CHI '17- Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

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SESSION: Innovative Sensing

Electrick: Low-Cost Touch Sensing Using Electric Field Tomography

GhostID: Enabling Non-Persistent User Differentiation in Frequency-Division Capacitive Multi-Touch Sensors

Essence: Olfactory Interfaces for Unconscious Influence of Mood and Cognitive Performance

Group Touch: Distinguishing Tabletop Users in Group Settings via Statistical Modeling of Touch Pairs

SESSION: Interruptions and Email

What Makes Live Events Engaging on Facebook Live, Periscope, and Snapchat

Reducing Interruptions at Work: A Large-Scale Field Study of FlowLight

MyriadHub: Efficiently Scaling Personalized Email Conversations with Valet Crowdsourcing

"If a person is emailing you, it just doesn't make sense": Exploring Changing Consumer Behaviors in Email

SESSION: Learning to be Makers

'Maker' within Constraints: Exploratory Study of Young Learners using Arduino at a High School in India

'I Make, Therefore I Am': The Effects of Curriculum-Aligned Making on Children's Self-Identity

"It's a Bomb!" -- Material Literacy and Narratives of Making

MakerWear: A Tangible Approach to Interactive Wearable Creation for Children

SESSION: Mental Health

Self Harmony: Rethinking Hackathons to Design and Critique Digital Technologies for Those Affected by Self-Harm

Changing Moods: How Manual Tracking by Family Caregivers Improves Caring and Family Communication

Modeling and Understanding Visual Attributes of Mental Health Disclosures in Social Media

The Social Lives of Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury

SESSION: Perceptions of Visualizations

User-Guided Synthesis of Interactive Diagrams

Peripheral Popout: The Influence of Visual Angle and Stimulus Intensity on Popout Effects

Attention Allocation Aid for Visual Search

SESSION: Targets and Paths

Steering Through Sequential Linear Path Segments

Modeling User Performance on Curved Constrained Paths

Free the Hands! Enhanced Target Selection via a Variable-Friction Shoe

To Miss is Human: Information-Theoretic Rationale for Target Misses in Fitts' Law

SESSION: Technology & Adoption

Implications for Adoption

UX Design Innovation: Challenges for Working with Machine Learning as a Design Material

Technology Maintenance: A New Frame for Studying Poverty and Marginalization

SESSION: Telepresence and Robots

Someone to Read with: Design of and Experiences with an In-Home Learning Companion Robot for Reading

Robotic Telepresence at Scale

Movement Matters: Effects of Motion and Mimicry on Perception of Similarity and Closeness in Robot-Mediated Communication

A Simple Nod of the Head: The Effect of Minimal Robot Movements on Children's Perception of a Low-Anthropomorphic Robot

My Student is a Robot: How Schools Manage Telepresence Experiences for Students

SESSION: Authentication and Access Control

How Do System Administrators Resolve Access-Denied Issues in the Real World?

User Interactions and Permission Use on Android

Where Usability and Security Go Hand-in-Hand: Robust Gesture-Based Authentication for Mobile Systems

I'm too Busy to Reset my LinkedIn Password: On the Effectiveness of Password Reset Emails

SESSION: Cars and Automation

Priming Drivers before Handover in Semi-Autonomous Cars

Toward Measurement of Situation Awareness in Autonomous Vehicles

The Trouble with Autopilots: Assisted and Autonomous Driving on the Social Road

Understanding the Cost of Driving Trips

SESSION: Design Theory

Making Ritual Machines: The Mobile Phone as a Networked Material for Research Products

Products as Agents: Metaphors for Designing the Products of the IoT Age

Pause: A Multi-lifespan Design Mechanism

Interdependent Wearables (for Play): A Strong Concept for Design

How Methods Make Designers

SESSION: Fabrication via 3D Printing

Consumer to Creator: How Households Buy Furniture to Inform Design and Fabrication Interfaces

Stretching the Bounds of 3D Printing with Embedded Textiles

WeaveMesh: A Low-Fidelity and Low-Cost Prototyping Approach for 3D Models Created by Flexible Assembly

SESSION: Learning and Reading

A Framework for Speechreading Acquisition Tools

FLight: A Low-Cost Reading and Writing System for Economically Less-Privileged Visually-Impaired People Exploiting Ink-based Braille System

Teaching Language and Culture with a Virtual Reality Game

Identifying how Visually Impaired People Explore Raised-line Diagrams to Improve the Design of Touch Interfaces

SESSION: Robots at Work & Home

Sensing and Handling Engagement Dynamics in Human-Robot Interaction Involving Peripheral Computing Devices

Managing Uncertainty in Time Expressions for Virtual Assistants

Comparing Social Robot, Screen and Voice Interfaces for Smart-Home Control

SESSION: Self-tracking Mental Health

Self-tracking for Mental Wellness: Understanding Expert Perspectives and Student Experiences

"It's Definitely Been a Journey": A Qualitative Study on How Women with Eating Disorders Use Weight Loss Apps

Conflict in Comments: Learning but Lowering Perceptions, with Limits

Identification and Classification of Usage Patterns in Long-Term Activity Tracking

SESSION: Smartwatch Interactions and Displays

AirPanes: Two-Handed Around-Device Interaction for Pane Switching on Smartphones

Float: One-Handed and Touch-Free Target Selection on Smartwatches

COMPASS: Rotational Keyboard on Non-Touch Smartwatches

WatchThru: Expanding Smartwatch Displays with Mid-air Visuals and Wrist-worn Augmented Reality

Evaluation of Korean Text Entry Methods for Smartwatches

SESSION: Social & Collaborative Technologies

"WhatsApp is for family; Messenger is for friends": Communication Places in App Ecosystems

I Need Your Encouragement!: Requesting Supportive Comments on Social Media Reduces Test Anxiety

Goodbye Text, Hello Emoji: Mobile Communication on WeChat in China

A Kaleidoscope of Languages: When and How Non-Native English Speakers Shift between English and Their Native Language during Multilingual Teamwork

SESSION: Sustainability and Public Service

The (Un)sustainability of Imagined Future Information Societies

Means and Ends in Human-Computer Interaction: Sustainability through Disintermediation

Crowdfunding Platforms and the Design of Paying Publics

Reappropriating Hackathons: The Production Work of the CHI4Good Day of Service

SESSION: Understanding Data Visualization

Understanding Concept Maps: A Closer Look at How People Organise Ideas

Increasing Users' Confidence in Uncertain Data by Aggregating Data from Multiple Sources

Bottom-up vs. Top-down: Trade-offs in Efficiency, Understanding, Freedom and Creativity with InfoVis Tools

What Happened in my Home?: An End-User Development Approach for Smart Home Data Visualization

SESSION: Clinical Settings

Opportunities and Design Considerations for Peer Support in a Hospital Setting

Patient Strategies as Active Adaptation: Understanding Patient Behaviors During an Emergency Visit

Itchtector: A Wearable-based Mobile System for Managing Itching Conditions

SESSION: Digital Privacy & Security

Privacy, Security, and Surveillance in the Global South: A Study of Biometric Mobile SIM Registration in Bangladesh

Youth Perspectives on Critical Data Literacies

Where is the Digital Divide?: A Survey of Security, Privacy, and Socioeconomics

SESSION: Educational Assessment

A Unified Framework for Knowledge Assessment and Progression Analysis and Design

HOBIT: Hybrid Optical Bench for Innovative Teaching

PathViewer: Visualizing Pathways through Student Data

SESSION: Fabricating New Materials

WireFab: Mix-Dimensional Modeling and Fabrication for 3D Mesh Models

Digital Mechanical Metamaterials

Organic Primitives: Synthesis and Design of pH-Reactive Materials using Molecular I/O for Sensing, Actuation, and Interaction

Flexibles: Deformation-Aware 3D-Printed Tangibles for Capacitive Touchscreens

SESSION: Human Factors

SESSION: Motivation in Games

Towards Personality-driven Persuasive Health Games and Gamified Systems

Is Difficulty Overrated?: The Effects of Choice, Novelty and Suspense on Intrinsic Motivation in Educational Games

Why is This Happening to Me?: How Player Attribution can Broaden our Understanding of Player Experience

Keeping Users Engaged through Feature Updates: A Long-Term Study of Using Wearable-Based Exergames

SESSION: Self-Monitored Healthcare

Supporting the Self-Management of Chronic Pain Conditions with Tailored Momentary Self-Assessments

Supporting Self-Care of Adolescents with Nut Allergy Through Video and Mobile Educational Tools

SESSION: Toolkits and UIs

AVUI: Designing a Toolkit for Audiovisual Interfaces

Suggesting API Usage to Novice Programmers with the Example Guru

Toward Everyday Gaze Input: Accuracy and Precision of Eye Tracking and Implications for Design

Heat-Nav: Using Temperature Changes as Navigation Cues

CodePilot: Scaffolding End-to-End Collaborative Software Development for Novice Programmers

SESSION: Uniqueness of Geographic Information

Crowdsourcing GO: Effect of Worker Situation on Mobile Crowdsourcing Performance

Understanding: A Systematic Study of Catastrophic Incidents Associated with Personal Navigation Technologies

The Effect of Population and

The Geography of Pokémon GO: Beneficial and Problematic Effects on Places and Movement

SESSION: Visual Perception based Decisions

Empirical Analysis of the Subjective Impressions and Objective Measures of Domain Scientists' Visual Analytic Judgments

A Cognitive Model of How People Make Decisions Through Interaction with Visual Displays

Building with Data: Architectural Models as Inspiration for Data Physicalization

SESSION: All about Data

Variolite: Supporting Exploratory Programming by Data Scientists

The Trials and Tribulations of Working with Structured Data: -a Study on Information Seeking Behaviour

Same Stats, Different Graphs: Generating Datasets with Varied Appearance and Identical Statistics through Simulated Annealing

Inferring Cognitive Models from Data using Approximate Bayesian Computation

Effects of Frequency Distribution on Linear Menu Performance

SESSION: Design and Cognitive Impairment

DemYouth: Co-Designing and Enacting Tools to Support Young People's Engagement with People with Dementia

The Value of Experience-Centred Design Approaches in Dementia Research Contexts

Connecting Those That Care: Designing for Transitioning, Talking, Belonging and Escaping

Designing Game-Based Myoelectric Prosthesis Training

SESSION: Evaluating Visual Perceptions

Affective Color in Visualization

Explaining the Gap: Visualizing One's Predictions Improves Recall and Comprehension of Data

Regression by Eye: Estimating Trends in Bivariate Visualizations

Evaluating Perceptually Complementary Views for Network Exploration Tasks

SESSION: HCI/UX Education and Industry

How Design-inclusive UXR Influenced the Integration of Project Activities: Three Design Cases from Industry

Augmented Studio: Projection Mapping on Moving Body for Physiotherapy Education

Facilitating Development of Pragmatic Competence through a Voice-driven Video Learning Interface

Advancing UX Education: A Model for Integrated Studio Pedagogy

SESSION: Novel Game Interfaces

Bendtroller:: An Exploration of In-Game Action Mappings with a Deformable Game Controller

Inner Garden: Connecting Inner States to a Mixed Reality Sandbox for Mindfulness

Providing Haptics to Walls & Heavy Objects in Virtual Reality by Means of Electrical Muscle Stimulation

It wasn't really about the Pokémon: Parents' Perspectives on a Location-Based Mobile Game

SESSION: Novel Interfaces

Placing and Recalling Virtual Items on the Skin

FLIPPIN': Exploring a Paper-based Book UI Design in a Public Space

Designing Interactive Advertisements for Public Displays

SESSION: Players, Spectators, Communities

Don't Talk Dirty to Me: How Sexist Beliefs Affect Experience in Sexist Games

Understanding Gaming Perceptions and Experiences in a Women's College Community

Ways of Spectating: Unravelling Spectator Participation in Kinect Play

Expanding Video Game Live-Streams with Enhanced Communication Channels: A Case Study

"These are not my hands!": Effect of Gender on the Perception of Avatar Hands in Virtual Reality

SESSION: Smart Monitoring in Physical Spaces

Looking Inside the Wires: Understanding Museum Visitor Learning with an Augmented Circuit Exhibit

Log it While it's Hot: Designing Human Interaction with Smart Thermostats for Shared Work Environments

Community-Empowered Air Quality Monitoring System

The Catch(es) with Smart Home: Experiences of a Living Lab Field Study

SESSION: Social Computing and Health

A Social Media Based Index of Mental Well-Being in College Campuses

When Fitness Meets Social Networks: Investigating Fitness Tracking and Social Practices on WeRun

"Be Grateful You Don't Have a Real Disease": Understanding Rare Disease Relationships

When Personal Tracking Becomes Social: Examining the Use of Instagram for Healthy Eating

SESSION: Supporting Local Space

Participatory Media: Creating Spaces for Storytelling in Neighbourhood Planning

Block Party: Synchronized Planning and Navigation Views for Neighbourhood Expeditions

Designing for Cohabitation: Naturecultures, Hybrids, and Decentering the Human in Design

Stranger Searching in a Strange Land: The Impact of Familiarity on Local Search

SESSION: Temperature Interfaces

Ambiotherm: Enhancing Sense of Presence in Virtual Reality by Simulating Real-World Environmental Conditions

Multi-moji: Combining Thermal, Vibrotactile & Visual Stimuli to Expand the Affective Range of Feedback

The Heat is On: A Temperature Display for Conveying Affective Feedback

Exploring Novice Approaches to Smartphone-based Thermographic Energy Auditing: A Field Study

SESSION: Behavior in Online Communities

"People Are Either Too Fake or Too Real": Opportunities and Challenges in Tie-Based Anonymity

SESSION: Connect, Move, Touch, Build

Environment-Scale Fabrication: Replicating Outdoor Climbing Experiences

Why Tangibility Matters: A Design Case Study of At-Risk Children Learning to Read and Spell

WeBuild: Automatically Distributing Assembly Tasks Among Collocated Workers to Improve Coordination

Pressure-Based Gain Factor Control for Mobile 3D Interaction using Locally-Coupled Devices

SESSION: Crowd-powered Systems

The Effect of Peripheral Micro-tasks on Crowd Ideation

Respeak: A Voice-based, Crowd-powered Speech Transcription System

Subcontracting Microwork

Scalable Annotation of Fine-Grained Categories Without Experts

The Effect of Performance Feedback on Social Media Sharing at Volunteer-Based Online Experiment Platforms

SESSION: Gesture as Input

Toward Realistic Hands Gesture Interface: Keeping it Simple for Developers and Machines

Memory in Motion: The Influence of Gesture- and Touch-Based Input Modalities on Spatial Memory

EarFieldSensing: A Novel In-Ear Electric Field Sensing to Enrich Wearable Gesture Input through Facial Expressions

EchoFlex: Hand Gesture Recognition using Ultrasound Imaging

SESSION: Human Performance Gaming

Virtuosos on the Screen: Playing Virtual Characters Like Instruments in Competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee

Designing Leaderboards for Gamification: Perceived Differences Based on User Ranking, Application Domain, and Personality Traits

Inferring Motion Direction using Commodity Wi-Fi for Interactive Exergames

Be Me or Be Mii?: A Study of Self-Presentation and Interaction in the Miitomo Mobile Application

Why Players use Pings and Annotations in Dota 2

SESSION: Interdisciplinary Techniques

Unpacking Visible Light Communication as a Material for Design

Tobiko: A Contact Array for Self-Configuring, Surface-Powered Sensors

Live Physiological Sensing and Visualization Ecosystems: An Activity Theory Analysis

Thin Grey Lines: Confrontations With Risk on Colorado's Front Range

Deconstructing Cosmetic Virtual Goods Experiences in Dota 2

Shift+Tap or Tap+LongPress?: The Upper Bound of Typing Speed on InScript

SESSION: It Could Be This Way

Evaluation of Prototypes and the Problem of Possible Futures

Situated Dissemination through an HCI Workplace

A Survey of the Trajectories Conceptual Framework: Investigating Theory Use in HCI

ProtoMold: An Interactive Vacuum Forming System for Rapid Prototyping

SESSION: Methods and Theories

Extracting Gait Velocity and Stride Length from Surrounding Radio Signals

Personas and Behavioral Theories: A Case Study Using Self-Determination Theory to Construct Overweight Personas

SESSION: Perspectives on Cognitive Impairment

Designing for the "Universe of One": Personalized Interactive Media Systems for People with the Severe Cognitive Impairment Associated with Rett Syndrome

Supporting People with Dementia in Digital Social Sharing

Care and Connect: Exploring Dementia-Friendliness Through an Online Community Commissioning Platform

A Critical Lens on Dementia and Design in HCI

SESSION: Precautionary Behaviors

Stories from Survivors: Privacy & Security Practices when Coping with Intimate Partner Abuse

Self-Confidence Trumps Knowledge: A Cross-Cultural Study of Security Behavior

What Do We Really Know about How Habituation to Warnings Occurs Over Time?: A Longitudinal fMRI Study of Habituation and Polymorphic Warnings

Can People Self-Report Security Accurately?: Agreement Between Self-Report and Behavioral Measures

Toward Harmonizing Self-reported and Logged Social Data for Understanding Human Behavior

SESSION: Second Screen

HeartChat: Heart Rate Augmented Mobile Chat to Support Empathy and Awareness

"I've been manipulated!": Designing Second Screen Experiences for Critical Viewing of Reality TV

Interaction with a TV Companion App as Synopsis and Supplement

Social Printers: A Physical Social Network for Political Debates

SESSION: Civic Technology

A City in Common: A Framework to Orchestrate Large-scale Citizen Engagement around Urban Issues

Creating a Sociotechnical API: Designing City-Scale Community Engagement

Empowered Participation: How Citizens Use Technology in Local Governance

Community Conversational: Supporting and Capturing Political Deliberation in Local Consultation Processes

SESSION: Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing

Revolt: Collaborative Crowdsourcing for Labeling Machine Learning Datasets

VoxPL: Programming with the Wisdom of the Crowd

Embedding a Crowd inside a Relay Baton: A Case Study in a Non-Competitive Sporting Activity

Prioritizing Flexibility and Intangibles: Medical Crowdfunding for Stigmatized Individuals

Understanding the Effects of Endorsements in Scientific Crowdfunding

SESSION: Designing for the Workplace Designing a Workflow-Based Scheduling Agent with Humans in the Loop

Conversational Chat Circles: Being All Here Without Having to Hear It All

A Predictive Model of Emergency Physician Task Resumption Following Interruptions

Undertanding and Detecting Divided Attention in Mobile MOOC Learning

SESSION: Designing Haptic Interfaces

PinPad: Touchpad Interaction with Fast and High-Resolution Tactile Output

Agency in Mid-air Interfaces

Frozen Suit: Designing a Changeable Stiffness Suit and its Application to Haptic Games

Haptic-Enabled Handheld Mobile Robots: Design and Analysis

SESSION: Exertion, Sport, Bodies

A Thing of Beauty: Steering Behavior in an Interactive Playground

Five Lenses for Designing Exertion Experiences

Recording and Sharing Non-Visible Information on Body Movement while Skateboarding

The Pokémon GO Experience: A Location-Based Augmented Reality Mobile Game Goes Mainstream

SESSION: Human Computer Integration

Manifesting the Cyborg through Techno-Body Modification: From Human-Computer Interaction to Integration

Factors in Fairness and Emotion in Online Case Resolution Systems

Us vs. Them: Understanding Artificial Intelligence Technophobia over the Google DeepMind Challenge Match

SESSION: Improving Gaze Mechanisms

Tell Me Where to Look: Investigating Ways for Assisting Focus in 360° Video

ScreenGlint: Practical, In-situ Gaze Estimation on Smartphones

Improving Dwell-Based Gaze Typing with Dynamic, Cascading Dwell Times

Looking Coordinated: Bidirectional Gaze Mechanisms for Collaborative Interaction with Virtual Characters

SESSION: Innovative Fabrication Techniques

Pineal: Bringing Passive Objects to Life with Embedded Mobile Devices

CalibMe: Fast and Unsupervised Eye Tracker Calibration for Gaze-Based Pervasive Human-Computer Interaction

TrussFab: Fabricating Sturdy Large-Scale Structures on Desktop 3D Printers

StretchEBand: Enabling Fabric-based Interactions through Rapid Fabrication of Textile Stretch Sensors

SESSION: Intelligent Visualization Systems

GraphScape: A Model for Automated Reasoning about Visualization Similarity and Sequencing

GIAnT: Visualizing Group Interaction at Large Wall Displays

Voyager 2: Augmenting Visual Analysis with Partial View Specifications

TouchPivot: Blending WIMP & Post-WIMP Interfaces for Data Exploration on Tablet Devices

SESSION: Mindfulness and Reflection

A Framework for Interactive Mindfulness Meditation Using Attention-Regulation Process

Designing Digital Mindfulness: Presence-In and Presence-With versus Presence-Through

Reflective Practicum: A Framework of Sensitising Concepts to Design for Transformative Reflection

mHealth for Maternal Mental Health: Everyday Wisdom in Ethical Design

SESSION: Supporting Low Resource Communities

Uncovering the Values and Constraints of Real-time Ridesharing for Low-resource Populations

Supporting Community Health Workers in India through Voice- and Web-Based Feedback

We Play We Learn: Exploring the Value of Digital Educational Games in Rural Egypt

Sidestepping the Elephant in the Classroom: Using Culturally Localized Technology To Teach Around Taboos

SESSION: Technology Augmented Driving

What Can Be Predicted from Six Seconds of Driver Glances?

Using Advisory 3D Sound Cues to Improve Drivers' Performance and Situation Awareness

Designing Gamified Applications that Make Safe Driving More Engaging

Tunneled In: Drivers with Active Secondary Tasks Need More Time to Transition from Automation

An Evaluation of Input Controls for In-Car Interactions

SESSION: Autism, disabilities and assistive technology

When Empathy Is Not Enough: Assessing the Experiences of Autistic Children with Technologies

ProCom: Designing and Evaluating a Mobile and Wearable System to Support Proximity Awareness for People with Autism

Smartphone-Based Gaze Gesture Communication for People with Motor Disabilities

Exploring the Design Space of AAC Awareness Displays

SESSION: Big Data Intelligent Visualization Systems

Trust, but Verify: Optimistic Visualizations of Approximate Queries for Exploring Big Data

iSphere: Focus+Context Sphere Visualization for Interactive Large Graph Exploration

TagRefinery: A Visual Tool for Tag Wrangling

TopoGroups: Context-Preserving Visual Illustration of Multi-Scale Spatial Aggregates

SESSION: Data as Design Material

A Design Perspective on Data

Bitbarista: Exploring Perceptions of Data Transactions in the Internet of Things

Centralized, Parallel, and Distributed Information Processing during Collective Sensemaking

Quietto: An Interactive Timepiece Molded in Concrete and Milled Wood

Locked or Not?: Mental Models of IoT Feature Interaction

SESSION: Designing Gaze-based Gestures and Features

Robust Gaze Features for Enabling Language Proficiency Awareness

A Multifaceted Study on Eye Contact based Speaker Identification in Three-party Conversations

Supporting Making Fixations and the Effect on Gaze Gesture Performance

GazeEverywhere: Enabling Gaze-only User Interaction on an Unmodified Desktop PC in Everyday Scenarios

SESSION: Enabling Healthy Behaviors

Trajectories of Engagement and Disengagement with a Story-Based Smoking Cessation App

Lessons from Practice: Designing Tools to Facilitate Individualized Support for Quitting Smoking

Toward Usable Evidence: Optimizing Knowledge Accumulation in HCI Research on Health Behavior Change

SESSION: Haptics on Skin

Investigating Haptic Perception of and Physiological Responses to Air Vortex Rings on a User's Cheek

SkinMarks: Enabling Interactions on Body Landmarks Using Conformal Skin Electronics

tactoRing: A Skin-Drag Discrete Display

Fingertip Tactile Devices for Virtual Object Manipulation and Exploration

BrushTouch: Exploring an Alternative Tactile Method for Wearable Haptics

SESSION: HCI and Collective Action

HCI, Solidarity Movements and the Solidarity Economy

Environmental Protection and Agency: Motivations, Capacity, and Goals in Participatory Sensing

Providing Online Crisis Information: An Analysis of Official Sources during the 2014 Carlton Complex Wildfire

"Algorithms ruin everything": #RIPTwitter, Folk Theories, and Resistance to Algorithmic Change in Social Media

SESSION: Online Content

The Bag of Communities: Identifying Abusive Behavior Online with Preexisting Internet Data

PersaLog: Personalization of News Article Content

You Want Me to Work with Who?: Stakeholder Perceptions of Automated Team Formation in Project-based Courses

Multimodal Classification of Moderated Online Pro-Eating Disorder Content

SESSION: Pens, Ink, Input

WritLarge: Ink Unleashed by Unified Scope, Action, & Zoom

As We May Ink?: Learning from Everyday Analog Pen Use to Improve Digital Ink Experiences

Thumb + Pen Interaction on Tablets

Experimental Analysis of Mode Switching Techniques in Touch-based User Interfaces

SESSION: Sensing and Input

ForceEdge: Controlling Autoscroll on Both Desktop and Mobile Computers Using the Force

Finding Common Ground: A Survey of Capacitive Sensing in Human-Computer Interaction

bioSync: A Paired Wearable Device for Blending Kinesthetic Experience

Modeling Cumulative Arm Fatigue in Mid-Air Interaction based on Perceived Exertion and Kinetics of Arm Motion

SESSION: Social Justice

Women's Safety in Public Spaces: Examining the Efficacy of Panic Buttons in New Delhi

Technologies and Social Justice Outcomes in Sex Work Charities: Fighting Stigma, Saving Lives

A Human-Centered Approach to Algorithmic Services: Considerations for Fair and Motivating Smart Community Service Management that Allocates Donations to Non-Profit Organizations

Class Confessions: Restorative Properties in Online Experiences of Socioeconomic Stigma

SESSION: Wild Methods

Activitity as the Ultimate Particular of Interaction Design

Intuition in Design: Reflections on the Iterative Aesthetics of Form

Understanding Public Evaluation: Quantifying Experimenter Intervention

Challenges in Public Display Deployments: A Taxonomy of External Factors

SESSION: Chatbot Interfaces

Typefaces and the Perception of Humanness in Natural Language Chatbots

"Could You Define That in Bot Terms"?: Requesting, Creating and Using Bots on Reddit

Response Times when Interpreting Artificial Subtle Expressions are Shorter than with Human-like Speech Sounds

A New Chatbot for Customer Service on Social Media

SESSION: Collaborative Crowdwork

CrowdVerge: Predicting If People Will Agree on the Answer to a Visual Question

Flash Organizations: Crowdsourcing Complex Work by Structuring Crowds As Organizations

Facilitating Pervasive Community Policing on the Road with Mobile Roadwatch

ReTool: Interactive Microtask and Workflow Design through Demonstration

SESSION: Contextual Smartwatch Use

Always On(line)?: User Experience of Smartwatches and their Role within Multi-Device Ecologies

Quantifying Sources and Types of Smartwatch Usage Sessions

Situating Wearables: Smartwatch Use in Context

BreakSense: Combining Physiological and Location Sensing to Promote Mobility during Work-Breaks

SESSION: Data Culture

Disempowered by Data: Nonprofits, Social Enterprises, and the Consequences of Data-Driven Work

Scratch Community Blocks: Supporting Children as Data Scientists

Supporting the Use of User Generated Content in Journalistic Practice

How Data Workers Cope with Uncertainty: A Task Characterisation Study

SESSION: Fabrication and DIY

Cardboard Machine Kit: Modules for the Rapid Prototyping of Rapid Prototyping Machines

Printflatables: Printing Human-Scale, Functional and Dynamic Inflatable Objects

Sketching CuddleBits: Coupled Prototyping of Body and Behaviour for an Affective Robot Pet

WireDraw: 3D Wire Sculpturing Guided with Mixed Reality

SESSION: FnT: Personal Fabrication

SESSION: Haptic Feedback

Sparkle: Hover Feedback with Touchable Electric Arcs

Sparse Haptic Proxy: Touch Feedback in Virtual Environments Using a General Passive Prop

HapticHead: A Spherical Vibrotactile Grid around the Head for 3D Guidance in Virtual and Augmented Reality

Passive yet Expressive TouchTokens

Enhancing Pen-based Interaction using Electrovibration and Vibration Haptic Feedback

SESSION: Passwords and Authentication

Stay Cool! Understanding Thermal Attacks on Mobile-based User Authentication

Thumprint: Socially-Inclusive Local Group Authentication Through Shared Secret Knocks

Design and Evaluation of a Data-Driven Password Meter

Can Unicorns Help Users Compare Crypto Key Fingerprints?

SESSION: Social Media Privacy

FDVT: Data Valuation Tool for Facebook Users

Characterizing Social Insider Attacks on Facebook

Photo Privacy Conflicts in Social Media: A Large-scale Empirical Study

Towards Understanding Differential Privacy: When Do People Trust Randomized Response Technique?

Was my message read?: Privacy and Signaling on Facebook Messenger

SESSION: Technology & Spatial Landmarks

The Effects of Artificial Landmarks on Learning and Performance in Spatial-Memory Interfaces

Studying Space Use: Bringing HCI Tools to Architectural Projects

Locating the Internet in the Parks of Havana

SESSION: Wearable Technology

TriTap: Identifying Finger Touches on Smartwatches

WatchSense: On- and Above-Skin Input Sensing through a Wearable Depth Sensor

Supporting Everyday Function in Chronic Pain Using Wearable Technology

SoPhy: A Wearable Technology for Lower Limb Assessment in Video Consultations of Physiotherapy

SESSION: Camera-based Tracking

EagleSense: Tracking People and Devices in Interactive Spaces using Real-Time Top-View Depth-Sensing

Interactive Visual Calibration of Volumetric Head-Tracked 3D Displays

Changing the Appearance of Real-World Objects By Modifying Their Surroundings

HeadPhones: Ad Hoc Mobile Multi-Display Environments through Head Tracking

SESSION: Ubiquitous Sensing

Zensei: Embedded, Multi-electrode Bioimpedance Sensing for Implicit, Ubiquitous User Recognition

Synthetic Sensors: Towards General-Purpose Sensing

Deus EM Machina: On-Touch Contextual Functionality for Smart IoT Appliances

Seeing, Sensing and Recognizing Laban Movement Qualities

SESSION: Experiences with Virtual Reality

ShareVR: Enabling Co-Located Experiences for Virtual Reality between HMD and Non-HMD Users

CarVR: Enabling In-Car Virtual Reality Entertainment

Effects of Sharing Physiological States of Players in a Collaborative Virtual Reality Gameplay

VRRRRoom: Virtual Reality for Radiologists in the Reading Room

Handsfree Omnidirectional VR Navigation using Head Tilt

SESSION: Food & Nutrition

Rice Today, Roti Tomorrow: Diets and Diabetes in Urban Indian Households

Monster Appetite: Effects of Subversive Framing on Nutritional Choices in a Digital Game Environment

The Role of Explanations in Casual Observational Learning about Nutrition

SESSION: Impaired Vision and Navigation

Audible Beacons and Wearables in Schools: Helping Young Visually Impaired Children Play and Move Independently

Embracing Errors: Examining How Context of Use Impacts Blind Individuals' Acceptance of Navigation Aid Errors

Understanding Low Vision People's Visual Perception on Commercial Augmented Reality Glasses

Synthesizing Stroke Gestures Across User Populations: A Case for Users with Visual Impairments

SESSION: Innovative Text Entry Systems

Investigating Tilt-based Gesture Keyboard Entry for Single-Handed Text Entry on Large Devices

Modelling Learning of New Keyboard Layouts

Word Clarity as a Metric in Sampling Keyboard Test Sets

Quantifying Aversion to Costly Typing Errors in Expert Mobile Text Entry

SESSION: Models of Use and Gestures

High Costs and Small Benefits: A Field Study of How Users Experience Operating System Upgrades

Understanding Shoulder Surfing in the Wild: Stories from Users and Observers

Fieldward and Pathward: Dynamic Guides for Defining Your Own Gestures

Gesture Interfaces: Minor Change in Effort, Major Impact on Appeal

MoveMeant: Anonymously Building Community Through Shared Location Histories

SESSION: Sound of Music

MuEns: A Multimodal Human-Machine Music Ensemble for Live Concert Performance

Playing Fast and Loose with Music Recognition

Holographic Whisper: Rendering Audible Sound Spots in Three-dimensional Space by Focusing Ultrasonic Waves

EnseWing: Creating an Instrumental Ensemble Playing Experience for Children with Limited Music Training

SESSION: Technology Enabled Commerce

Market Design for HCI: Successes and Failures of Peer-to-Peer Exchange Platforms

Community Commerce: Facilitating Trust in Mom-to-Mom Sale Groups on Facebook

No Such Thing as Too Much Chocolate: Evidence Against Choice Overload in E-Commerce

Why Users Disintermediate Peer-to-Peer Marketplaces

SESSION: Unusual Displays

MistForm: Adaptive Shape Changing Fog Screens

The Object Inside: Assessing 3D Examination with a Spherical Handheld Perspective-Corrected Display

Visual Composition of Graphical Elements on Non-Rectangular Displays

Effects of Tactile Feedback on the Perception of Virtual Shapes on Non-Planar DisplayObjects

BreathScreen: Design and Evaluation of an Ephemeral UI

SESSION: User Perceptions in Sociotechnical Systems

Foreign-language Reviews: Help or Hindrance?

Getting Something for Nothing?: A User-Centric Perspective on Loyalty Card Schemes

Online Feedback Exchange: A Framework for Understanding the Socio-Psychological Factors

SESSION: 360 Video

The Geometry of Storytelling: Theatrical Use of Space for 360-degree Videos and Virtual Reality

Tap, Dwell or Gesture?: Exploring Head-Based Text Entry Techniques for HMDs

Videos of Things: Speculating on, Anticipating and Synthesizing Technological Mediations

Watching 360° Videos Together

SESSION: Civic Engagement

Revisiting The American Voter on Twitter

Managing Uncertainty: Using Social Media for Risk Assessment during a Public Health Crisis

Theory-Driven Collocated CMC: A Study of Collocated Mediated Interaction as a Public Sphere

SESSION: Cross Device Interaction

Is Two Enough?: ! Studying Benefits, Barriers, and Biases of Multi-Tablet Use for Collaborative Visualization

LetsPic: Supporting In-situ Collaborative Photography over a Large Physical Space

XDBrowser 2.0: Semi-Automatic Generation of Cross-Device Interfaces

SESSION: Crowdwork

Low-Wage Precarious Workers' Sociotechnical Practices Working Towards Addressing Wage Theft

Examining Crowd Work and Gig Work Through The Historical Lens of Piecework

Leveraging Complementary Contributions of Different Workers for Efficient Crowdsourcing of Video Captions

Critique Style Guide: Improving Crowdsourced Design Feedback with a Natural Language Model

SESSION: Improving Touch Interfaces

ProbUI: Generalising Touch Target Representations to Enable Declarative Gesture Definition for Probabilistic GUIs

BackXPress: Using Back-of-Device Finger Pressure to Augment Touchscreen Input on Smartphones

Improving Gesture Recognition Accuracy on Touch Screens for Users with Low Vision

Understanding Grip Shifts: How Form Factors Impact Hand Movements on Mobile Phones

SESSION: Innovative Input Techniques

Structured Input Improves Usability and Precision for Solving Geometry-based Algebraic Problems

Genie: Input Retargeting on the Web through Command Reverse Engineering

IconHK: Using Toolbar button Icons to Communicate Keyboard Shortcuts

Mouse, Tactile, and Tangible Input for 3D Manipulation

SESSION: Markets in the Global South

Market Practices and the Bazaar: Technology Consumption in ICT Markets in the Global South

Cinehacking Cape Town - Embracing Informality in Pursuit of High Quality Media

Informality and Invisibility: Traditional Technologies as Tools for Collaboration in an Informal Market

From Margins to Seams: Imbrication, Inclusion, and Torque in the Aadhaar Identification Project

SESSION: Performative Interactions

Performing Research: Four Contributions to HCI

MagicFace: Stepping into Character through an Augmented Reality Mirror

Interactive Performance as a Means of Civic Dialogue

The Game of Performing Play: Understanding Streaming as Cultural Production

SESSION: Serious + Educational + Exer Games

Finding the Right Fit: Understanding Health Tracking in Workplace Wellness Programs

Mastery Learning of Second Language through Asynchronous Modeling of Native Speakers in a Collaborative Mobile Game

Misrepresentation of Health Research in Exertion Games Literature

Teaching Programming with Gamified Semantics

SESSION: Technology in Households

Investigating the Suitability of the Asynchronous, Remote, Community-based Method for Pregnant and New Mothers

Has Instagram Fundamentally Altered the 'Family Snapshot'?

Internet Search Roles of Adults in their Homes

Understanding the Role of Human Senses in Interactive Meditation

Gender Norms and Attitudes about Childcare Activities Presented on Father Blogs

SESSION: Textures and Haptics

WAVES: A Wearable Asymmetric Vibration Excitation System for Presenting Three-Dimensional Translation and Rotation Cues

Magnetic Plotter: A Macrotexture Design Method Using Magnetic Rubber Sheets

Generating Haptic Textures with a Vibrotactile Actuator

Localized Haptic Texture: A Rendering Technique based on Taxels for High Density Tactile Feedback

SESSION: Design and Games

Supporting Easy Physical-to-Virtual Creation of Mobile VR Maze Games: A New Genre

The UX of Avatar Customization

To Three or not to Three: Improving Human Computation Game Onboarding with a Three-Star System

SESSION: Design Frameworks

What Is Interaction?

Beyond Grids: Interactive Graphical Substrates to Structure Digital Layout

Expressive Fused Deposition Modeling by Controlling Extruder Height and Extrusion Amount

shiftIO: Reconfigurable Tactile Elements for Dynamic Affordances and Mobile Interaction

SESSION: Difficulty and Challenge in Games

A Good Reason to Die: How Avatar Death and High Challenges Enable Positive Experiences

How Human Am I?: EEG-based Evaluation of Virtual Characters

Testing Incremental Difficulty Design in Platformer Games

EngageMeter: A System for Implicit Audience Engagement Sensing Using Electroencephalography

Can I Think of Something Else when Using a BCI?: Cognitive Demand of an SSVEP-based BCI

"Not another Z piece!": Adaptive Difficulty in TETRIS

SESSION: Embodied Interaction

The World-as-Support: Embodied Exploration, Understanding and Meaning-Making of the Augmented World

Extending the Body for Interaction with Reality

Embodied Design Ideation Methods: Analysing the Power of Estrangement

Designing for Kinesthetic Awareness: Revealing User Experiences through Second-Person Inquiry

SESSION: Emerging Privacy

Chameleon Devices: Investigating More Secure and Discreet Mobile Interactions via Active Camouflaging

Toys that Listen: A Study of Parents, Children, and Internet-Connected Toys

Better the Devil You Know: Exposing the Data Sharing Practices of Smartphone Apps

Parents? and Children?s Preferences about Parents Sharing about Children on Social Media

Challenges of using Personal Data to Drive Personalised Electronic Programme Guides

SESSION: Family Health

Reflective Informatics Through Family Storytelling: Self-discovering Physical Activity Predictors

Supporting Families in Reviewing and Communicating about Radiology Imaging Studies

How Values Shape Collaboration Between Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions and Spousal Caregivers

SESSION: Improving Video Communication

Through the Looking Glass: The Effects of Feedback on Self-Awareness and Conversational Behaviour during Video Chat

Gestures From the Point of View of an Audience: Towards Anticipatable Interaction of Presenters With 3D Content.

Showing Objects: Holding and Manipulating Artefacts in Video-mediated Collaborative Settings

ThirdEye: Simple Add-on Display to Represent Remote Participant's Gaze Direction in Video Communication

FaceShare: Mirroring with Pseudo-Smile Enriches Video Chat Communications

SESSION: Online and On-the-go

Squeezeback: Pneumatic Compression for Notifications

Cito: An Actuated Smartwatch for Extended Interactions

How Busy Are You?: Predicting the Interruptibility Intensity of Mobile Users

Demand Around the Clock: Time Use and Data Demand of Mobile Devices in Everyday Life

SESSION: Speculation & Storytelling

Reworking the Gaps between Design and Ethnography

On Speculative Enactments

Research Fiction: Storytelling, Plot and Design

Intersectional HCI: Engaging Identity through Gender, Race, and Class

SESSION: Virtual Reality

Vremiere: In-Headset Virtual Reality Video Editing

"They're Just Tixel Pits, Man": Disputing the 'Reality' of Virtual Reality Pornography through the Story Completion Method

ThermoVR: Exploring Integrated Thermal Haptic Feedback with Head Mounted Displays

Efficient Typing on a Visually Occluded Physical Keyboard

SESSION: Visualization for the People

Showing People Behind Data: Does Anthropomorphizing Visualizations Elicit More Empathy for Human Rights Data?

Narratives in Crowdsourced Evaluation of Visualizations: A Double-Edged Sword?

Visualization Literacy at Elementary School

Finding Similar People to Guide Life Choices: Challenge, Design, and Evaluation

SESSION: Classroom Tools

Better Organization or a Source of Distraction?: Introducing Digital Peer Feedback to a Paper-Based Classroom

Group Spinner: Recognizing and Visualizing Learning in the Classroom for Reflection, Communication, and Planning

ViVo: Video-Augmented Dictionary for Vocabulary Learning

From in the Class or in the Wild?: Peers Provide Better Design Feedback Than External Crowds

SESSION: Finger and Pen

Collection Objects: Enabling Fluid Formation and Manipulation of Aggregate Selections

IllumiPaper: Illuminated Interactive Paper

Does Practice Make Perfect?

MarkPad: Augmenting Touchpads for Command Selection

SESSION: Interactions in Virtual Reality

Experimental Evaluation of Sketching on Surfaces in VR

I Am The Passenger: How Visual Motion Cues Can Influence Sickness For In-Car VR

VaiR: Simulating 3D Airflows in Virtual Reality

SESSION: Mobility and Navigation in Many Forms

Collaborative Map Making: A Reflexive Method for Understanding Matters of Concern in Design Research

Toward Principles for the Design of Navigation Affordances in Code Editors: An Empirical Investigation

Follow-My-Lead: Intuitive Indoor Path Creation and Navigation Using Interactive Videos

Mobility in Later Life: Appropriation of an Integrated Transportation Platform

SESSION: Participant Design with Children

Gains from Participatory Design Team Membership as Perceived by Child Alumni and their Parents

Examining Adult-Child Interactions in Intergenerational Participatory Design

Participatory Evaluation with Autistic Children

Co-Designing with Preschoolers Using Fictional Inquiry and Comicboarding

SESSION: Patient-generated Data in the Clinic

Making Space for the Quality Care: Opportunities for Technology in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia

Prescribing 10,000 Steps Like Aspirin: Designing a Novel Interface for Data-Driven Medical Consultations

Crafting a View of Self-Tracking Data in the Clinical Visit

What Happens to Digital Feedback?: Studying the Use of a Feedback Capture Platform by Care Organisations

SESSION: Personal Object Recognizers: Feasibility and Challenges

Facade: Auto-generating Tactile Interfaces to Appliances

People with Visual Impairment Training Personal Object Recognizers: Feasibility and Challenges

Jackknife: A Reliable Recognizer with Few Samples and Many Modalities

Ubiquitous Accessibility for People with Visual Impairments: Are We There Yet?

SESSION: Spatial Manipulation and Navigation

BIGnav: Bayesian Information Gain for Guiding Multiscale Navigation

Design and Evaluation of a Handheld-based 3D User Interface for Collaborative Object Manipulation

TDome: A Touch-Enabled 6DOF Interactive Device for Multi-Display Environments

A Field Experiment of Spatially-Stable Overviews for Document Navigation

SESSION: Technology Use Around the Globe

Imagined Connectivities: Synthesized Conceptions of Public Wi-Fi in Urban India

Agency in Assistive Technology Adoption: Visual Impairment and Smartphone Use in Bangalore

Money, God, and SMS: Explorations in Supporting Social Action Through a Bangladeshi Mosque

Negotiating Absent Practices and Dormant Features: Discourse as a Means of Shaping the Implementation of a Global Enterprise System to Meet Local Work Culture

SESSION: What Things Look Like

Hybrid HFR Depth: Fusing Commodity Depth and Color Cameras to Achieve High Frame Rate, Low Latency Depth Camera Interactions

Understanding the Aesthetic Evolution of Websites: Towards a Notion of Design Periods

Understanding Blind People's Experiences with Computer-Generated Captions of Social Media Images

Time Travel with One Click: Effects of Digital Filters on Perceptions of Photographs

SESSION: Accessibility

ForgetMeNot: Active Reminder Entry Support for Adults with Acquired Brain Injury

Interaction Proxies for Runtime Repair and Enhancement of Mobile Application Accessibility

SUGILITE: Creating Multimodal Smartphone Automation by Demonstration

Automated Detection of Facial Expressions during Computer-Assisted Instruction in Individuals on the Autism Spectrum

Comparing Touchscreen and Mouse Input Performance by People With and Without Upper Body Motor Impairments

SESSION: Cultural Heritage

Designing Cultural Values into Interaction

Kinecting with Orangutans: Zoo Visitors' Empathetic Responses to Animals? Use of Interactive Technology

Reconsidering Nature: The Dialectics of Fair Chase in the Practices of American Midwest Hunters

Exploring Seasonality in Mobile Cultural Heritage

Where No One Has Gone Before: A Meta-Dataset of the World's Largest Fanfiction Repository

SESSION: Explorative Engineering

Illumination Aesthetics: Light as a Creative Material within Computational Design

Transformative Appetite: Shape-Changing Food Transforms from 2D to 3D by Water Interaction through Cooking

Emotion Actuator: Embodied Emotional Feedback through Electroencephalography and Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Understanding the Role Fluidity of Stakeholders During Assistive Technology Research "In the Wild"

SESSION: Health Volunteers

Video Consumption Patterns for First Time Smartphone Users: Community Health Workers in Lesotho

Experiences of Delivering a Public Health Data Service

Understanding Volunteer AT Fabricators: Opportunities and Challenges in DIY-AT for Others in e-NABLE

VITA: Towards Supporting Volunteer Interactions with Long-Term Care Residents with Dementia

SESSION: Helping Software Developers

Micro-Versioning Tool to Support Experimentation in Exploratory Programming

Codeon: On-Demand Software Development Assistance

PFIS-V: Modeling Foraging Behavior in the Presence of Variants

Improving Communication Between Pair Programmers Using Shared Gaze Awareness

SESSION: Interactive Design Methodologies


Tap the: A Design-Based Inquiry into Issue Advocacy and Digital Civics

Enabling Polyvocality in Interactive Documentaries through "Structural Participation"

Supporting Expressive Procedural Art Creation through Direct Manipulation

SESSION: Motivation in Peer-production Communities

Crowd Diversity and Performance in Wikipedia: The Mediating Effects of Task Conflict and Communication

Freedom versus Standardization: Structured Data Generation in a Peer Production Community

Commitment of Newcomers and Old-timers to Online Health Support Communities

Starting Online Communities: Motivations and Goals of Wiki Founders

Investigating the Motivational Paths of Peer Production Newcomers

SESSION: Older Adults and Computers

Traversing Boundaries: Understanding the Experiences of Ageing Saudis

Transitions in Digital Personhood: Online Activity in Early Retirement

Dissecting Spear Phishing Emails for Older vs Young Adults: On the Interplay of Weapons of Influence and Life Domains in Predicting Susceptibility to Phishing

Privacy Considerations when Designing Social Network Systems to Support Successful Ageing

SESSION: Spatial & Temporal Design

Malleable Embodiment: Changing Sense of Embodiment by Spatial-Temporal Deformation of Virtual Human Body

Sensitizing Concepts for Socio-spatial Literacy in HCI

Situational When: Designing for Time Across Cultures

Modeling Sub-Document Attention Using Viewport Time

Remote Collaboration With Mixed Reality Displays: How Shared Virtual Landmarks Facilitate Spatial Referencing

SESSION: The Infrastructure of Trust

Growing the Blockchain Information Infrastructure

Design for Trust: An Exploration of the Challenges and Opportunities of Bitcoin Users

Infrastructure as Creative Action: Online Buying, Selling, and Delivery in Phnom Penh

Supporting Cultures of Making: Technology, Policy, Visions, and Myths

SESSION: Video "Smart" Viewers

EgoScanning: Quickly Scanning First-Person Videos with Egocentric Elastic Timelines

Retargeting Video Tutorials Showing Tools With Surface Contact to Augmented Reality

Close to the Action: Eye-Tracking Evaluation of Speaker-Following Subtitles

Responsive Action-based Video Synthesis

SESSION: 3D Tangibles

Co-3Deator: A Team-First Collaborative 3D Design Ideation Tool

EdiPulse: Investigating a Playful Approach to Self-monitoring through 3D Printed Chocolate Treats

Investigating Cross-Device Interaction between a Handheld Device and a Large Display

SESSION: Appropriation and Individuation

Competent Men and Warm Women: Gender Stereotypes and Backlash in Image Search Results

Technology Individuation: The Foibles of Augmented Everyday Objects

Social Consequences of Grindr Use: Extending the Internet-Enhanced Self-Disclosure Hypothesis

Gender-Inclusiveness Personas vs. Stereotyping: Can We Have it Both Ways?

SESSION: Data Extraction

SEER: Auto-Generating Information Extraction Rules from User-Specified Examples

Leveraging Human Routine Models to Detect and Generate Human Behaviors

Interactive Vectorization

ChartSense: Interactive Data Extraction from Chart Images

SESSION: Displays and Collaboration

CamRay: Camera Arrays Support Remote Collaboration on Wall-Sized Displays

CoReach: Cooperative Gestures for Data Manipulation on Wall-sized Displays

Turbulent Touch: Touchscreen Input for Cockpit Flight Displays

AlterNail: Ambient, Batteryless, Stateful, Dynamic Displays at your Fingertips

Subtle and Personal Workspace Requirements for Visual Search Tasks on Public Displays


Spiders in the Sky: User Perceptions of Drones, Privacy, and Security

Privacy Mechanisms for Drones: Perceptions of Drone Controllers and Bystanders

Free to Fly in Public Spaces: Drone Controllers' Privacy Perceptions and Practices

Drone & Wo: Cultural Influences on Human-Drone Interaction Techniques

SESSION: Online Experiments

Citizen Science Opportunities in Volunteer-Based Online Experiments

Differences in Crowdsourced vs. Lab-based Mobile and Desktop Input Performance Data

Gut Instinct: Creating Scientific Theories with Online Learners

Self-Experimentation for Behavior Change: Design and Formative Evaluation of Two Approaches

SESSION: Personal Informatics & Self-Tracking

TummyTrials: A Feasibility Study of Using Self-Experimentation to Detect Individualized Food Triggers

Making Sense of Sleep Sensors: How Sleep Sensing Technologies Support and Undermine Sleep Health

Examining Menstrual Tracking to Inform the Design of Personal Informatics Tools

Quantifying the Body and Caring for the Mind: Self-Tracking in Multiple Sclerosis

SESSION: Presentation in Online Communities

Share First, Save Later: Performance of Self through Snapchat Stories

Situated Anonymity: Impacts of Anonymity, Ephemerality, and Hyper-Locality on Social Media

Relational Distancing and Termination between Online Friends: An Application of the Investment Model

Enhancing Personal Informatics Through Social Sensemaking

Sizing Up the Troll: A Quantitative Characterization of Moderator-Identified Trolling in an Online Forum

SESSION: Sharing, People and Communities

Building a Maker Community Around an Open Hardware Platform

Celebratory Technology to Orchestrate the Sharing of Devices and Stories during Family Mealtimes

Exploring Topic-Based Sharing Mechanisms

HCI and Environmental Public Policy: Opportunities for Engagement

SESSION: Technology in the Workplace

Utilizing Experience Goals in Design of Industrial Systems

Evaluating Digital Creativity Support To Improve Health-and-Safety in a Manufacturing Plant

The Design Fictions of Philanthropic IT: Stuck Between an Imperfect Present and an Impossible Future

Proxemic Transitions: Designing Shape-Changing Furniture for Informal Meetings

SESSION: Technology Use Challenges for Older Adults

Successful Leisure in Independent Living Communities: Understanding Older Adults' Motivations to Engage in Leisure Activities

Navigating Relationships and Boundaries: Concerns around ICT-uptake for Elderly People

Older Adults Learning Computer Programming: Motivations, Frustrations, and Design Opportunities