ISIAA 2017- Proceedings of the 1st ACM SIGCHI International Workshop on Investigating Social Interactions with Artificial Agents

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SESSION: Presentations

How do artificial agents think?

Body language without a body: nonverbal communication in technology mediated settings

Dialogue management in task-oriented dialogue systems

Greta: a conversing socio-emotional agent

Challenges for adaptive dialogue management in the KRISTINA project

En route to a better integration and evaluation of social capacities in vocal artificial agents

SESSION: Posters

A corpus for experimental study of affect bursts in human-robot interaction

Could a virtual agent be warm and competent? investigating user's impressions of agent's non-verbal behaviours

A review of evaluation techniques for social dialogue systems

Introducing a ROS based planning and execution framework for human-robot interaction

Dialog acts in greeting and leavetaking in social talk

Social talk: making conversation with people and machine

Analyses of the effects of agents' performing self-adaptors

Who has to do it? the use of personal pronouns in human-human and human-robot-interaction

Using crowd-sourcing for the design of listening agents: challenges and opportunities

Intimately intelligent virtual agents: knowing the human beyond sensory input

Integration and evaluation of social competences such as humor in an artificial interactive agent

Introducing ADELE: a personalized intelligent companion

Recognizing emotions in spoken dialogue with acoustic and lexical cues

Multi-modal social interaction recognition using view-invariant features