ESIDA '17- Proceedings of the 2017 ACM Workshop on Exploratory Search and Interactive Data Analytics

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SESSION: Keynote Address 1

From Search to Discovery with Visual Exploration Tools

SESSION: Contribution Papers

A Survey of Definitions and Models of Exploratory Search

Visual Exploration of Large Scatter Plot Matrices by Pattern Recommendation based on Eye Tracking

HiveRel: Towards Focused Knowledge Acquisition

VIQS: Visual Interactive Exploration of Query Semantics

Visual Exploration and Analysis of Recommender Histories: A Web-Based Approach Using WebGL

Exploring and Summarizing Document Colletions with Multiple Coordinated Views

SESSION: Keynote Address 2

Personalization in the Context of Relevance-Based Visualization

POSTER SESSION: Poster Session

Visual Exploration of Network Hostile Behavior

Music Exploration by Impression Based Interaction

EulerianGrapher: Text Visualisation at the Level of Character N--grams based on Eulerian Graphs

Exploring Scientific Literature Search through Topic Models

Active Learning with Visualization for Text Data