IUI '17- Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces

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SESSION: Keynote Address 1

Modern Touchscreen Keyboards as Intelligent User Interfaces: A Research Review

SESSION: Recommender Systems

A 3D Item Space Visualization for Presenting and Manipulating User Preferences in Collaborative Filtering

Explaining Recommendations Based on Feature Sentiments in Product Reviews

Criteria Chains: A Novel Multi-Criteria Recommendation Approach

SIRUP: Serendipity In Recommendations via User Perceptions

BoostFM: Boosted Factorization Machines for Top-N Feature-based Recommendation

SESSION: Multimodal and Augmented Interaction

Intelligent Sensory Modality Selection for Electronic Supportive Devices

Understanding Emotional Responses to Mobile Video Advertisements via Physiological Signal Sensing and Facial Expression Analysis

Eyes Understand the Sketch!: Gaze-Aided Stroke Grouping of Hand-Drawn Flowcharts

CarNote: Reducing Misunderstanding between Drivers by Digital Augmentation

SESSION: Understanding Users

Measuring Self-Esteem with Games

Dimensions for Automatic Interpretation of Approximate Numerical Expressions: An empirical study

An Intelligent Interface for Organizing Online Opinions on Controversial Topics

Untangling the Relationship Between Spatial Skills, Game Features, and Gender in a Video Game

A Data-Driven, Multidimensional Approach to Hint Design in Video Games

SESSION: Information Visualisation

Negative Relevance Feedback for Exploratory Search with Visual Interactive Intent Modeling

CQAVis: Visual Text Analytics for Community Question Answering

GPGPU-based Highly Parallelized 3D Node Localization for Real-Time 3D Model Reproduction

Cartograph: Unlocking Spatial Visualization Through Semantic Enhancement

SESSION: Keynote Address 2

Utilizing Human Cognitive and Emotional Factors for User-Centered Computing

SESSION: Personalisation

OptiDwell: Intelligent Adjustment of Dwell Click Time

Driver Readiness Model for Regulating the Transfer from Automation to Human Control

Inline Co-Evolution between Users and Information Presentation for Data Exploration

Pupillometry and Head Distance to the Screen to Predict Skill Acquisition During Information Visualization Tasks

SESSION: Interactive Programming and Automation

Help, It Looks Confusing: GUI Task Automation Through Demonstration and Follow-up Questions

UI X-Ray: Interactive Mobile UI Testing Based on Computer Vision

Towards Understanding Human Mistakes of Programming by Example: An Online User Study

Identifying Frequent User Tasks from Application Logs


Confiding in and Listening to Virtual Agents: The Effect of Personality

How to Recommend?: User Trust Factors in Movie Recommender Systems

The Influence of Personality Traits and Cognitive Load on the Use of Adaptive User Interfaces

User Trust Dynamics: An Investigation Driven by Differences in System Performance

SupportingTrust in Autonomous Driving

SESSION: Intelligent Training and Educational Interfaces

Social Intelligence Modeling using Wearable Devices

"How May I Help You?": Modeling Twitter Customer ServiceConversations Using Fine-Grained Dialogue Acts

Multi-faceted Index driven Navigation for Educational Videos in Mobile Phones

Scaling Reflection Prompts in Large Classrooms via Mobile Interfaces and Natural Language Processing

SESSION: Keynote Address 3

Interaction Design for Rehabiliation

SESSION: Intelligent Systems

WikiLyzer: Interactive Information Quality Assessment in Wikipedia

Towards Future Interactive Intelligent Systems for Animals: Study and Recognition of Embodied Interactions

Guidelines for Tree-based Collaborative Goal Setting

Web Screen Reading Automation Assistance Using Semantic Abstraction

Adaptive View Management for Drone Teleoperation in Complex 3D Structures

SESSION: Gestural and Haptic Interaction

Once More, With Feeling: Expressing Emotional Intensity in Touchscreen Gestures

Effect of Motion-Gesture Recognizer Error Pattern on User Workload and Behavior

Use of Haptic Feedback to Train Correct Application of Force in Endodontic Surgery

DyFAV: Dynamic Feature Selection and Voting for Real-time Recognition of Fingerspelled Alphabet using Wearables

Don't Just Swipe Left, Tell Me Why: Enhancing Gesture-based Feedback with Reason Bins

SESSION: Analytics

A Network-Fusion Guided Dashboard Interface for Task-Centric Document Curation

Analyza: Exploring Data with Conversation

Learning to Rate Clinical Concepts Using Simulated Clinician Feedback

Assessing the Contribution of Twitter's Textual Information to Graph-based Recommendation

QuickReview: A Novel Data-Driven Mobile User Interface for Reporting Problematic App Features

SESSION: Interactive Machine Learning and Explanation

Label-and-Learn: Visualizing the Likelihood of Machine Learning Classifier's Success During Data Labeling

Interactive Machine Learning via a GPU-accelerated Toolkit

Interactive Elicitation of Knowledge on Feature Relevance Improves Predictions in Small Data Sets

I-SED: An Interactive Sound Event Detector

LyriSys: An Interactive Support System for Writing Lyrics Based on Topic Transition

SESSION: Machine Learning

Towards Automating Data Narratives

CogniLearn: A Deep Learning-based Interface for Cognitive Behavior Assessment

Deep Sequential Recommendation for Personalized Adaptive User Interfaces

GUI Design for IDE Command Recommendations

SESSION: Information Retrieval

Novelty Learning via Collaborative Proximity Filtering

Topic-Relevance Map: Visualization for Improving Search Result Comprehension

Towards Fine-Grained Adaptation of Exploration/Exploitation in Information Retrieval

Session-Based Recommendations Using Item Embedding