DIS '17- Proceedings of the 2017 Conference on Designing Interactive Systems

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SESSION: Opening Keynote

The Third Infoscape: Opportunities for Design

SESSION: Session 1: Design Case Studies & Methods (Theory)

Control and Being Controlled: Exploring the use of Technology in an Immersive Theatre Performance

Conceptualising Resourcefulness as a Dispersed Practice

Aesthetic, Functional and Conceptual Provocation in Research Through Design

Involving Autistics in User Experience Studies: A Critical Review

SESSION: Session 2: Design for Health

Exploring Design Opportunities for a Context-Adaptive Medical Checklist Through Technology Probe Approach

Design Features in Games for Health: Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Expert Perspectives

Participatory Design to Address Stigma with Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes

Designing Contestability: Interaction Design, Machine Learning, and Mental Health

SESSION: Session 3: Gaze Interactions

Attention from Afar: Simulating the Gazes of Remote Participants in Hybrid Meetings

Gaze-Adaptive Above and On-Surface Interaction

Let's Talk About X: Combining Image Recognition and Eye Gaze to Support Conversation for People with ALS

"MyEyes": The Design and Evaluation of First Person View Video Streaming for Long-Distance Couples

SESSION: Session 4: Design Case Studies & Methods 2 (Technology)

Design Techniques for Exploring Automotive Interaction in the Drive towards Automation

What Lies Above: Alternative User Experiences Produced Through Focussing Attention on GNSS Infrastructure

Designing Intelligent Assistant through User Participations

Guided Selfies using Models of Portrait Aesthetics

SESSION: Session 5: Spaces & Surfaces

Reef: Exploring the Design Opportunity of Comfort-Aware Eco-Coaching Thermostats

Prototyping Ubiquitous Imaging Surfaces

Evaluating Interface Characteristics for Shared Lighting Systems in the Office Environment

Supporting Cultural Heritage Professionals Adopting and Shaping Interactive Technologies in Museums

SESSION: Session 6: Pictorials 1

The Evolution of a Scale Model as an Impromptu Design Tool

Cairn: A Tangible Apparatus for Situated Data Collection, Visualization and Analysis

[X]Changing Perspectives: An Interactive System for Participatory Sensemaking

Video Prototyping for Interaction Design Across Multiple Displays in the Commercial Flight Deck

SESSION: Session 7: Design-Tools

Design Guidelines for Web Readability

Translating Texture: Design as Integration

The Moving Context Kit: Designing for Context Shifts in Multi-Device Experiences

Thoughts and Tools for Crafting Colors: Implications from Designers' Behavior

SESSION: Session 8: Health Studies

StressTree: A Metaphorical Visualization for Biofeedback-assisted Stress Management

Turned On / Turned Off: Speculating on the Microchip-based Contraceptive Implant

Mindfulness and Technology: Traces of A Middle Way

Examining Localization Approaches for Community Health

SESSION: Session 9: Wearables & Materials

In Harmony: Making a Wearable Musical Instrument as a Case Study of using Boundary Objects in an Interdisciplinary Collaborative Design Process

Interioractive: Smart Materials in the Hands of Designers and Architects for Designing Interactive Interiors

Exploring Interactions and Perceptions of Kinetic Wearables

AnimSkin: Fabricating Epidermis with Interactive, Functional and Aesthetic Color Animation

SESSION: Session 10: Games

Left Them 4 Dead: Perception of Humans versus Non-Player Character Teammates in Cooperative Gameplay

Touchomatic: Interpersonal Touch Gaming In The Wild

Audience Participation Games: Blurring the Line Between Player and Spectator

AutoJam: Exploring Interactive Music Experiences in Stop-and-Go Traffic

SESSION: Session 11: Affect & Emotion

Image-based Emotion Feedback: How Does the Crowd Feel? And Why?

Designing for Self-Tracking of Emotion and Experience with Tangible Modality

Designing Authentic Emotions for Non-Human Characters: A Study Evaluating Virtual Affective Behavior

What Can Self-Reports and Acoustic Data Analyses on Emotions Tell Us?

SESSION: Session 12: IoT

Morse Things: A Design Inquiry into the Gap Between Things and Us

Towards Commoditised Near Infrared Spectroscopy

"Proof in the Pudding": Designing IoT Plants to Promote Wellbeing

Fruit Are Heavy: A Prototype Public IoT System to Support Urban Foraging

SESSION: Session 13: Futures

The Rise of Bots: A Survey of Conversational Interfaces, Patterns, and Paradigms

Real-Fictional Entanglements: Using Science Fiction and Design Fiction to Interrogate Sensing Technologies

Apply Now!: Fictional Job Postings as an Instrument to Discuss Interactive Futures of Work

Tiles: A Card-based Ideation Toolkit for the Internet of Things

SESSION: Session 14: Communication

De-emphasizing Content to Study the Relationship between Meaning, Messages, and Content in IM Systems

Soil, Rock, and Snow: On Designing for Information Sharing in Outdoor Sports

Applying Real-Time Text on Instant Messaging for a Rapid and Enriched Conversation Experience

TransPoint: Real-Time Remote Lecturing via Adaptive Transparency

SESSION: Session 15: Quantified Self

FutureSelf: What Happens When We Forecast Self-Trackers? Future Health Statuses?

Designing Documentary Informatics

Digital Systems and the Experience of Legacy

The Autobiographical Design and Long Term Usage of an Always-On Video Recording System for the Home

SESSION: Session 16: Children

How Game Balancing Affects Play: Player Adaptation in an Exergame for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Engaging Children Using a Digital Living Media System

Calming Children When Drawing Blood Using Breath-based Biofeedback

Enabling Collaboration in Learning Computer Programing Inclusive of Children with Vision Impairments

SESSION: Session 17: Robots

Voodle: Vocal Doodling to Sketch Affective Robot Motion

GUI Robots: Using Off-the-Shelf Robots as Tangible Input and Output Devices for Unmodified GUI Applications

Robotic Table and Bench Enhance Mirror Type Social Telepresence

CoilMove: An Actuated to-body Energy Transfer System

SESSION: Session 18: Visualisation

The Visual and Beyond: Characterizing Experiences with Auditory, Haptic and Visual Data Representations

Towards Personalized Visualization: Information Granularity, Situation, and Personality

Recognition of Text and Shapes on a Large-Sized Head-Up Display

The Impact of a Narrative Design Strategy for Information Visualization on a Public Display

SESSION: Session 19: Creativity

Understanding Creativity Methods in Design

Creative Evaluation

Logue: Unitizing Interactive Fictions for Co-creation

The Rough Mile: Testing a Framework of Immersive Practice

SESSION: Session 20: Pictorials 2

Designing Memory Probes to Inform Dialogue

Giving Form to a Hedonic Haptics Player

Wear.x: Developing Wearables that Embody Felt Experience

Ori-mandu: Korean Dumpling into Whatever Shape You Want

AscoltaMe: Retracing the Computational Expressivity of a Tactful Object for Sensitive Settings

SESSION: Session 21: Essays

Translational Resources: Reducing the Gap Between Academic Research and HCI Practice

Reviewing the Big Questions Literature;: or, Should HCI Have Big Questions?

Critical Design Research and Information Technology: Searching for Empowering Design

Beyond Hybrids: Metaphors and Margins in Design

SESSION: Session 22: Human Relationships 1 (Design)

"Interview with Things": A First-thing Perspective to Understand the Scooter's Everyday Socio-material Network in Taiwan

"Against Marrying a Stranger": Marital Matchmaking Technologies in Saudi Arabia

Navigating Media Use: Chinese Parents and Their Overseas Adolescent Children on WeChat

Living Apart, Together: Cohousing as a Site for ICT Design

SESSION: Session 23: Craft & Making 1 (Studies)

Do-It-Yourself Empowerment as Experienced by Novice Makers with Disabilities

Understanding Uncertainty in Measurement and Accommodating its Impact in 3D Modeling and Printing

Hackerspace Tropes, Identities, and Community Values

AnimaStage: Hands-on Animated Craft on Pin-based Shape Displays

SESSION: Session 24: Gesture Interactions

f3.js: A Parametric Design Tool for Physical Computing Devices for Both Interaction Designers and End-users

Exploring At-Your-Side Gestural Interaction for Ubiquitous Environments

Hands as a Controller: User Preferences for Hand Specific On-Skin Gestures

Large-Scale User Perception of Synthetic Stroke Gestures

SESSION: Session 25: Human Relationships 2 (Tech)

The Meaning of Place in Supporting Sociality

Designing Connections for Hearing Rehabilitation: Exploring Future Client Journeys with Elderly Hearing Aid Users, Relatives and Healthcare Providers

Creating Conditions for Patients' Values to Emerge in Clinical Conversations: Perspectives of Health Care Team Members

Digital Decoupling and Disentangling: Towards Design for Romantic Break Up

SESSION: Session 26: Craft & Making 2 (Outputs)

Articulating Challenges of Hybrid Crafting for the Case of Interactive Silversmith Practice

Community Inventor Days: Scaffolding Grassroots Innovation with Maker Events

Machine Learning for Makers: Interactive Sensor Data Classification Based on Augmented Code Examples

Enabling Hand-Crafted Visual Markers at Scale

SESSION: Session 27: VR

TASC: Combining Virtual Reality with Tangible and Embodied Interactions to Support Spatial Cognition

Tangible VR: Diegetic Tangible Objects for Virtual Reality Narratives

The Challenges of Visual-Kinaesthetic Experience

Examining Low-Cost Virtual Reality for Learning in Low-Resource Environments

SESSION: Session 28: Prototyping

PolySurface: A Design Approach for Rapid Prototyping of Shape-Changing Displays Using Semi-Solid Surfaces

Critiquing Physical Prototypes for a Remote Audience

Being, Bringing and Bridging: Three Aspects of Sketching with Nature

Replicating an In-The-Wild Study One Year Later: Comparing Prototypes with Different Material Dimensions

SESSION: Session 29: Collaboration

Collaboration with 360° Videochat: Challenges and Opportunities

Utilizing Smartphones as a Multi-Device Single Display Groupware to Design Collaborative Games

Collaboration, Awareness, and Communication in Real-Life Escape Rooms

The Distaff: A Physical Interface to Facilitate Interdisciplinary Collaborative Performance

SESSION: Session 30: Pictorials 3

Time and Space in Broken Panorama

Dark Clouds, Io&#!+, and [Crystal Ball Emoji]: Projecting Network Anxieties with Alternative Design Metaphors

Exploring Active Perception in Disseminating Design Research

Let's Get Physical: Promoting Data Physicalization in Workshop Formats