CHI PLAY Companion '16- Proceedings of the 2016 Annual Symposium on Computer-Human Interaction in Play Companion Extended Abstracts

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SESSION: Doctoral Consortium

Social Experience in World of Warcraft: Technological and Ideological Mediations

Theory of Action Phases in Video Games: Effects of Deliberative and Implemental Mindset Differences in Video Game Design

The Spaces Between: Using Play to Situate the Social and the Technical in a Single Space

Effect Of Platform Type on Player Gaming Experience: An Investigation of Brain Games for Cognitive Performance Enhancement in Healthy Older Adults

Multi-Person Interaction: Enhancing Practices for Interactive Group Participation

SESSION: Student Games Competition

Bool the Miner: Relying on Ghost Companions to Solve Boolean Equations

INJUSTICE: Interactive Live Action Virtual Reality Experience

Arcaid: Addressing Situation Awareness and Simulator Sickness in a Virtual Reality Pac-Man Game

Torchless: Asymmetry in a Shared Screen Dungeon Crawler

World Of Riders: Exercising is Fun

CLEVER: A Trivia and Strategy Game for Enterprise Knowledge Learning

PLANET 10: A Space Odyssey

The Falling of Momo: A Myo-Electric Controlled Game to Support Research in Prosthesis Training

ABOVE WATER: An Educational Game for Anxiety

SESSION: Works-in-Progress

Exploring Human: eBike Interaction to Support Rider Autonomy

Exploring the Playfulness of Tools for Co-Designing Smart Connected Devices: A Case Study with Blind and Visually Impaired Students

Echo Chamber: A Persuasive Game on Climate Change Rhetoric

Guided Play: Automatic Stereotypical Behavior Analysis and Intervention during Play

The Effects of Delay on Game Actions: Moving Target Selection with a Mouse

An Adaptive Training Framework for Increasing Player Proficiency in Games and Simulations

Analysis of Popularity of Game Mods: A Case Study

CLEVER: Gamification and Enterprise Knowledge Learning

"It's Like I Would Die as Well": Gratifications of Fearful Game Experience

Informational, but not Intrinsically Motivating Gamification': Preliminary Findings

Lenses of Motivational Design for mHealth

Assessing Computational Thinking in Students' Game Designs

Can Videogame Players Inform Better Scientific Visualization'

Krinkle Cube: A Collaborative VR Game Using Natural Interaction

Toward a Cognitive Processing Theory of Player's Experience of Computer Mediated Environments

Design and Evaluation of a Dynamically Adaptive Fitness Game Environment for Children and Young Adolescents

Tracing the Development of a Haptically-enhanced Simulation for Teaching Phase Change

SmartBar: Refining a Capacitive-Enabled Spacebar for Gamers

The Effect of Game Tutorial: A Comparison Between Casual and Hardcore Gamers

Exploring the Effects of Gaze Awareness on Multiplayer Gameplay

Spatial Involvement in Training Mental Rotation with Minecraft

The Value of Rewards: Exploring World of Warcraft for Gamification Design

All the Feels: Introducing Biometric Data to Online Gameplay Streams

Towards Player-Centric Adaptivity: Interactions of Gameplay Behaviour and Player Traits in a Survival Game

Considering Diversity in Collaborative Video Game Design Work

Exploring the Behavior of the Player to Change the Course of a Game

The Winner Gives It All': Preliminary Results on The Role of Game Outcome on the Effectiveness of a Game for Change

Game-Based Myoelectric Training

Treehouse Dreams: A Game-Based Method for Eliciting Interview Data from Children

Heuristic Evaluation for Gameful Design

Initial Design Implications for Early Algebra Games

Design and Preliminary Validation of The Player Experience Inventory

Playing Support: Social Connectedness Amongst Male Videogame Players

Toward Human in the Loop Optimization Through Game-Based Experiments

Motivational Impacts and Sustainability Analysis of a Wearable-based Gamified Exercise and Fitness System

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop Summaries

Designing for Emotional Complexity in Games: The Interplay of Positive and Negative Affect

Fictional Game Elements: Critical Perspectives on Gamification Design