CSCW '17 Companion- Companion of the 2017 ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing

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SESSION: Demonstrations

The Daemo Crowdsourcing Marketplace

Professional Network Analytics Platform for Enterprise Collaboration

Zaturi: Blending Hours Spent at Work and Hours Devoted to Children

Collaborative Software Development Through Reflection and Storytelling

ConsesnsUs: Visualizing Points of Disagreement for Multi-Criteria Collaborative Decision Making

WoZ Way: Enabling Real-time Remote Interaction Prototyping & Observation in On-road Vehicles

LabintheWild: How to Design Uncompensated, Feedback-driven Online Experiments

INQUIRE Tool: Early Insight Discovery for Qualitative Research

Eliph: Effective Visualization of Code History for Peer Assessment in Programming Education

Flex-N-Feel: Emotive Gloves for Physical Touch Over Distance

Smart Crew: A Smart Watch Design for Collaboration Amongst Flight Attendants

Agile Research Studios: Orchestrating Communities of Practice to Advance Research Training

SESSION: Doctoral Consortium

Augmenting Media Literacy with Automatic Characterization of News along Pragmatic Dimensions

Manifesting the Cyborg via Techno Body Modification: From Human Computer Interaction to Integration

Understanding and Designing around Users' Interaction with Hidden Algorithms in Sociotechnical Systems

Casting a Feminist Eye on Public Infrastructure

Motivations for Participating in Online Initiatives: Exploring Contributory Behaviour Across Initiative Types

Personal Health Tracking Technologies in Practice

Understanding New Parents' Navigation Practices in Healthcare

Understanding Popularity of Social Media Entities: From hashtags to question topics

No Wrong Door: Designing Systems to Foster Collaboration in Support of Child Development

Deploying Pervasive Sensing for Evidence-Based Management, Services and Sustainable Policy

Knowing the Audience in the Information Age: Big Data and Social Media in the US Television Industry

Crisis Informatics in the Anthropocene: Disasters as Matters of Care and Concern

Leveraging Location Sharing to Increase Social Capital in Local Communities

Enhancing Visibility of Distance Learners To Promote Community

Supporting Information Needs of Transitional Phases in Diabetes Management Through Online Health Communities


CSCW Research Ethics Town Hall: Working Towards Community Norms

Social Justice and Design: Power and oppression in collaborative systems

Perspectives on Live Streaming: Apps, Users, and Research

POSTER SESSION: Poster Presentations

GBER: A Social Matching App which utilizes Time, Place, and Skills of Workers and Jobs

Design of a Home Telepresence Robot System for Supporting Childcare

How Developers Make Design Decisions about Users' Privacy: The Place of Professional Communities and Organizational Climate

Understanding the Unique Online Challenges Faced by Teens in the Foster Care System

Getting Traction When Overwhelmed: Implications for Supporting Patient-Provider Communication

Possible Confounds in Word-based Semantic Similarity Test Data

Supporting Environmental Stewards' Needs with Technology

Standing on the Shoulders of Peers: Tournament-Style Remixing in Project Courses

H-Slate: A Hybrid Braille Slate Soft Keyboard for Touchscreen Devices

Gravity Spy: Humans, Machines and The Future of Citizen Science

Unobtrusive Note Taking: Enriching Digital Interpersonal Interactions Using Gestures

Attitudes About 'Fair Use' and Content Sharing in Social Media Applications

Eliminate Misunderstandings: Measuring Virtual Team Members as Organizational Citizens

Examining Parents' Technical Mediation of Teens' Mobile Devices

Scalable Crowd Ideation Support through Data Visualization, Mining, and Structured Workflows

Beyond Knowledge Acquisition: Medical Device Training as a Cooperative Process

Negative Electronic Word-of-mouth can Support Product Recommendation: Experimental Investigation

Can AI become Reliable Source to Support Human Decision Making in a Court Scene?

Conceptualization of Computer-Supported Collaborative Sensemaking

Automatic Extraction of Discussion based on Sentence Type Estimation

Attribution Apprehension, Automated Attribution, and Creative Integration

A Collaborative Visualization Tool to Support Doctors' Shared Decision-Making on Antibiotic Prescription

Personas and Scenarios to Design Technologies for North Korean Defectors with Depression

HotPi: Open-Source Collaborative Patient Documentation

The Rise and Fall of Moral Labor in an Online Game Community

Recruiting Messages Matter: Message Strategies to Attract Citizen Scientists

Wait, Did You Say No Internet?: An Exploratory Study of the Perceived Impact of Internet Outage

Socio-Ethnic Ingredients of Social Network Communities

Turnover and the Model of Coordinated Action (MoCA)

Detection of Sockpuppets in Social Media

Testing Ageing Theory among Later Middle-aged and Older Users Using Social Media

Personal Tasks at Work: An Exploration

The Relevance of Theories and Models of Collaboration to Child Development Support Activities

Toward an Open Platform for Organized, Gamified Volunteerism

Alternative Narratives of Crisis Events: Communities and Social Botnets Engaged on Social Media

Development of a Test and Practice Platform for a Time Perception Research

Puzzle Space: A Distributed Tangible Puzzle for Long Distance Couples

Connecting Affinity Spaces to Places and Back: A Look at Pokemon Go

Action ADE: Enabling Cross-setting Communication to Prevent Adverse Drug Events

Designing the Interplay between Anonymity and Publicity for Online Social Support

Comparing Formal and Informal NPOs' Use of Facebook and Twitter

Open Secrets and Wrong Rights: Automatic Satire Detection in English Text

Beyond Questioning and Answering: Teens' Learning Experiences and Benefits of Social Q&A Services

I Know What You Coded Last Summer: Mining Candidate Expertise from GitHub Repositories

Learning in the Open: A Research Agenda for MOOCs

BeWithMe: An Immersive Telepresence System for Distance Separated Couples

Worker-Owned Cooperative Models for Training Artificial Intelligence

Connection Enablers in Online Learning Community: From Informative Online Personae to Meaningful Social Space

Is Danmaku an Effective Way for Promoting Event based Social Network?

Density Dependence Without Resource Partitioning: Population Ecology on

Chasing Lovely Monsters in the Wild, Exploring Players' Motivation and Play Patterns of Pokémon Go: Go, Gone or Go Away?

Supporting Out-of-class Interaction among Learners with InCircle

We Can Query More than We Can Tell: Facilitating Collaboration Through Query-Driven Knowledge-Sharing

Understanding Work in Public Transport Management Control Rooms

Personalized Feedback Versus Money: The Effect on Reliability of Subjective Data in Online Experimental Platforms

Gotta Hatch 'em All!: Robot-Supported Cooperation in Interactive Playgrounds

SESSION: Saturday, February 25 Workshops

The Fifteenth International Workshop on Collaborative Editing Systems

Crowdsourcing Law and Policy: A Design-Thinking Approach to Crowd-Civic Systems

Hacking and Making at Time-Bounded Events: Current Trends and Next Steps in Research and Event Design

Theory Transfers?: Social Theory & CSCW Research

In Whose Best Interest?: Exploring the Real, Potential, and Imagined Ethical Concerns in Privacy-Focused Agenda

CSCW in China and Beyond

Imagining Intersectional Futures: Feminist approaches in CSCW

SESSION: Sunday, February 26 Workshops

The Science of Citizen Science: Theories, Methodologies and Platforms

Robots in Groups and Teams

Reflections on Design Methods for Underserved Communities

E-Infrastructures for Research Collaboration: The Case of the Social Sciences and Humanities

Advancing the OCDX: Building Social Computing Infrastructure

Conceptualizing, Creating, & Controlling Constructive and Controversial Comments: A CSCW Research-athon

Talking with Conversational Agents in Collaborative Action