CSCW '17- Proceedings of the 2017 ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing

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SESSION: Opening Keynote

Conversational Intelligence: Bots and Lessons Learned

SESSION: Locations and Relations

Trust Your Heart: Assessing Cooperation and Trust with Biosignals in Computer-Mediated Interactions

Constructing a Desiring User: Discourse, Rurality, and Design in Location-Based Social Networks

People-Nearby Applications: How Newcomers Move Their Relationships Offline and Develop Social and Cultural Capital

What Happens in Happn: The Warranting Powers of Location History in Online Dating

SESSION: Communication, Couples, & Control

Parental Control vs. Teen Self-Regulation: Is there a middle ground for mobile online safety?

Demanding by Design: Supporting Effortful Communication Practices in Close Personal Relationships

In Your Eyes: Anytime, Anywhere Video and Audio Streaming for Couples

Flex-N-Feel: The Design and Evaluation of Emotive Gloves for Couples to Support Touch Over Distance

SESSION: Content Quality

Shaping Pro and Anti-Social Behavior on Twitch Through Moderation and Example-Setting

A Parsimonious Language Model of Social Media Credibility Across Disparate Events

Knowledge Sharing in Online Discussion Threads: What Predicts the Ratings?

A Closer Look at the Self-Correcting Crowd: Examining Corrections in Online Rumors

SESSION: Agents, Robots & the Wizard of Oz

WoZ Way: Enabling Real-time Remote Interaction Prototyping & Observation in On-road Vehicles

Bots as Virtual Confederates: Design and Ethics

Configuring the User: "Robots have Needs Too"

"Do Animals Have A ccents?": Talking with Agents in Multi-Party Conversation

SESSION: Creativity - Supporting Collaboration

Agile Research Studios: Orchestrating Communities of Practice to Advance Research Training

Mechanical Novel: Crowdsourcing Complex Work through Reflection and Revision

Mosaic: Designing Online Creative Communities for Sharing Works-in-Progress

More Than Peer Production: Fanfiction Communities as Sites of Distributed Mentoring

SESSION: Language Matters

CEPT: Collaborative Editing Tool for Non-Native Authors

Have your Cake and Eat it Too: Foreign Language Learning with a Crowdsourced Video Captioning System

Why Did They Do That?: Exploring Attribution Mismatches Between Native and Non-Native Speakers Using Videoconferencing

Task Rebalancing: Improving Multilingual Communication with Native Speakers-Generated Highlights on Automated Transcripts

SESSION: Social Media & The Individual

Quotes Reveal Community Structure and Interaction Dynamics

Call for Service: Characterizing and Modeling Police Response to Serviceable Requests on Facebook

Gender and Cross-Cultural Differences in Social Media Disclosures of Mental Illness

Distilling the Outcomes of Personal Experiences: A Propensity-scored Analysis of Social Media

SESSION: Politics, Party, Policy, & Participation

Military Masculinity and the Travails of Transitioning: Disclosure in Social Media

Aspirational Design and Messy Democracy: Partisanship, Policy, and Hope in an Asian City

Quantifying Search Bias: Investigating Sources of Bias for Political Searches in Social Media

Engaging with Political and Social Issues on Facebook in College Life

SESSION: Education & Games

'Connected Learning' and the Equity Agenda: A Microsociology of Minecraft Play

Eliph: Effective Visualization of Code History for Peer Assessment in Programming Education

Synchronous Collaborative Writing in the Classroom: Undergraduates' Collaboration Practices and their Impact on Writing Style, Quality, and Quantity

Placing Value on Community Co-creations: A Study of a Video Game 'Modding' Community

SESSION: Teens & Children

EduFeed: A Social Feed to Engage Preliterate Children in Educational Activities

How Parents Engage Children in Tablet-Based Reading Experiences: An Exploration of Haptic Feedback

Four Factors that Regulate Teen Technology Use in Everyday Life

Parents Just Don't Understand: Why Teens Don't Talk to Parents about Their Online Risk Experiences

SESSION: Leave Me Alone: Privacy & Notifications

Don't Bother Me. I'm Socializing!: A Breakpoint-Based Smartphone Notification System

Viewing the Viewers: Publishers' Desires and Viewers' Privacy Concerns in Social Networks

What (or Who) Is Public?: Privacy Settings and Social Media Content Sharing

Susceptibility to Social Influence of Privacy Behaviors: Peer versus Authoritative Sources

SESSION: Design - Supporting Collaboration

IdeaWall: Improving Creative Collaboration through Combinatorial Visual Stimuli

Material Vision

Fostering Cooperative Activism through Critical Design

Design Breakdowns: Designer-Developer Gaps in Representing and Interpreting Interactive Systems

SESSION: Overcoming Barriers

Socially Embedded Work: A Study of Wheelchair Users Performing Online Crowd Work in China

Going Gray, Failure to Hire, and the Ick Factor: Analyzing How Older Bloggers Talk about Ageism

The Impact of Assistive Technology on Communication Quality Between Deaf and Hearing Individuals

AACrobat: Using Mobile Devices to Lower Communication Barriers and Provide Autonomy with Gaze-Based AAC

SESSION: The Presentation of Self in Everyday Media

Photo Sharing in the Arab Gulf: Expressing the Collective and Autonomous Selves

Impression Management in High Context Societies: 'Saving Face' with ICT

Understanding Feedback Expectations on Facebook

Platforms, People, and Perception: Using Affordances to Understand Self-Presentation on Social Media

SESSION: Viva La Video

The Art and Science of Persuasion: Not All Crowdfunding Campaign Videos are The Same

Video-based Evanescent, Anonymous, Asynchronous Social Interaction: Motivation and Adaption to Medium

Challenges on the Journey to Co-Watching YouTube

Social Watching a Civic Broadcast: Understanding the Effects of Positive Feedback and Other Users' Opinions

SESSION: Data & Work

Awareness Supporting Technologies used in Collaborative Systems: A Systematic Literature Review

Bots, Seeds and People: Web Archives as Infrastructure

Characteristics of Collaboration in the Emerging Practice of Open Data Analysis

Competing Currencies: Designing for Politics in Units of Measurement

SESSION: What Works in Crowd Work

Deep Structures of Collaboration: Physiological Correlates of Collective Intelligence and Group Satisfaction

A Glimpse Far into the Future: Understanding Long-term Crowd Worker Quality

Collaboration Trumps Homophily in Urban Mobile Crowdsourcing

SESSION: Emergency & Safety Work - Collaboration around

Designing for Targeted Responder Models: Exploring Barriers to Respond

Mobile Collaboration for Human and Canine Police Explosive Detection Teams

Constructing Common Information Spaces across Distributed Emergency Medical Teams

Collaboration And Awareness Amongst Flight Attendants

SESSION: Work & Production Practices

Detailing a Spectrum of Motivational Forces Shaping Nomadic Practices

The Challenge of Enterprise Social Networking (Non-)Use at Work: A Case Study of How to Positively Influence Employees' Enterprise Social Networking Acceptanc

"They're all going out to something weird": Workflow, Legacy and Metadata in the Music Production Process

What Did I Ask You to Do, by When, and for Whom?: Passion and Compassion in Request Management

SESSION: Models & Language in Work & Investment

Fruitful Feedback: Positive Affective Language and Source Anonymity Improve Critique Reception and Work Outcomes

Algorithmic Mediation in Group Decisions: Fairness Perceptions of Algorithmically Mediated vs. Discussion-Based Social Division

Using the Model of Regulation to Understand Software Development Collaboration Practices and Tool Support

Empowering Investors with Social Annotation When Saving for Retirement

SESSION: Gender, Death, & Design

FollowBias: Supporting Behavior Change toward Gender Equality by Networked Gatekeepers on Social Media

Possibilities and Limitations of Online Document Tools for Design Collaboration: The Case of Google Docs

The Crafting of DIY Fatherhood

"This will cause a lot of work.": Coping with Transferring Files and Passwords as Part of a Personal Digital Legacy

SESSION: Challenges in Sharing Experiences

PSAllocator: Multi-Task Allocation for Participatory Sensing with Sensing Capability Constraints

Human Library: Understanding Experience Sharing for Community Knowledge Building

"At times avuncular and cantankerous, with the reflexes of a mongoose": Understanding Self-Expression through Augmentative and Alternative Communication Devices

Automatic Alt-text: Computer-generated Image Descriptions for Blind Users on a Social Network Service

SESSION: Trolls & Harassment

Snitches, Trolls, and Social Norms: Unpacking Perceptions of Social Media Use for Crime Prevention

"They basically like destroyed the school one day": On Newer App Features and Cyberbullying in Schools

Anyone Can Become a Troll: Causes of Trolling Behavior in Online Discussions

Identifying Women's Experiences With and Strategies for Mitigating Negative Effects of Online Harassment

SESSION: Crisis Management

The Role of Information Visibility in Network Gatekeeping: Information Aggregation on Reddit during Crisis Events

Visual Representations of Disaster

Social Media Seamsters: Stitching Platforms & Audiences into Local Crisis Infrastructure

Mass Participation During Emergency Response: Event-centric Crowdsourcing in Humanitarian Mapping

SESSION: Tracking Activity & Health

A Park or A Highway: Overcoming Tensions in Designing for Socio-emotional and Informational Needs in Online Health Communities

Assessing Behavior Stage Progression From Social Media Data

Computational Approaches Toward Integrating Quantified Self Sensing and Social Media

Participant Driven Photo Elicitation for Understanding Activity Tracking: Benefits and Limitations

SESSION: Online Movements

Girls Rule, Boys Drool: Extracting Semantic and Affective Stereotypes from Twitter

Growing Their Own: Legitimate Peripheral Participation for Computational Learning in an Online Fandom Community

#Indigenous: Tracking the Connective Actions of Native American Advocates on Twitter

Black Lives Matter in Wikipedia: Collective Memory and Collaboration around Online Social Movements

SESSION: Ranking & Recommendation

Uncovering Influence Cookbooks: Reverse Engineering the Topological Impact in Peer Ranking Services

Classification and Detection of Micro-Level Impact of Issue-Focused Documentary Films based on Reviews

Extracting Topics with Focused Communities for Social Content Recommendation

Toward Better Interactions in Recommender Systems: Cycling and Serpentining Approaches for Top-N Item Lists

SESSION: With a Little Help from My Friends... [CAUTION]

Video-Mediated Peer Support in an Online Community for Recovery from Substance Use Disorders

Design Opportunities for Mental Health Peer Support Technologies

Sensitive Self-disclosures, Responses, and Social Support on Instagram: The Case of #Depression

Defining Digital Self-Harm

SESSION: On New & Old Research Methods

Notes on the Concept of Data Interoperability: Cases from an Ecology of AIDS Research Infrastructures

When Subjects Interpret the Data: Social Media Non-use as a Case for Adapting the Delphi Method to CSCW

Crowdsourcing as a Tool for Research: Implications of Uncertainty

Inquire: Large-scale Early Insight Discovery for Qualitative Research


Supporting Collaboration with Non-Literate Forest Communities in the Congo-Basin

When the Internet Goes Down in Bangladesh

SESSION: Caregiving - Collaborative

Senior Care for Aging in Place: Balancing Assistance and Independence

It Takes at Least Two to Tango: Understanding the Cooperative Nature of Elderly Caregiving in Latin America

Supporting Everyday Philanthropy: Care Work In Situ and at Scale

Ambiguous Accountability: The Challenges of Identifying and Managing Patient-Related Information Problems in Collaborative Patient-Care Teams

SESSION: Crowd Processes

Putting the Pieces Back Together Again: Contest Webs for Large-Scale Problem Solving

Capturing Winning Ideas in Online Design Communities

Efficiently Identifying a Well-Performing Crowd Process for a Given Problem

Huddler: Convening Stable and Familiar Crowd Teams Despite Unpredictable Availability

SESSION: Illness & Digital Data

Supporting Patient-Provider Collaboration to Identify Individual Triggers using Food and Symptom Journals

Information Work in Bone Marrow Transplant: Reducing Misalignment of Perspectives

Design Considerations for Social Fitness Applications: Comparing Chronically Ill Patients and Healthy Adults

"I'm so glad I met you": Designing Dynamic Collaborative Support for Young Adult Cancer Survivors

SESSION: Wikipedia

Predicting Member Productivity and Withdrawal from Pre-Joining Attachments in Online Production Groups

The Wikipedia Adventure: Field Evaluation of an Interactive Tutorial for New Users

Privacy, Anonymity, and Perceived Risk in Open Collaboration: A Study of Tor Users and Wikipedians

Measuring Global Disease with Wikipedia: Success, Failure, and a Research Agenda

SESSION: Digital Memories - Creating

Kurator: Using The Crowd to Help Families With Personal Curation Tasks

Zaturi: We Put Together the 25th Hour for You. Create a Book for Your Baby

KidKeeper: Design for Capturing Audio Mementos of Everyday Life for Parents of Young Children

SESSION: Workers

Work Always in Progress: Analysing Maintenance Practices in Spatial Crowd-sourced Datasets

Communicating Context to the Crowd for Complex Writing Tasks

Crowd Guilds: Worker-led Reputation and Feedback on Crowdsourcing Platforms

Bias in Online Freelance Marketplaces: Evidence from TaskRabbit and Fiverr

SESSION: On Mental Models & Collaboration

Media, Meaning, and Context Loss in Ephemeral Communication Platforms: A Qualitative Investigation on Snapchat

SearchMessenger: Exploring the Use of Search and Card Sharing in a Messaging Application

Folk Models of Online Behavioral Advertising

TypeTalker: A Speech Synthesis-Based Multi-Modal Commenting System

SESSION: Funding & Founders

Understanding Trust amid Delays in Crowdfunding

"Not by Money Alone": Social Support Opportunities in Medical Crowdfunding Campaigns

Founder Center: Enabling Access to Collective Social Capital

Developing Makerspaces as Sites of Entrepreneurship

SESSION: Wikipedia & More

On the "How" and "Why" of Emergent Role Behaviors in Wikipedia

Problematizing and Addressing the Article-as-Concept Assumption in Wikipedia

Who Wants to Read This?: A Method for Measuring Topical Representativeness in User Generated Content Systems

Wikum: Bridging Discussion Forums and Wikis Using Recursive Summarization

SESSION: Citizen Science

Vernacular Visualization Practices in a Citizen Science Project

Soylent Diet Self-Experimentation: Design Challenges in Extreme Citizen Science Projects

Accounting for Privacy in Citizen Science: Ethical Research in a Context of Openness

From Crowd to Community: A Survey of Online Community Features in Citizen Science Projects

SESSION: Health(care)- Data Tracking & Triggers in Health(care)

Data Tracking in Search of Workflows

Clinical and Non-Clinical Handovers: Designing for Critical Moments

Beyond Health Literacy: Supporting Patient-Provider Communication during an Emergency Visit

Send Me a Different Message: Utilizing Cognitive Space to Create Engaging Message Triggers

SESSION: Meetings & Collaboration Support

More to Meetings: Challenges in Using Speech-Based Technology to Support Meetings

Looking Away and Catching Up: Dealing with Brief Attentional Disconnection in Synchronous Groupware

Mixed Presence Collaboration using Scalable Visualizations in Heterogeneous Display Spaces

AlphaRead: Support Unambiguous Referencing in Remote Collaboration with Readable Object Annotation

SESSION: Parenting

Caring through Data: Attending to the Social and Emotional Experiences of Health Datafication

"Okay, One More Episode": An Ethnography of Parenting in the Digital Age

WAKEY: Assisting Parent-child Communication for Better Morning Routines

From Personal Informatics to Family Informatics: Understanding Family Practices around Health Monitoring

SESSION: Teamwork

What Makes a Strong Team?: Using Collective Intelligence to Predict Team Performance in League of Legends

Team Dating Leads to Better Online Ad Hoc Collaborations

Does Collectivism Inhibit Individual Creativity?: The Effects of Collectivism and Perceived Diversity on Individual Creativity and Satisfaction in Virtual Ideation Teams

SESSION: All About Sharing

Online Customization Sharing Ecosystems: Components, Roles, and Motivations

"It's Not Yet A Gift": Understanding Digital Gifting

TAMIES: A Study and Model of Adoption in P2P Resource Sharing and Indirect Exchange Systems

Self-Disclosure and Perceived Trustworthiness of Airbnb Host Profiles

SESSION: Data Visualization, Gamification, & Virtual Worlds

Designing Cooperative Gamification: Conceptualization and Prototypical Implementation

Immersive Street-level Social Media in the 3D Virtual City: Anticipated User Experience and Conceptual Development

Data Vision: Learning to See Through Algorithmic Abstraction

"I'd Want to Burn the Data or at Least Nobble the Numbers": Towards Data-mediated Building Management for Comfort and Energy Use

SESSION: Programming

CollaDroid: Automatic Augmentation of Android Application with Lightweight Interactive Collaboration

Friction in Arenas of Repair: Hacking, Security Research, and Mobile Phone Infrastructure

Can Security Become a Routine?: A Study of Organizational Change in an Agile Software Development Group

Exhaustive Search and Resolution of Puzzles in OT Systems Supporting String-Wise Operations

SESSION: Closing Keynote

The Science Gap