CSCW '16 Companion- Proceedings of the 19th ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing Companion

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First Life, the Neighborhood Social Network: a Collaborative Environment for Citizens

SEeS@W: Internet of Persons meets Internet of Things for Safety at Work

MixMeetWear: Live Meetings at a Glance

IdeaGens: Enabling Expert Facilitation of Crowd Brainstorming

PostScholar: Surfacing Social Signals in Google Scholar Search

AutoStyle: Toward Coding Style Feedback At Scale

I Understand Your Frustration

DiscoverySpace: Crowdsourced Suggestions Onboard Novices in Complex Software

Exploring Controversy in Twitter

Leveraging Learners for Teaching Programming and Hardware Design at Scale

CATS: Collection and Analysis of Tweets Made Simple

Spatial and Social Connectedness in Web-based Work Collaboration

A Speech Speed Awareness System for Non-Native Speakers

Social Display...We Can See What You Are Doing On Your Mobile Device

Facilitating Collaborative Problem-Solving with Computer-Supported Causal Mapping

Webstrates: Demonstrating the potential of Shareable Dynamic Media

CIRCLE ROUND: Flexible Communication using Multiple Access at Face-to-Face Meeting

Stitched Groupies: A Playful Self-Photo Co-creation Activity

Oppia: A Community of Peer Learners to Make Conversational Learning Experiences

Green2.0: Enabling Complex Interactions Between Buildings and People

cLuster: Applications for Smart Clustering of Free-Hand Sketches

Gaming for Science: A Demo of Online Experiments on

Well-Connected: Promoting Collaboration by Effective Networking

CityCompass: A Collaborative Online Language Learning Application

IdeaHound: Self-sustainable Idea Generation in Creative Online Communities

Oh, I Love Trash: Personality of a Robotic Trash Barrel

Movement: A Secure Community Awareness Application and Display

GroupLink: Group Event Recommendations Using Personal Digital Traces

Coding Varied Behavior Types Using the Crowd

Confer: A Conference Recommendation and Meetup Tool

Eyebrowse: Selective and Public Web Activity Sharing

SESSION: Doctoral Symposium

A Study of Cyberbullying Detection and Mitigation on Instagram

Connecting Older Adults through Voice-Based Interfaces

Theory Driven Community Analytics and Influence on Community Success

Large-scale Volunteer Engagement in Humanitarian Mapping

Collective Creativity through a Micro-Tasks Crowdsourcing Approach

Understand the Design and Implementation of Civic Technologies in Public Organizations

Social Sharing at Scale

Design for User Autonomy in the System-Driven Personalization of Social Media

Measuring and Managing Information Diets of Social Media Users: Research Overview

Global Software Development: Exploring Multiplicity and Asymmetric Dynamics in Collaborative Work

Safety through Collaboration: A New Challenge for Automotive Design

Designing Computer Supported Collaborative Applications for UnderServed Indian Children

How People Write Together Now: Exploring and Supporting Today's Computer-Supported Collaborative Writing

Supporting Information Sharing and Presentation across Distributed Emergency Medical Settings


Visibility in Digital Space: Controlling Personal Information Online

Robots As Cooperative Partners... We Hope...

Innovations in autonomous systems: Challenges and opportunities for human-agent collaboration

Does the Sharing Economy do any Good?

What did we get right and wrong about CSCW during the past 30 years?

Constantly connected: At what price and with what rewards?

Practice-based CSCW Research: ECSCW bridging across the Atlantic

SESSION: Posters

Designing Paralinguistic Digital Affordances for Social Support

MET: An Enterprise Market for Tasks

Film Ties: Crowd-sourced Teaching of Cinematography Using Intelligent Example Galleries

Sharing, Human Values, and Computer Activity Tracking

Motivational Impact of Facebook Posts on Environmental Communities

Time Management Application: Insights on French and Chinese Collaboration

Social Incentives in Pervasive Fitness Apps for Obese and Diabetic patients

Beyond Official: Government Information Work through Personal Accounts

Using Gamification to Tackle the Cold-Start Problem in Recommender Systems

LeadWise: Using Online Bots to Recruite and Guide Expert Volunteers

When did my childhood become an art exhibit?!

Making Games as Collaborative Social Experiences: Exploring An Online Gaming Community

@Stake: A Game to Facilitate the Process of Deliberative Democracy

TeleTourist: Immersive Telepresence Tourism for Mobility-Restricted Participants

Quantifying Toxicity and Verbal Violence on Twitter

Collab-ChiQat: A Collaborative Remaking of a Computer Science Intelligent Tutoring System

Analyzing Lexical Expressions in an Human-Agent Online Explanation Task: Influence of Affect and Characteristics

A Journey of Citizen Science Data in an Online Environment

What a Surprise: Initial Connection with Coworkers on Facebook and Expectancy Violations

Encouraging Work in Citizen Science: Experiments in Goal Setting and Anchoring

Why Do Teammates Hate Me? Cross-Cultural Tensions and Social Dynamics in Online Games

CODer Entrepreneurs: How Entrepreneurs can benefit from a Dynamic Social Semantic Tagging System

TickTockRun: Towards Enhancing Communication in Runner Families

Hands-Free Collaboration Using Telepresence Robots for All Ages

Mining Shapes of Expertise in Online Social Q&A Communities

Designing a New System for Sharing Computer Science Teaching Resources

Designing Shared Gaze Awareness for Remote Collaboration

Tactile Teacher: Enhancing Traditional Piano Lessons with Tactile Instructions

Why Developers Are Slacking Off: Understanding How Software Teams Use Slack

Exploring Computational Composite: An Approach To Sensorial Interaction

WASSUP? LOL : Characterizing Out-of-Vocabulary Words in Twitter

Mining Twitter Conversations around E-commerce Promotional Events

Encount'r: Exploring Passive Context-Awareness for Opportunistic Social Matching

Product X: An Output-Agreement Game for Product Perceptual Mapping

An Architecture for Social Sharing and Collaboration around Open Data Visualisations

Feeling Distance: An Investigation of Mediated Social Touch Prototypes

Game-theoretic models identify useful principles for peer collaboration in online learning platforms

Sustaining Reciprocity: Generating Social Capital within Peer-Support Communities

Enticing Casual Nature Preserve Visitors into Citizen Science via Photos

Testing Higher-Order Network Structures in an Online Experiment

Asian American Chicago Network: A Case Study of Facebook Group Use By Immigrant Groups

Crowdfunding: Applying Collective Indexing of Emotions to Campaign Videos

Thinking in 4D: Preserving and Sharing Mental Context Across Time

Towards a Framework for Collaborative Video Surveillance System Using Crowdsourcing

GreenDesigners: Gamified Ubiquitous Learning for Sustainable Engineering Design

Webizing Mixed Reality for Cooperative Augmentation of Life Experience

Identifying and Characterizing Sleeping Beauties on YouTube

Situation-aware communication method based on contextual info.

Human Process Design: Mediate between People and Help Them to Look into the Future

Exploring Engagement in a 'Social Crowd' on Twitter

BotViz: Data Visualizations for Collaborations With Bots and Volunteers

The role of outsiders in consensus formation: A case study of Yelp

How Social Annotation Affects Second Language Reading Cloud Based Platform For Solving Optimization Problems Using Crowdsourcing Approach

LBSNShield: Malicious Account Detection in Location-Based Social Networks

Today's Life Style and Yesterday's Life Experience: A Study of Financial Practices of Retirees In China

Group Finder: Finding the "Right": Online Support Groups for People in Recovery

Curiosity vs. Control: Impacts of Training on Performance of Teams Working with Robots

Design Illustrations to Make Adoption of Ola Technology More Beneficial for Indian Auto-Rickshaw Drivers

SESSION: Workshops

Where did my Office go? Is it in the Cloud!? Workshop on Spatial and Social Connectedness in Virtual and Mediated Work Environments

Collocated Interaction: New Challenges in 'Same Time, Same Place' Research

Collaborative Appropriation: How Couples, Teams, Groups and Communities Adapt and Adopt Technologies

Deceptive/Honest/Unreliable/Reliable? Unpacking Social Signaling Theory for Social Computing Systems Analysis and Design

Breaking into new Data-Spaces: Infrastructure for Open Community Science

CSCW and theSharing Economy: The Future of Platforms as Sites of Work Collaboration and Trust

Designing online experiments: Citizen science approaches to research

Collaboration and Decision Making in Crisis Situations

Data-work in Healthcare: The New Work Ecologies of Healthcare Infrastructures

Toward a Typology of Participation in Crowdwork

Let's Talk About the Quantified Workplace

Developing a Research Agenda for Human-Centered Data Science

Algorithms at Work: Empirical Diversity, Analytic Vocabularies, Design Implications

Large-scale Collaborative Projects to Affect Societal Change