CHI PLAY '16- Proceedings of the 2016 Annual Symposium on Computer-Human Interaction in Play

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SESSION: Keynote Talks

Things I Wish Game Researchers Would Do (Or Do More): A View from an Occasional Scientist and Hardcore Gamer

The Gamer Motivation Profile: What We Learned From 250,000 Gamers

Play, Participation and Empowerment: Design strategies and dilemmas

SESSION: Session 1: Performance and Experience

Ranking Practices and Distinction in League of Legends

The Influence of Virtual Agents on Player Experience and Performance

Visualizations for Retrospective Analysis of Battles in Team-based Combat Games: A User Study

The Convergence of Player Experience Questionnaires

Do Field Dependence-Independence Differences of Game Players Affect Performance and Behaviour in Cultural Heritage Games?

Blood and Violence: Exploring the Impact of Gore in Violent Video Games

SESSION: Session 2: Enhancing Reality

2084 -- Safe New World: Designing Ubiquitous Interactions

Evaluating Display Modalities Using a Mixed Reality Game

Roles People Play: Key Roles Designed to Promote Participation and Learning in Alternate Reality Games

A Breathtaking Journey.: On the Design of an Empathy-Arousing Mixed-Reality Game

SESSION: Session 3: Purposeful Games

Say Cheese!: Games for Successful Academic and Student Networking

Trust Me: Social Games are Better than Social Icebreakers at Building Trust

Collaborative Solving in a Human Computing Game Using a Market, Skills and Challenges

Opening the Black Box of Play: Strategy Analysis of an Educational Game

SESSION: Session 4: New interactions

PAWdio: Hand Input for Mobile VR using Acoustic Sensing

Balance Ninja: Towards the Design of Digital Vertigo Games via Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation

The Emergence of EyePlay: A Survey of Eye Interaction in Games

Using Positive or Negative Reinforcement in Neurofeedback Games for Training Self-Regulation

Plant-based Games for Anxiety Reduction

Point & Teleport Locomotion Technique for Virtual Reality

SESSION: Session 5: Tools for Design

"Always a Tall Order": Values a nd Practices of Professiona Game Designers of Serious Games for Health

The Gamification User Types Hexad Scale

Towards a Taxonomy for the Clarification of PCG Actors' Roles

Playtesting with a Purpose

SESSION: Session 6: Rewarding Play

Reward Systems in Human Computation Games

"The Collecting Itself Feels Good": Towards Collection Interfaces for Digital Game Objects

The Motivational Push of Games: The Interplay of Intrinsic Motivation and External Rewards in Games for Training

Mining for Gold (and Platinum): PlayStation Network Data Mining

SESSION: Session 7: Playing Together

The Appeal of MOBA Games: What Makes People Start, Stay, and Stop

Crowd-Pleaser: Player Perspectives of Multiplayer Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment in Video Games

Does Helping Hurt?: Aiming Assistance and Skill Development in a First-Person Shooter Game

Leveraging Asymmetries in Multiplayer Games: Investigating Design Elements of Interdependent Play

SESSION: Session 8: Play

Playing at Planning: Game Design Patterns from Disaster Response Practice

Playification: The PhySeEar case

Squeezy Green Balls: Promoting Environmental Awareness through Playful Interactions

Designing Play to Support Hospitalized Children