HRI '17- Proceedings of the 2017 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction

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SESSION: Keynote 1

Social Robots: From Research to Commercialization

SESSION: Session 1: Creating Expressive Robots

Expressing Emotions through Color, Sound, and Vibration with an Appearance-Constrained Social Robot

Making Noise Intentional: A Study of Servo Sound Perception

Expressive Robot Motion Timing

Using Facially Expressive Robots to Calibrate Clinical Pain Perception

Towards Robot Autonomy in Group Conversations: Understanding the Effects of Body Orientation and Gaze

Transgazer: Improving Impression by Switching Direct and Averted Gaze Using Optical Illusion

SESSION: Session 2: Human-Robot Dialog

Persistent Lexical Entrainment in HRI

Conversational Bootstrapping and Other Tricks of a Concierge Robot

Child Speech Recognition in Human-Robot Interaction: Evaluations and Recommendations

Creating Prosodic Synchrony for a Robot Co-player in a Speech-controlled Game for Children

Telling Stories to Robots: The Effect of Backchanneling on a Child's Storytelling

Navigational Instruction Generation as Inverse Reinforcement Learning with Neural Machine Translation

SESSION: Session 3: Robots in Education

Cellulo: Versatile Handheld Robots for Education

Adaptive Robot Language Tutoring Based on Bayesian Knowledge Tracing and Predictive Decision-Making

Growing Growth Mindset with a Social Robot Peer

Give Me a Break!: Personalized Timing Strategies to Promote Learning in Robot-Child Tutoring

Windfield: Learning Wind Meteorology with Handheld Haptic Robots

(Ir)relevance of Gender?: On the Influence of Gender Stereotypes on Learning with a Robot

SESSION: Session 4: Personal Factors in HRI

Do Sensory Preferences of Children with Autism Impact an Imitation Task with a Robot?

How to Open an Interaction Between Robot and Museum Visitor?: Strategies to Establish a Focused Encounter in HRI

Predicting and Regulating Participation Equality in Human-robot Conversations: Effects of Age and Gender

Threatening Flocks and Mindful Snowflakes: How Group Entitativity Affects Perceptions of Robots

S/he's too Warm/Agentic!: The Influence of Gender on Uncanny Reactions to Robots

Why Do They Refuse to Use My Robot?: Reasons for Non-Use Derived from a Long-Term Home Study

SESSION: Session 5: New Methodologies and Techniques

Marionette: Enabling On-Road Wizard-of-Oz Autonomous Driving Studies

Steps Toward Participatory Design of Social Robots: Mutual Learning with Older Adults with Depression

The Robotic Social Attributes Scale (RoSAS): Development and Validation

Affective Grounding in Human-Robot Interaction

It's Not What You Do, It's How You Do It: Grounding Uncertainty for a Simple Robot

Implicit Communication in a Joint Action

SESSION: Keynote 2

Acting, Interacting, Collaborative Robots

SESSION: Session 6: Robots and People Adapting to Each Other

Human-Robot Mutual Adaptation in Shared Autonomy

Improving Robot Controller Transparency Through Autonomous Policy Explanation

Is a Robot a Better Walking Partner If It Associates Utterances with Visual Scenes?

Game-Theoretic Modeling of Human Adaptation in Human-Robot Collaboration

Towards Adaptive Social Behavior Generation for Assistive Robots Using Reinforcement Learning

The When, Where, and How: An Adaptive Robotic Info-Terminal for Care Home Residents

SESSION: Keynote 3

Of Space and Smell: The Strange Evolution of the Human Nose

SESSION: Session 7: New Techniques for Remotley Controlling Robots

Probing the Design Space of a Telepresence Robot Gesture Arm with Low Fidelity Prototypes

A Motion Retargeting Method for Effective Mimicry-based Teleoperation of Robot Arms

A Comparison of Remote Robot Teleoperation Interfaces for General Object Manipulation

Haptic Shape-Based Management of Robot Teams in Cordon and Patrol

Design and Evaluation of Adverb Palette: A GUI for Selecting Tradeoffs in Multi-objective Optimization Problems

Movers, Shakers, and Those Who Stand Still: Visual Attention-grabbing Techniques in Robot Teleoperation

SESSION: Session 8: Trust and Privacy

Evaluating Effects of User Experience and System Transparency on Trust in Automation

Do You Want Your Autonomous Car To Drive Like You?

Piggybacking Robots: Human-Robot Overtrust in University Dormitory Security

Framing Effects on Privacy Concerns about a Home Telepresence Robot

Beyond Moral Dilemmas: Exploring the Ethical Landscape in HRI

SESSION: Session 9: Teaching Robots

Code3: A System for End-to-End Programming of Mobile Manipulator Robots for Novices and Experts

Simplified Programming of Re-usable Skills on a Safe Industrial Robot: Prototype and Evaluation

Situated Tangible Robot Programming

Not Your Cup of Tea?: How Interacting With a Robot Can Increase Perceived Self-efficacy in HRI and Evaluation