ETRA '16- Proceedings of the Ninth Biennial ACM Symposium on Eye Tracking Research & Applications

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SESSION: Analysis I

Fixation-image charts

On the necessity of adaptive eye movement classification in conditionally automated driving scenarios

Fusing eye movements and observer narratives for expert-driven image-region annotations

A new method for categorizing scanpaths from eye tracking data

SESSION: New techniques and environments

Episcleral surface tracking: challenges and possibilities for using mice sensors for wearable eye tracking

Deep eye fixation map learning for calibration-free eye gaze tracking

Wrist-worn pervasive gaze interaction

Towards automating fixation correction for source code

SESSION: Interaction and beyond

A rotary dial for gaze-based PIN entry

Speakers' head and gaze dynamics weakly correlate in group conversation

The interplay of pedestrian navigation, wayfinding devices, and environmental features in indoor settings

SESSION: Analysis II

Model-based real-time visualization of realistic three-dimensional heat maps for mobile eye tracking and eye tracking in virtual reality

Eye tracking scanpath analysis on web pages: how many users?

AOI hierarchies for visual exploration of fixation sequences

Heat map visualization of multi-slice medical images through correspondence matching of video frames

SESSION: Eye tracking

ElSe: ellipse selection for robust pupil detection in real-world environments

Learning an appearance-based gaze estimator from one million synthesised images

Labelled pupils in the wild: a dataset for studying pupil detection in unconstrained environments

Rendering refraction and reflection of eyeglasses for synthetic eye tracker images

SESSION: Eye movements in and out

Eye movement synthesis

Factors underlying inter-observer agreement in gaze patterns: predictive modelling and analysis

Bayesian identification of fixations, saccades, and smooth pursuits

Where do experts look while doing 3D image segmentation

SESSION: Multimodal gaze

Triangulating user behavior using eye movement, interaction, and think aloud data

Interactive scanpath-oriented annotation of fixations

EyeSee3D 2.0: model-based real-time analysis of mobile eye-tracking in static and dynamic three-dimensional scenes

POSTER SESSION: Poster abstracts

3D gaze estimation from 2D pupil positions on monocular head-mounted eye trackers

DEMONSTRATION SESSION: Video & demo abstracts

3D gaze point localization and visualization using LiDAR-based 3D reconstructions

A classification method of cooking operations based on eye movement patterns

A deeper understanding of optimal viewing position using eye fixations and character recognition on text-viewing and reading tasks

A time-efficient re-calibration algorithm for improved long-term accuracy of head-worn eye trackers

Characterization and reconstruction of VOG noise with power spectral density analysis

Design and validation of a simple eye-tracking system

Estimating fusion weights of a multi-camera eye tracking system by leveraging user calibration data

Gaussian processes as an alternative to polynomial gaze estimation functions

GAWSCHI: gaze-augmented, wearable-supplemented computer-human interaction

Gaze guidance for improved password recollection

Gaze-based moving target acquisition in real-time full motion video

Implicit calibration using predicted gaze targets

Implicit user calibration for gaze-tracking systems using kernel density estimation

Longitudinal study on text entry by gazing and smiling

Moving target acquisition by gaze pointing and button press using hand or foot

Novel apparatus for investigation of eye movements when walking in the presence of 3D projected obstacles

On the possibility of predicting gaze aversion to improve video-chat efficiency

Predicting eye movements in multiple object tracking using neural networks

Prediction of gaze estimation error for error-aware gaze-based interfaces

Priori-driven dimensions of face-space: experiments incorporating eye-tracking information

Pupil center as a function of pupil diameter

PursuitAdjuster: an exploration into the design space of smooth pursuit --based widgets

Relationships between EEGs and eye movements in response to facial expressions

Seamless interaction with scrolling contents on eyewear computers using optokinetic nystagmus eye movements

Skilled gaze behavior extraction based on dependency analysis of gaze patterns on video scenes

Smooth pursuit detection based on multiple observers

Thermographic eye tracking

Application design for an eye tracking analysis based on visual analytics

CIDER: enhancing the performance of computational eyeglasses

Detecting the onset of eye fatigue in a live framework

Enter your PIN code securely!: utilization of personal difference of angle kappa

FixFix: fixing the fixations

Revealing team cognition from dual eye-tracking in the surgical setting

SESSION: Doctoral symposium abstracts

Developing instantaneous eye-activity based task analysis

Diagnosis of spatial thinking using eye tracking and pupilometry

Eye tracking for human robot interaction

How do you look at what you touch?: a study of touch interaction and gaze correlation on tablets

Hybrid model and appearance based eye tracking with kinect

Isolating the adaptive element of tonic convergence & divergence

Low-latency eye tracking for eye motion compensation in high-resolution ophthalmoscopy

Modified DBSCAN algorithm on oculomotor fixation identification

Optimality of the distance dispersion fixation identification algorithm

Pupil size as an indicator of neurochemical activity during learning