GROUP '18- Proceedings of the 2018 ACM Conference on Supporting Groupwork

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SESSION: Paper Session: Crowdsourcing and Funding

Pay-per-Question: Towards Targeted Q&A with Payments

Enabling Uneven Task Difficulty in Micro-Task Crowdsourcing

Growth in Social Network Connectedness among Different Roles in Organizational Crowdfunding

SESSION: Paper Session: Metadata, Sensemaking and Depersonalization

Reflektor: An Exploration of Collaborative Music Playlist Creation for Social Context

Modeling User Intrinsic Characteristic on Social Media for Identity Linkage

Optimizing User Experience through Implicit Content-aware Network Service in the Home Environment

SESSION: Paper Session: Peer Production and Co-Creation

Collaboration Success Factors in an Online Music Community

Geographic Biases are 'Born, not Made': Exploring Contributors' Spatiotemporal Behavior in OpenStreetMap

Information Fortification: An Online Citation Behavior

SESSION: Keynote Talk

Keynote Speaker

POSTER SESSION: Poster Session

Twenty Thousand Leagues Above the Book: An Interactive Visual Analytics Approach to Literature

A Personalized "Course Navigator" Based on Students' Goal Orientation

Using Native Tongue Mnemonics to Enhance English Learning

Cooperative Mixed Reality: An Analysis Tool

Enhancing Collaboration in Classroom Using Smartphone in Developing Countries

Understanding Book Popularity on Goodreads

MobiAssist - ICT-based Training System for People with Dementia and Their Caregivers: Results from a Field Study

Why Did They #Unfollow Me?: Early Detection of Follower Loss on Twitter

Is Breaking Up Hard To Do?: Managing Relationship Boundaries on Social Networking Sites

A Hot Bot: Testing Effect of Temperature on Feelings of Closeness When Interacting With a Chatbot

Designing Social Interaction Support System with Shyness in Mind

Identifying Opinion and Fact Subcategories from the Social Web

Examining the Effects of Parenting Styles on Offline and Online Adolescent Peer Problems

Carebit: A Privacy-Preserving "Step" Toward Remote Informal Caregiving

A Stakeholders' Analysis of the Systems that Support Foster Care

Designing a Video Co-Watching Web App to Support Interpersonal Relationship Maintenance

SESSION: Paper Session: Social Media and Wellbeing

Regrets, I've Had a Few: When Regretful Experiences Do (and Don't) Compel Users to Leave Facebook

FitAware: Promoting Group Fitness Awareness ThroughGlanceable Smartwatches

Psychological Wellbeing as an Explanation of User Engagement in the Lifecycle of Online Community Participation

SESSION: Paper Session: Knowledge Sharing in (Online) Communities

Re-thinking Traceability: A Prototype to Record and Revisit the Evolution of Design Artefacts

Danmaku vs. Forum Comments: Understanding User Participation and Knowledge Sharing in Online Videos

Open Data Standards for Open Source Software Risk Management Routines: An Examination of SPDX

SESSION: Paper Session: Design Fictions

Crisis Informatics for Everyday Analysts: A Design Fiction Approach to Social Media Best Practices

What Would You Do?: Design Fiction and Ethics

LiveDissent: A Media Platform for Remote Participation in Activist Demonstrations

Ad Empathy: A Design Fiction

SESSION: Paper Session: Cyber Infrastructures and the Digitalization of Work

Creating, Reinterpreting, Combining, Cuing: Paper Practices on the Shopfloor

Reflections on Operators' and Maintenance Engineers' Experiences of Smart Factories

Infrastructural Grind: Introducing Blockchain Technology in the Shipping Domain

SESSION: Paper Session: Contemporary and Future Work Settings

Disaggregating the Impacts of Virtuality on Team Identification

Towards Professionalization in an Online Community of Emerging Occupation: Discourses among UX Practitioners

SESSION: Paper Session: Digital Media & Policy Engagement

Working toward Empowering a Community: How Immigrant-Focused Nonprofit Organizations Use Twitter during Political Conflicts

Effects of Comment Curation and Opposition on Coherence in Online Policy Discussion

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop Session

Workshop: Work in the Age of Intelligent Machines

Refugees & Technology: Determining the Role of HCI Research

Technology on the Trail

SESSION: Doctoral Consortium

Strengthening the Role of Female Young Professionals in IT-Organizations by Using a PAR Approach in Gender Studies

AAPI Identity Work on Reddit: Toward Social Support and Collective Action

Dynamics of Peer Production of Knowledge in Online Social Q&A Communities: A Life-Cycle Perspective of Successful and Failed Cases

Investigating Collaboration Within Online Communities: Software Development vs. Artistic Creation

Designing an ICT-based Training System for People with Dementia and their Caregivers

PANEL SESSION: Panel Session

Research Ethics Town Hall Meeting


GRACE: Broadening Narratives of Computing through History, Craft and Technology

Video-game based Exergames for People with Dementia and Their Caregivers