DIS '16- Proceedings of the 2016 ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems

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SESSION: Keynote Talks


Androids, Replicants and Chimeras: Alternate Embodiments / Uncanny Agencies

Creative Agency and the Space Race of the 21st Century: Towards a Museum of Natural Futures

SESSION: Interactive Public

Uncovering the Honeypot Effect: How Audiences Engage with Public Interactive Systems

Exploring Large-Scale Interactive Public Illustrations

Designing for Children's Outdoor Play

Sens-Us: Designing Innovative Civic Technology for the Public Good


Understanding the Sociality of Experience in Mobile Music Listening with Pocketsong

Understanding the Challenges of Designing and Developing Multi-Device Experiences

Timelessness: User Experience of unplanned Smartphone Use

The Design, Perception, and Practice of Tablet Photography

SESSION: Critical Practice

Documenting the Research Through Design Process

Interaction Design Labels: Concepts, Inscriptions, and Concealed Intentions

When a Product Is Still Fictional: Anticipating and Speculating Futures through Concept Videos

The Case of the Strangerationist: Re-interpreting Critical Technical Practice

SESSION: Printing / Proxies

FusePrint: A DIY 2.5D Printing Technique Embracing Everyday Artifacts

ProxyPrint: Supporting Crafting Practice through Physical Computational Proxies

Probing the Potential of Post-Anthropocentric 3D Printing

Ontological Surprises: A Relational Perspective on Machine Learning

3D Folded PrintGami: Transforming Passive 3D Printed Objects to Interactive by Inserted Paper Origami Circuits

SESSION: Body Motion / Mobile

Motion Echo Snowboard: Enhancing Body Movement Perception in Sport via Visually Augmented Feedback

Designing Mid-Air TV Gestures for Blind People Using User- and Choice-Based Elicitation Approaches

Interaction in Motion: Designing Truly Mobile Interaction

CardboardSense: Interacting with DIY Cardboard VR Headset by Tapping

If Words Could Dance: Moving from Body to Data through Kinesthetic Evaluation

SESSION: Personalisation

Designing for Advanced Personalization in Personal Task Management

Patina-inspired Personalization: Personalizing Products with Traces of Daily Use

What Can You Do?: Studying Social-Agent Orientation and Agent Proactive Interactions with an Agent for Employees

Yo!: Enriching Emotional Quality of Single-Button Messengers through Kinetic Typography

T.A.I: A Tangible AI Interface to Enhance Human-Artificial Intelligence (AI) Communication Beyond the Screen

SESSION: Behaviour Change

Fostering Engagement with Personal Informatics Systems

Connected Baby Bottle: A Design Case Study Towards a Framework for Data-Enabled Design

Teens, Parents, and Financial Literacy

Tap-Kick-Click: Foot Interaction for a Standing Desk

SESSION: Pictorials 1: Design Methods / Approaches

Paper Street View: A Guided Tour of Design and Making Using Comics

Mime: An AR-based System Helping Patients to Test their Blood at Home

Behind the Lens: A Visual Exploration of Epistemological Commitments in HCI Research on the Home

Thing Ethnography: Doing Design Research with Non-Humans

Design Proposal for a Wireless Derouter: Speculatively Engaging Digitally Disconnected Space

SESSION: Designing for Things

From Breakage to Icebreaker: Inspiration for Designing Technological Support for Human-Human Interaction

CrowdUX: A Case for Using Widespread and Lightweight Tools in the Quest for UX

Trust Me: Doubts and Concerns Living with the Internet of Things

DECO: A Design Space for Device Composition

SESSION: Learning

PeerPresents: A Web-Based System for In-Class Peer Feedback during Student Presentations

Developing a Comprehensive Engagement Framework of Gamification for Reflective Learning

Linking Data to Action: Designing for Amateur Energy Management

SOLE meets MOOC: Designing Infrastructure for Online Self-organised Learning with a Social Mission

SESSION: Art / Performance

The Prediction Machine: Performing Scientific and Artistic Process

Live Participation: Augmenting Events with Audience-Performer Interaction Systems

Situated Encounters with Socially Engaged Art in Community-based Design

Improv Remix: Mixed-Reality Video Manipulation Using Whole-Body Interaction to Extend Improvised Theatre

SESSION: Tool / UI Design

Sketchplore: Sketch and Explore with a Layout Optimiser

Impatience Induced by Waiting: An Effect Moderated by the Speed of Countdowns

Planning Adaptive Mobile Experiences When Wireframing

Surveying Expert-Level Gesture Use and Adoption on Multi-Touch Tablets

SESSION: Pictorials 2: Reflections on Design

Design Interactions in ?elәwkw: Belongings

The Form Design of the Datacatcher: A Research Prototype

Virtual Trainer: A Low Cost AR Simulation of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest Emergency

The Tuning of Materials: A Designer's Journey

SESSION: About Design

Live Prototyping

A Design Approach for Authenticity and Technology

Social Justice-Oriented Interaction Design: Outlining Key Design Strategies and Commitments

Privacy & Social Media in the Context of the Arab Gulf

SESSION: Sensing, Health

Redesigning the Trans-disciplinary: Working Across Design, Craft and Technological Boundaries to Deliver an Integrated Wearable for Cardiac Monitoring

ArmSleeve: A Patient Monitoring System to Support Occupational Therapists in Stroke Rehabilitation

Heartefacts: Augmenting Mobile Video Sharing Using Wrist-Worn Heart Rate Sensors

A Craft Approach to Health Awareness in Children

SESSION: Social Online

Engaging with Death Online: An Analysis of Systems that Support Legacy-Making, Bereavement, and Remembrance

People Searched by People: Context-Based Selectiveness in Online Search

The Social Context of Video Game Play: Challenges and Strategies

Social Network, Web Forum, or Task Market?: Comparing Different Crowd Genres for Design Feedback Exchange

SESSION: Public Displays

Fiat-Lux: Interactive Urban Lights for Combining Positive Emotion and Efficiency

Study and Design of a Shape-Shifting Wall Display

Utilizing Audio Cues to Raise Awareness and Entice Interaction on Public Displays

AmbiGaze: Direct Control of Ambient Devices by Gaze

The Humming Wall: Vibrotactile and Vibroacoustic Interactions in an Urban Environment

Attention, please!: Comparing Features for Measuring Audience Attention Towards Pervasive Displays


FeltRadio: Sensing and Making Sense of Wireless Traffic

Tangible Apps Bracelet: Designing Modular Wrist-Worn Digital Jewellery for Multiple Purposes

Skintillates: Designing and Creating Epidermal Interactions

Biosignals as Social Cues: Ambiguity and Emotional Interpretation in Social Displays of Skin Conductance

SESSION: Everyday Life, Specific Populations

Revealing the Shopper Experience of Using a "Magic Mirror" Augmented Reality Make-Up Application

Fantibles: Capturing Cricket Fan's Story in 3D

Speculative Design and Heterogeneity in Indigenous Nation Building

The Tumble Clock: Bringing Users in Touch with their Snooze Time

Designing for Disadvantaged Job Seekers: Insights from Early Investigations

SESSION: Exertion, Health

Developing Compelling Repetitive-Motion Exergames by Balancing Player Agency with the Constraints of Exercise

Integrating Serious Games and Tangible Objects for Functional Handgrip Training: A User Study of Handly in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis.

Design Strategies for Balancing Exertion Games: A Study of Three Approaches

Doing While Thinking: Physical and Cognitive Engagement and Immersion in Mixed Reality Games

SESSION: Images in Design

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words but Can it Paint Just One?

RtD Comics: A Medium for Representing Research Through Design

Being Photo-Visual in HCI and Design

Spin: Examining the Role of Engagement, Integration, and Modularity in Supporting Youth Creating Documentation


'I'm a rambler, I'm a gambler, I'm a long way from home': The Place of Props, Music, and Design in Dementia Care

Towards an Analysis Framework of Technology Habituation by Older Users

Rethinking the Design of Robotic Pets for Older Adults

Designing for the Third Hand: Empowering Older Adults with Cognitive Impairment through Creating and Sharing

SESSION: Pictorials 3: Photo Visual / Imagery

Finding Design Value in Modern Mundanity

Designing for Movement in Public Life with Itinerant Probes

Performative Photography as an Ideation Method

The Visual Thinking Gallery: A Five Year Retrospective

SESSION: Interaction on the Move

Phases of Urban Tourists' Exploratory Navigation: A Field Study

Elevating Communication, Collaboration, and Shared Experiences in Mobile Video through Drones

Active Corners: Collaborative In-Car Interaction Design

Evaluation of an Application Based on Conceptual Metaphors for Social Interaction Between Vehicles

SESSION: Health: Patient - Clinician

What's for Lunch?: A Socio-ecological Approach to Childcare Nutrition

"It just seems outside my health": How Patients with Chronic Conditions Perceive Communication Boundaries with Providers

EnGaze: Designing Behavior Visualizations with and for Behavioral Scientists

Doctor, Can You See My Squats?: Understanding Bodily Communication in Video Consultations for Physiotherapy

SESSION: Explore

Switter: Supporting Exploration of Software Learning Materials on Social Media

DiscoverySpace: Suggesting Actions in Complex Software

Designing for Exploratory Play with a Hackable Digital Musical Instrument

Many Makings: Entangling Publics, Participation and Things in a Complex Collaborative Context

SESSION: Fabrication / DIY

Productive Frictions: Moving from Digital to Material Prototyping and Low-Volume Production for Design Research

Engaging Amateurs in the Design, Fabrication, and Assembly of Electronic Devices

Happy Moves, Sad Grooves: Using Theories of Biological Motion and Affect to Design Shape-Changing Interfaces

Sensing History: Contextualizing Artifacts with Sensory Interactions and Narrative Design


Designing for Multi-User Interaction in the Home Environment: Implementing Social Translucence

The Frustrations and Benefits of Mobile Device Usage in the Home when Co-Present with Family Members

The Living Room: Exploring the Haunted and Paranormal to Transform Design and Interaction

Designing for Active Place Presence at Home: The Hole in Space Design Experiment