ISWC '16- Proceedings of the 2016 ACM International Symposium on Wearable Computers

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SESSION: Fabrics, textiles, and skin made smart

Grabbing at an angle: menu selection for fabric interfaces

Interactex: an integrated development environment for smart textiles

DuoSkin: rapidly prototyping on-skin user interfaces using skin-friendly materials

SESSION: Wearables for healthcare & wellbeing and beyond

Multi-modal wearable ambient display: an investigation of continuous glucose monitoring

Experiences measuring sleep and physical activity patterns across a large college cohort with fitbits

MoodLens: towards improving nonverbal emotional expression with an in-lens fiber optic display

A survey of the historical scope and current trends of wearable technology applications

SESSION: Minute madness for posters

Beach volleyball serve type recognition

A generic sensor fabric for multi-modal swallowing sensing in regular upper-body shirts

Virtual food texture by electrical muscle stimulation

Bite glasses: measuring chewing using emg and bone vibration in smart eyeglasses

Electric field phase sensing for wearable orientation and localisation applications

Reducing anxiety while interacting with industrial robots

Input interface using wrinkles on clothes

Wearable ambient sound display: embedding information in personal music

Charting user preferences on wearable visual markers

A system for determining which player touches a card first using a wrist-worn sensor in competitive karuta

Smart soccer shoe: monitoring foot-ball interaction with shoe integrated textile pressure sensor matrix

Ball impact localization on table tennis rackets using piezo-electric sensors

Your personal movie producer: generating highlight videos in soccer using wearables

An analysis of the variability of anatomical body references within ready-to-wear garment sizes

SESSION: Activity recognition and sensing

Deep convolutional feature transfer across mobile activity recognition domains, sensor modalities and locations

Creating collar-sensed motion gestures for dog-human communication in service applications

GestureSleeve: using touch sensitive fabrics for gestural input on the forearm for controlling smartwatches

RSVP on the go: implicit reading support on smart watches through eye tracking

SESSION: Interaction

Whoosh: non-voice acoustics for low-cost, hands-free, and rapid input on smartwatches

CircularSelection: optimizing list selection for smartwatches

WatchOut: extending interactions on a smartwatch with inertial sensing

A comparison of order picking methods augmented with weight checking error detection

SESSION: Haptic feedback

Skin Reading: encoding text in a 6-channel haptic display

Exploring the design space of touch-based vibrotactile interactions for smartwatches

Tactile taps teach rhythmic text entry: passive haptic learning of morse code

RüttelFlug: a wrist-worn sensing device for tactile vertical velocity perception in 3d-space

SESSION: Extended realities

2D input for virtual reality enclosures with magnetic field sensing

EyeContact: scleral coil eye tracking for virtual reality

Controlling virtual body size to reduce discomfort caused by inappropriate interpersonal distance