CHI PLAY '17- Proceedings of the Annual Symposium on Computer-Human Interaction in Play

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SESSION: Keynotes

How to Play

Connecting through Play by Design

SESSION: Session 1: Let's Get Physical

Gamification through the Application of Motivational Affordances for Physical Activity Technology

Life Tree: Understanding the Design of Breathing Exercise Games

AutoGym: An Exertion Game for Autonomous Driving

13 Game Lenses for Designing Diverse Interactive Jogging Systems

Lessons From Designing a Game to Support Playfulness in Multisensory Stimulation Environments

SESSION: Session 2: Gaming in the Real World

GlowPhones: Designing for Proxemics Play with Low-Resolution Displays in Location-based Games

A Framework Supporting Selecting Space to Make Place in Spatial Mixed Reality Play

Anarchy or Order on the Streets: Review Based Characterization of Location Based Mobile Games

Escaping Together: The Design and Evaluation of a Distributed Real-Life Escape Room

SESSION: Session 3: Player and Parent Preferences

Elements of Gameful Design Emerging from User Preferences

Curiously Motivated: Profiling Curiosity with Self-Reports and Behaviour Metrics in the Game "Destiny"

Age-Based Preferences and Player Experience: A Crowdsourced Cross-sectional Study

Beyond Addiction: Positive and Negative Parent Perceptions of Minecraft Play

SESSION: Session 4: Taking Serious Games Seriously

Bilingual SpeechBlocks: Investigating How Bilingual Children Tinker with Words in English and Spanish

Using Serious Game Analytics to Inform Digital Curricular Sequencing: What Math Objective Should Students Play Next?

Wearable Learning: Multiplayer Embodied Games for Math

A Mixed Method Approach for Evaluating and Improving the Design of Learning in Puzzle Games

Diegetic Connectivity: Blending Work and Play with Storytelling in Serious Games

Towards Designing Technology for Classroom Role-Play

Understanding Engagement within the Context of a Safety Critical Game

SESSION: Session 5: Tools to Analyse Games

Those are not the Stories you are Looking For: Using Text Prototypes to Evaluate Game Narratives Early

Adapting Cognitive Task Analysis to Elicit the Skill Chain of a Game

Leveraging Design Patterns to Support Designer-Therapist Collaboration When Ideating Brain Injury Therapy Games

Predicting Player Experience without the Player.: An Exploratory Study

Comparing Effects of Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment Systems on Video Game Experience

A Framework and Taxonomy of Videogame Playing Preferences

SESSION: Session 6: Assisting Gameplay

The Effects of Navigation Assistance on Spatial Learning and Performance in a 3D Game

A Game of Research: Information Management and Decision-making in Daily Fantasy Sports

The Effects of Context-Sensitive Tutorials in Virtual Reality Games

Evaluating the Onboarding Phase of Free-toPlay Mobile Games: A Mixed-Method Approach

SESSION: Session 7: More Fun Together

CrowdChess: A System to Investigate Shared Game Control in Live-Streams

Game & Watch: Are "Let's Play" Gaming Videos as Immersive as Playing Games?

The Impact of Game Patterns on Player Experience and Social Interaction in Co-Located Multiplayer Games

The Impact of Agency and Familiarity in Cooperative Multiplayer Games

Social Support in eSports: Building Emotional and Esteem Support from Instrumental Support Interactions in a Highly Competitive Environment

Cooperation and Interdependence: How Multiplayer Games Increase Social Closeness

SESSION: Session 8: Beyond the Typical Player Experience

Bibles and BioShock: Affording Religious Discussion on Video Game Forums

Is My Dog "Playing" Tablet Games?: Exploring Human Perceptions of Dog-Tablet Interactions

Understanding Dangerous Play: A Grounded Theory Analysis of High-Performance Drone Racing Crashes

Predictive Physics Simulation in Game Mechanics

SESSION: Session 9: VR and Other Novel IO Technology

"Where's Pinky?": The Effects of a Reduced Number of Fingers in Virtual Reality

Self-Transforming Controllers for Virtual Reality First Person Shooters

Here's Looking At You Anyway!: How Important is Realistic Gaze Behavior in Co-located Social Virtual Reality Games?

Evaluating Real-Time Gaze Representations to Infer Intentions in Competitive Turn-Based Strategy Games

Invisible Walls: Co-Presence in a Co-located Augmented Virtuality Installation

Drunk Virtual Reality Gaming: Exploring the Influence of Alcohol on Cybersickness