DIS '16 Companion- Proceedings of the 2016 ACM Conference Companion Publication on Designing Interactive Systems

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Drawn To Customisation: The Machine As Artist

LiveObjects: Leveraging Theatricality for an Expressive Internet of Things

B4 - Brisbane Backyard Bird Box: Connecting People to the Environment

Candle Shadow Display for Ambient Communication Delivery

Co-designing Encounters with Digital Cultural Heritage

Moody: Haptic Sensations to Enhance Mood in Film Music

SESSION: Doctoral Consortium

Designing Digital Vertigo Games

Design Space for Tangible and Embodied Interaction with Cultural Heritage

Critical Design as Networked Counter Public

Representation & Interpretation of Biosensing

Design for Type 1 Diabetes: How Adolescents? Interactions with Medical Technology Can Inform Design

The [Everyday] Future by Design: Opportunities for the Design Exploration of Everyday Sustainability

Asynchronous Creative Collaboration in Distributed Design Teams

Designing ICT to Support Positive Ageing in Saudi Arabia

Multi-user Interaction with Domestic Lighting Systems

SESSION: Workshop Summaries

Data-Enabled-Design: A Situated Exploration of Rich Interactions

Social Living Labs for Digital Participation: Designing with Regional and Rural Communities

Designing with Data: A Designerly Approach to Data and Data Analytics

Digital Craftsmanship: HCI Takes on Technology as an Expressive Medium

IoT: Designing for Human Values

Designing Against the Status Quo

Merging Realities: Exploring Meaningful Placement of AR Content

Documenting Design Research Processes

Designing Gameful and Ethical Experiences

The Making of Cross-Device Experiences: A Hands-on Workshop

Insertable Digital Devices: Voluntarily Under the Skin

Urban HCI: (Re)adapting the City Together

SESSION: Design Works

assimilate: Holistic System Design for Collaborative Narrative Construction

Feral Screens: Queering Urban Networked Publics

SESSION: Provocations and Work-in-Progress (P-WiP)

Illuminating LEGOs with Digital Information to Create Urban Data Observatory and Intervention Simulator

Lyssna: A Design Fiction to Reframe Food Waste

Challenges in Designing Visual Analytics for Environmental Acoustic Monitoring

Handle the Way: Enhancing Web Accessibility for People with Disability

A Consumer-Centred Sensory Vocabulary for Open-Food Innovation

ComixTrip: Reading Comic Books with Text Sequenced through Gaze Tracking

JogChalking: Capturing and Visualizing Affective Experience for Recreational Runners

Deference and Demeanor: Exploring Interaction Design for Intelligent User Interface

Designing Multi-user Lighting Interfaces: Four strategies to implement Social Translucence

StoryLamp: Sentimentality is Killing the World

Indirect Interaction: A Computing Lecture for Five to Seven Year-Olds

Material Programming: A New Interaction Design Practice

Designing Mediated Nurturing Play with Dogs to Alleviate Workplace Stress

Calls from the Wild: Engaging Citizen Scientist with Animal Sounds

A Feedback System for the Prevention of Forward Head Posture in Sedentary Work Environments

Designing for the Marginalized: A Step Towards Understanding the Lives of Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Data Affordances and the Dynamics of Constraints in Redesign

Muru in Wonderland: An Immersive Video Tour with Gameful Character Interaction for Children

Could the Inherent Nature of the Internet of Things Inhibit Person-to-Person Connection?