EICS '17- Proceedings of the ACM SIGCHI Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems

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SESSION: Keynotes

Engineering is worth it, but only when rational ideals accept reflective realities

The stuff of bits: exploring the materialities of information in interaction

SESSION: Late-breaking results

Engineering web-based interactive systems: trend analysis in eye tracking scanpaths with a tolerance

End-user web development tool for tilting interactions

Coherence evaluation of input vocabularies to enhance usability and user experience

Continuous tilting interaction techniques on mobile devices for controlling public displays

Generation of information systems from process models to support intentional forgetting of work habits

An approach for harvesting, visualizing, and analyzing WebGIS sessions to identify usability issues

Novice evaluators' behavior when consolidating usability problems individually or collaboratively

Addressing web locator fragility: a case for browser extensions

Modelling safety-critical devices: coloured petri nets and Z

XDN: cross-device framework for custom notifications management

Detecting anomalous elderly behaviour in ambient assisted living

Designing a system for the automatic generation of sport video summaries

A multi-touch-recognizer for gesturecards

Turning function calls into animations


A virtual environment with haptic feedback for better distance estimation

Beanstalk: a community based passive wi-fi tracking system for analysing tourism dynamics

Adapt-UI: an IDE supporting model-driven development of self-adaptive UIs


Design support for integrated evolutionary and exploratory prototyping

MODUS: model-based user interfaces prototyping

DICE-R: defining human-robot interaction with composite events

Customizing workspace awareness by non-programmers

SESSION: Doctoral consortium

Supporting interactive system testing with interaction sequences

Model-based analysis of driver distraction by infotainment systems in automotive domain

Aesthetics in interaction design

Adapting modeling environments to domain specific interactions

Language and system support for interaction

Enabling the development of pervasive multi-device applications

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshops/Tutorials

High-level interaction design for automated GUI generation and customization

Djnn: a process oriented programming language for interactive systems

Second workshop on engineering computer-human interaction in recommender systems (EnCHIReS)