IUI '15- Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces

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SESSION: Keynotes

Intelligent Control of Crowdsourcing

Blurring of the Boundary Between Interactive Search and Recommendation

Recognizing Stress, Engagement, and Positive Emotion

SESSION: Education / Crowdsourcing / Social

Improving Inquiry-Driven Modeling in Science Education through Interaction with Intelligent Tutoring Agents

Automated Social Skills Trainer

Evaluating Subjective Accuracy in Time Series Pattern-Matching Using Human-Annotated Rankings

Cohort Comparison of Event Sequences with Balanced Integration of Visual Analytics and Statistics

Real-Time Community Question Answering: Exploring Content Recommendation and User Notification Strategies

Seeing the Big Picture from Microblogs: Harnessing Social Signals for Visual Event Summarization

SESSION: Multimodal / Touch / Gesture

BeyondTouch: Extending the Input Language with Built-in Sensors on Commodity Smartphones

Hairware: The Conscious Use of Unconscious Auto-contact Behaviors

Math Boxes: A Pen-Based User Interface for Writing Difficult Mathematical Expressions

Predicting Task Execution Time on Natural User Interfaces based on Touchless Hand Gestures

TouchML: A Machine Learning Toolkit for Modelling Spatial Touch Targeting Behaviour

From One to Many Users and Contexts: A Classifier for Hand and Arm Gestures

Spatio-Temporal Detection of Divided Attention in Reading Applications Using EEG and Eye Tracking

SESSION: Interactive Machine Learning / Decision Making / Topic Modeling / Robotics

Principles of Explanatory Debugging to Personalize Interactive Machine Learning

Binary Space Partitioning Layouts To Help Build Better Information Dashboards

Counteracting Serial Position Effects in the CHOICLA Group Decision Support Environment

User-directed Non-Disruptive Topic Model Update for Effective Exploration of Dynamic Content

ConVisIT: Interactive Topic Modeling for Exploring Asynchronous Online Conversations

Applying the CASSM Framework to Improving End User Debugging of Interactive Machine Learning

Path Bending: Interactive Human-Robot Interfaces With Collision-Free Correction of User-Drawn Paths

SESSION: Recommenders / Web

Unsupervised Modeling of Users' Interests from their Facebook Profiles and Activities

Personalized Search: Reconsidering the Value of Open User Models

Learning Higher-Order Interactions for User and Item Profiling Based on Tensor Factorization

Exploring Personalized Command Recommendations based on Information Found in Web Documentation

Minimal Interaction Search in Recommender Systems

Improving Controllability and Predictability of Interactive Recommendation Interfaces for Exploratory Search

SESSION: Personalization / Adaptation / Recommendation / Sentiment

Adaptive Recommendation-based Modeling Support for Data Analysis Workflows

Intelligent Computing in Personal Informatics: Key Design Considerations

Aurigo: an Interactive Tour Planner for Personalized Itineraries

Rhema: A Real-Time In-Situ Intelligent Interface to Help People with Public Speaking

Managing Smartphone Interruptions through Adaptive Modes and Modulation of Notifications

IntentStreams: Smart Parallel Search Streams for Branching Exploratory Search

Building Image Sentiment Dataset with an Online Rating Game

SESSION: Visualization / Video / Augmented Reality

Augmenting the Driver's View with Peripheral Information on a Windshield Display

Attention Engagement and Cognitive State Analysis for Augmented Reality Text Display Functions

Content-driven Multi-modal Techniques for Non-linear Video Navigation

Getting the Message?: A Study of Explanation Interfaces for Microblog Data Analysis

Prediction of Users' Learning Curves for Adaptation while Using an Information Visualization

Halo Content: Context-aware Viewspace Management for Non-invasive Augmented Reality

Emotar: Communicating Feelings through Video Sharing

SESSION: Affect / Health

Automatic Detection of Learning-Centered Affective States in the Wild

Exploring Peripheral Physiology as a Predictor of Perceived Relevance in Information Retrieval

Light-Bulb Moment?: Towards Adaptive Presentation of Feedback based on Students' Affective State

BayesHeart: A Probabilistic Approach for Robust, Low-Latency Heart Rate Monitoring on Camera Phones

Mixed-Initiative Real-Time Topic Modeling & Visualization for Crisis Counseling

Inferring Meal Eating Activities in Real World Settings from Ambient Sounds: A Feasibility Study

Learning Therapy Strategies from Demonstration Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation


Speech-based Interaction: Myths, Challenges, and Opportunities

Tutorial on Personalization for Behaviour Change

Modelling User Affect and Sentiment in Intelligent User Interfaces: A Tutorial Overview


PATCH 2015: Personalized Access to Cultural Heritage

IDGEI 2015: 3rd International Workshop on Intelligent Digital Games for Empowerment and Inclusion

SmartObjects: Fourth Workshop on Interacting with Smart Objects

IUI-TextVis 2015: Fourth Workshop on Interactive Visual Text Analytics