ISS Companion '16- Proceedings of the 2016 ACM Companion on Interactive Surfaces and Spaces

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SESSION: Doctoral Consortium

Effects of Workspace Awareness and Territoriality in Environments with Large, Shared Displays

ParaXplore Interfaces: Parametric Interfaces for Parallel Exploration in Design

Use of Landmarks to Design Large and Efficient Command Interfaces

Designing and Developing Technologies to Facilitate Clinician-Patient Communication


Immersive solutions for future Air Traffic Control and Management

Visual Immersion in the Context of Wall Displays

Redefining a Contribution for Immersive Visualization Research

On Spatial Perception Issues In Augmented Reality Based Immersive Analytics

Gesture-driven Interactions on a Virtual Hologram in Mixed Reality

Improving 3D Visualizations: Exploring Spatial Interaction with Mobile Devices

Immersive Analysis of Health-Related Data with Mixed Reality Interfaces: Potentials and Open Question

Gaze-directed Immersive Visualization of Scientific Ensembles

Personalized Views for Immersive Analytics

Slicing the Aurora: An Immersive Proxemics-Aware Visualization

Immersive Analytics for Multi-objective Dynamic Integrated Climate-Economy (DICE) Models

Immersive Analytics for Medicine: Hybrid 2D/3D Sketch-Based Interfaces for Annotating Medical Data and Designing Medical Devices

A Taxonomy for Designing Walking-based Locomotion Techniques for Virtual Reality