DIS '17 Companion- Proceedings of the 2016 ACM Conference Companion Publication on Designing Interactive Systems

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SESSION: Provocations & Works in Progress

Understanding Autonomy, Animism and Presence as a Design Strategy for Behavior Change

A Provocation for Rethinking and Democratising Emoji Design

UX Practitioners' Engagement with Intermediate-Level Knowledge

Designing Commenting Mechanisms for Dynamic Media: Synchronous Overlay and Adjacent Scrollable

Not on Demand: Internet of Things Enabled Energy Temporality

Best Way to Go?: Intriguing Citizens to Investigate What Is Behind Smart City Technologies

GestAnalytics: Experiment and Analysis Tool for Gesture-Elicitation Studies

Sustainable HCI: Blending Permaculture and User-experience.

An Augmented Reality Game using Face Recognition Technology

Co-Designing Innovations for Energy Saving in Large Organisations

Exploring the Materials of TUIs: A Multi-Method Approach

Beauty and the Beast: An IoT Design Method Based on Improvisational Acting

Interaction Under Pressure: Increased Mental Workload Makes Issues of Intuitive Interaction Visible

Time-Turner: Data Engagement Through Everyday Objects in the Home

Piecing Together the Past: Constructing Stories with Jigsaw Puzzles in Museums

Animating Matter: Creating Organic-like Movement in Soft Materials

The Grumpy Bin: Reducing Food Waste Through Playful Social Interactions

Designing For Meaningfulness: A Case Study Of A Pregnancy Wearable For Men

Old, Sick And No Health Insurance.: Will You Need A Permit To Use Your Home-made Health Wearable?

Food-to-Person Interaction: How to Get Information About What We Eat?

In Search of UX Translators: Analyzing Researcher-Practitioner Interactions on Twitter

Tunneling Through Alternative Facts: The Qwand Problem Space Machine

Musico: Personal Playlists through Peripheral and Implicit Interaction

CADLens: Haptic Feedback for Navigating in 3D Environments

MyWord: Supporting the Interest-based Learning of Words through a Personal Visual Dictionary

How and Why I Cheated On My App: User Experience of Cheating Physical Activity Exergame Applications

"This is My Story...": Storytelling with Tangible Artifacts among Migrant Women in Germany

DeepBUFS: Deep Learned Biometric User Feedback System

Transform Your Kids Into Self Sustainable Power Plants: Teaching Sustainable Behaviour to Young Users

Mobile Hand Gesture Toolkit: Co-Designing Mobile Interaction Interfaces

Composting as Interior Design: Encouraging Sustainability throughout a Participatory Design Process

Analyzing Student Travel Patterns With Augmented Data Visualizations

Reconstrained Design: A Manifesto

Leaky Objects: Implicit Information, Unintentional Communication

The Meaningful Integration of Interactive Media in Architecture

RunMerge: Towards Enhanced Proprioception for Advanced Amateur Runners

Experimental Engineering: Articulating and Valuing Design Experimentation

Celebrating Laughter: Capturing and Sharing Tangible Representations of Laughter

Exploring People's Emotional Bond with Places in the City: A Pilot Study

Empowering Citizens with Spatially Distributed Public Visualization Displays

HeartBeats: A Speculative Proposal For Ritualization of Digital Objects

Takt: The Wearable Timepiece That Enables Sensory Perception of Time

The Sophi HUD: A Novel Visual Analytics Tool for News Media

ReflectiveHUD: Designing Spatial Interaction History

Exploring the Making Activities of Women in Crisis Situations

Provoking Performing Objects: Expanding the Design Space for Soft Robotics

Is Driverless Car Another Weiserian Mistake?

Aesthetics of Haptics: An Experience Approach to Haptic Interaction Design

Light Behavior Design: Violation of Unification Principles and the Effect on the User Experience

The Voice Pump: An Affectively Engaging Interface for Changing Attachments

CymaSense: A Real-Time 3D Cymatics-Based Sound Visualisation Tool

Effects of Color and Threshold on User Perception of Heat Maps

Stakeholder Tokens: A Constructive Method for Value Sensitive Design Stakeholder Analysis

DEMONSTRATION SESSION: Session: Demonstrations

LOOP: A Physical Artifact to Facilitate Seamless Interaction with Personal Data in Everyday Life

Augmented Table-Top Role-Playing Game with Movement-Based Gameplay and Arm-Worn Devices

Development of a Low-cost Multimodal VR System for Engineering Design

The Hedonic Haptics Player: A Wearable Device to Experience Vibrotactile Compositions

Xketch: A Sketch-Based Prototyping Tool to Accelerate Mobile App Design Process

Echo(): Listening to the Reflection of Obsolete Technology

E-textile Production of Wearable Ambient Notification Devices

BREF: BRowser-based Evaluation Framework

Calm Station: An Interactive Perpetual Desk Object that Reduces Digital Distractions

The Ambient Birdhouse: Bringing Birds Inside to Learn About Birds Outside

Tele-Handwriter: Affective Digital Text Communication Using Physical Handwriting

GPS Tarot: Encounters with Satellites as Divination Tools

Designing the Expressive Point Lights to Enhance User's Situated Awareness of Smart Systems

RecycHongs: Mobile App Co-design

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop Summaries

Triangulation in UX Studies: Learning from Experience

Pedagogy & Physicalization: Designing Learning Activities around Physical Data Representations

Designing for the Arab World

New Value Transactions: Understanding and Designing for Distributed Autonomous Organisations

SketchingDIS: Hand-drawn Sketching in HCI

People, Personal Data and the Built Environment

Interrogating Biosensing in Everyday Life

Designing Reconfigurable Televisual Experiences

Setting the Stage with Metaphors for Interaction -- Researching Methodological Approaches for Interaction Design of Autonomous Vehicles

Design Tools and Materials in Creative Work

SESSION: Doctoral Consortium

The Augmented House Museum: Co-Exploring Tangible Interaction to Increase Engagement with Heritage in House Museums

Tangible and Virtual Interactions for Supporting Spatial Cognition

Touch, E-textiles and Participation: Using E-textiles to Facilitate Hands-On Making Workshops with Blind and Visually-Impaired People

Interacting with the Internet of Lighting

Designing Interactive Costumes: Challenges and Prospects to Integrate Computational Clothing in the Performing Arts

Hybrid Body Craft

From Exploring and Constructing to Understanding: Mediating Intermediate-Level Knowledge

HCI Knowledges and Situated Dissemination

Drawing Design Futures for Shape-Changing Interfaces

Comparing Constraints in Virtual Reality and Screen-based Media for Collaborative Music Making

Exploring Emotion, Affect and Technology in the Urban Environment

Experiencing Automation: UX and Practices with Automated Systems