CHI PLAY '17 Extended Abstracts- Extended Abstracts Publication of the Annual Symposium on Computer-Human Interaction in Play

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SESSION: Spotlights

Using HTC Vive and TouchDesigner to Projection-Map Moving Objects in 3D Space: A Playful Participatory Artwork

JumpGym: Exploring the Impact of a Jumping Exergame for Waiting Areas

Local Multiplayer Immersion Affected by 3D Stereoscopy

Indie Game and Media Art Exhibition Spaces as Interface Layers

Effects of Commercial Exergames on Motivation in Brian Injury Therapy

Touching Base on Children's Interactions with Tablet Games

Integrating Affective Responses and Gamification into Early Reading Acquisition Software Applications

Memory Must Not Be Lost: "Progetto Ustica" and Civically-Engaged Games

The Ocean Game: Assessing Children's Engagement and Learning in a Museum Setting Using a Treasure-Hunt Game

AMELIO: Evaluating the Team-building Potential of a Mixed Reality Escape Room Game

HCI Lessons From PlayStation VR

Racial Diversity in Indie Games: Patterns, Challenges, and Opportunties

Automated Game Testing with ICARUS: Intelligent Completion of Adventure Riddles via Unsupervised Solving

Teaching Pervasive Game Design in a Zombie Apocalypse

POSTER SESSION: Poster Session: Purposeful Games

Cognitive Rehabilitation Potential of a Driving Simulation Game for BrainInjury: A Pilot Study

Towards Teaching Maternal Healthcare and Nutrition in Rural Ethiopia through a Serious Game

Assessing Implicit Computational Thinking in Zoombinis Gameplay: Pizza Pass, Fleens & Bubblewonder Abyss

Children's Evaluations of a System Supporting Observation of Anatomies and Behaviors of Animals in Zoos

Implementation and Evaluation of Accessible Caption System in Universal Puppetry: A Case Study on Hearing Impaired Children at the Elementary School of Deaf

Developing and Testing ScrollQuest: A Video Game Targeting Rejection Sensitivity in Adolescents

The Design of a Virtual Reality Game for Stroke-Induced Attention Deficits

No Game, No Pain?: Towards a Mobile Exergame for Rehabilitation

Games, Health and the City: Developing Location-Aware Games for Leveraging the Most Suitable Places for Physical Activity

Researching Adaptivity for Individual Differences in Numeracy Games

Acceptance of a Neuropaediatric Exergame Rehabilitation System with Severe Cerebral Palsy

Improving Relationships between Parents and Children in Shopping Malls by Using a Digital Treasure Hunting Game

Can Card Games Be Used to Assess Mild Cognitive Impairment?: A Study of Klondike Solitaire and Cognitive Functions

Roller Coaster Park Manager by Day Problem Solver by Night: Effect of Video Game Play on Problem Solving

"Dinner is ready!": Virtual Reality Assisted Training for Chronic Pain Rehabilitation

CodeFruits: Teaching Computational Thinking Skills Through Hand Gestures

KeynVision: Exploring Piano Pedagogy in Mixed Reality

POSTER SESSION: Poster Session: Game Design

Simple Acts for a Better World: A Gameful System for Prosocial Behavior: Preliminary Design and Research Plan

Exploring Gaze and Hand Gestures for Non-Verbal In-Game Communication

Comparison of Two Inventory Design Concepts in a Collaborative Virtual Reality Serious Game

Requirements and Game Ideas for Social Interaction in Mobile Outdoor Games

Supporting Creative Confidence in a Musical Composition Workshop: Sound of Colour

SEE ME ROAR: Self-determination Enhanced Engagement for Math Education Relying On Augmented Reality

Productivity & Play: A First-Person Shooter for Fast and Easy Scene Design

Machine Learning for Personalized Challenges in a Gamified Sustainable Mobility Scenario

Sonora: Inclusive Voice Play For Children With Various Abilities

From Board Game to Digital Game: Designing a Mobile Game for Children to Learn About Invasive Species

Adding Interactivity to BalanSAR: a Spatial Augmented Reality Game for Balancing in Physical Education

The Drawbox Project: Open Ended Play Over a Distance

Experiment-Driven Development of a GWAP for Marking Segments in Text

Design Box Case Study: Facilitating Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Participatory Design in Game Developm

Designing Hybrid Games for Playful Fabrication: Augmentation, Accumulation & Idleness

Magia Transformo: Designing for Mixed Reality Transformative Play

MagicTorch: A Context-aware Projection System for Asymmetrical VR Games

POSTER SESSION: Poster Session: Player Experience

Playful Technology-Mediated Audience Participation in a Live Music Event

How Multidisciplinary is Gamification Research?: Results from a Scoping Review

Exploring the Role of Self-efficacy in Biofeedback Video Games

Trait Mindfulness and Player Experience

ShuttleKicker+: Designing Gamified Sonification to Augment the Physical Leisure Activity

Towards Computer-Aided Imagery in Sport and Exercise

Playability: A Game-Centric Definition

To Save or To Sacrifice?: Understanding Meaningful Choices in Games

Investigating Uncertainty in Digital Games and its Impact on Player Immersion

Ingestible Games: Swallowing a Digital Sensor to Play a Game

What can We Learn from Eye Tracking Boardgame Play?

Recommendations for Building Gamified Calibration Technologies for BCI Applications

Understanding Players' Experiences in Location-based Augmented Reality Mobile Games: A Case of Pokémon Go

MOBA as a Stage: Explaining Purchase Behavior through different Strategies of Self-Presentation

Toward Measuring Empathy in Virtual Reality

Emotional Robocoaster: An Exploration on Emotions, Research Methods and Introspection

Attributes of Ingress Gaming Locations Contributing to Players' Place Attachment


How to Do Gameful Design

SESSION: Student Game Design Competitiion

CatEscape: An Asymmetrical Multiplatform Game Connecting Virtual, Augmented and Physical World

ZenSketch: A Sketch-based Game For Improving Line Work

Through Pink and Blue Glasses: Designing a Dispositional Empathy Game Using Gender Stereotypes and Virtual Reality

The Pantheon of Dream: Playing with emergent and embedded narratives to increase player immersion

The Maze: Enabling Collaborative Planning in Games Through Annotation Interfaces

What Lurks in the Dark: An Audience Participation Horror Game

Guts Game: A Game using Ingestible Sensors

Angle Jungle: An Educational Game about Angles

WEARPG: Movement-Based Tabletop Role-Playing Game with Arm-Worn Devices and an Augmented Die

Project Hindsight: Seamless Interactive Film For Virtual Reality


Exploiting Players?: Critical Reflections on Participation in Game Development

Positive Gaming: Workshop on Gamification and Games for Wellbeing

Augmented Tabletop Games Workshop

Arguing on the Holodeck.: Designing Immersive Interactive Entertainment with Persuasive Intent

Games for the Assessment and Treatment of Mental Health