ISWC '17- Proceedings of the 2017 ACM International Symposium on Wearable Computers

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SESSION: Keynote speaker

My world: keynote talk

SESSION: Papers, notes, & briefs

Ball speed and spin estimation in table tennis using a racket-mounted inertial sensor

An analysis of anthropometric geometric variability of the lower leg for the fit & function of advanced functional garments

Surface-mount manufacturing for e-textile circuits

Garment-integrated wetness sensing for leak detection

Bi-metallic stitched e-textile sensors for sensing salinized liquids

A scalable process for manufacturing integrated, washable smart garments applied to heart rate monitoring

Unsupervised online activity discovery using temporal behaviour assumption

On the statistical properties of body-worn inertial motion sensor data for identifying sensor modality

Unsupervised motion artifact detection in wrist-measured electrodermal activity data

Smart eye mask: sleep sensing system using infrared sensors

FingOrbits: interaction with wearables using synchronized thumb movements

Personalising vibrotactile displays through perceptual sensitivity adjustment

Vibrotactile patterns using sensitivity prioritisation

VibrationCap: studying vibrotactile localization on the human head with an unobtrusive wearable tactile display

The effects of mobility, encumbrance, and (non-)dominant hand on interaction with smartwatches

Itchy nose: discreet gesture interaction using EOG sensors in smart eyewear

Designing skin-dragging haptic motions for wearables

WiCoSens: a wearable, intelligent color sensing platform for non-invasive storage shelf identification

Learning to judge like a human: convolutional networks for classification of ski jumping errors

Augmenting skiers' peripheral perception

An empirical study of touch-based authentication methods on smartwatches

Technological interventions to detect, communicate and deter sexual assault

inScent: a wearable olfactory display as an amplification for mobile notifications

The dermal abyss: interfacing with the skin by tattooing biosensors

Combining capacitive coupling with conductive clothes: towards resource-efficient wearable communication

Where to wear it: functional, technical, and social considerations in on-body location for wearable technology 20 years of designing for wearability

CNN-based sensor fusion techniques for multimodal human activity recognition

Feasibility study on wireless power transfer for wearable devices

Wearable social prosthetics: supporting joint attention during communication with artificial eyes

Constructing triboelectric textiles with weaving

An empirical study of foot gestures for hands-occupied mobile interaction

Foot inclination angle estimation with photo reflectors for a walking assist system with electrical muscle stimulation

Effects of head-worn display lateral position on visual comfort while reading

Ring form factor: a design space for interaction

SESSION: Design exhibition

Motif: a wearable sonic cueing device for memory support and cognitive intervention

Active knit compression stockings for the treatment of orthostatic hypotension

Lumière: LED smart jacket

EVA moccasin: creating a research archetype to explore shoe use

Open source EyeTap: empowering every maker with phenomenal augmented reality and wearable computing

Grown microbial 3D fiber art, Ava: fusion of traditional art with technology

hitoeCap: wearable EMG sensor for monitoring masticatory muscles with PEDOT-PSS textile electrodes

Hormone couture: biopolitics, aesthetics, and technology

Cosmic bitcasting

Breaking of the dawn jacket: light in the Arctic Winter

Digital amulet: smart necklace

Data vows: reimagining ritual through eTextile practice

HapticToolkit: easily integrate and control vibration motor arrays for wearables

Atta-matic: mind the body

Le Monstré: an interactive participatory performance costume