dataset for Exploration of User Experience Improvement

Can We Predict the Scenic Beauty of Locations from Geo-tagged Flickr Images?

Explaining Recommendations Using Contexts

SESSION: Doctoral Consortium

A Technology for Computer-Assisted Stroke Rehabilitation

Machine Learning Behavioral Recognition to Support Neuropsychological Diagnosis of Cognitive Decline

Suggestion Models in Geographic Exploratory Search

Leveraging User Input and Feedback for Interactive Sound Event Detection and Annotation

Analysis of Interaction Design and Evaluation Methods in Full-Body Interaction for Special Needs

User Preference Modeling and Exploitation in IoT Scenarios

Eye Tracking- Single Technology to Handle Multiple Domains

Automatic Recognition of Hygiene Activities and Personalized Interventions for Chronic Care

An Intelligent Tutoring System for Situated Decision Making in Dental Surgery

Facilitating Self-learning in Behavior Change Through Long-term Intelligent Conversational Assistance