CHI EA '17- Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems

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SESSION: Keynote & Award Talks

Opening Keynote: Material Ecology

How the CHI Community Got its Groove: and Changed the World!

Mobocratic Algorithms: Could Social Media be a Threat to Democracy?

Closing Keynote: Computers, Automation and the Human Future

SIGCHI Social Impact Award Talk -- Ability-Based Design: Elevating Ability over Disability in Accessible Computing

SIGCHI Social Impact Award Talk -- Designing for Low-Literate Users

SIGCHI Lifetime Research Award Talk -- RUBY: Reminiscing about User interfaces by Brad over the Years

SIGCHI Lifetime Practice Award Talk -- Creatively Crossing Boundaries


CHI 2017 Stories Overview

SESSION: Student Design Competition

"Clicks" Appcessory for Visually Impaired Children

ParentCircle: Helping Single Parents Build a Support Network

Freedge: Fighting Food Insecurity With Connected Infrastructure

GotYourBack: An Internet of Toilets for the Trans* Community

Robin: Enabling Independence For Individuals With Cognitive Disabilities Using Voice Assistive Technology

PACo: An Educative Instrument to Transform Society

Paisa Stick: Tangible Currency Interface for Cashless Transactions

VisualLink: Strengthening the Connection between Hearing-impaired Elderly and their Family

AllergyBot: A Chatbot Technology Intervention for Young Adults with Food Allergies Dining Out

Elevate: Ensuring Access to Food for Homeless Populations

Empathy Up

StreetHeart: Empowering Homeless Through Art and Technology

SESSION: Student Research Competition

An Exploration of Self-Transcendence Through Solo-Travel

Sketching for Ideation: A Structured Approach for Increasing Divergent Thinking

Improving Human Interfaces for Commercial Camera Drone Systems

Symptomatic Diagnosis and Prognosis of Psychiatric Disorders through Personal Gadgets

CUPA: Cube Pal for Developing Children's Emotional Intelligence and Parent-Child Relationship

Ply: Visual Regression Pruning for Web Design Source Inspection

'It's More Fun With My Phone': A Replication Study of Cell Phone Presence and Task Performance

Reducing Cognitive Load and Supporting Memory in Visual Design for HCI

The Effects of User Adaptability to Automation for a Robotic Art Box

A Multi-interface VR Platform For Rehabilitation Research

Nonconscious Behaviour Change Technology: Targeting The Automatic

Exploring the Empowerment of Older Adult Creative Groups Using Maker Technology

Facilitating Peer Support for Recovery from Substance Use Disorders

Using Space Time Visualization in Learning Environment Design

Oli, Your Weight-Training Assistant

Cognitive Presence in Minecraft Online Discussion Forums: How Question Framing Affects Subsequent Discussions

Improving App Look up speed on Mobile via User-defined Touch Gesture

SESSION: Student Game Competition

Reduct: A Puzzle Game for Children About Evaluating Code

You Better Eat to Survive! Exploring Edible Interactions in a Virtual Reality Game

Phantasm: Using Player Communication as Key Source of Gameplay

Geometris: A Collaborative Embodied Geometry Game

ARES: An Application of Impossible Spaces for Natural Locomotion in VR

Party Animals: Creating Immersive Gaming Experience for Physically Co-present VR and Non-VR Players

Designing Multi-Gateway Interactions In A Multi-Player Strategy Game

Way Out: A Multi-Layer Panorama Mobile Game Using Around-Body Interactions

What.Hack: Learn Phishing Email Defence the Fun Way

SESSION: Doctoral Consortium

Behind The Wikipedia Medical Knowledge Factory: Understanding the Knowledge Dynamic Over Time

Improving the Design and Usability of Password Creation Systems

Self-disclosure and Response Behaviors in Socially Stigmatized Contexts on Social Media: The Case of Miscarriage

Method for Understanding Complex Human Routine Behaviors from Large Behavior Logs

Designing Virtual Avatars to Empower Social Participation among Older Adults

The Onboarding Effect: Leveraging User Engagement and Retention in Crowdsourcing Platforms

Contextually Relevant Gaze Representations for Remote Learning

Computational Design of Input Methods

The Social Complexities of Transgender Identity Disclosure on Social Network Sites

More Than Numbers: Designing Effective Diabetes Decision Support

Tangible Educational Toys for Children with Type-1 Diabetes

Building Rapport through Dynamic Models of Acoustic-Prosodic Entrainment

Moving to Learn: Exploring the Impact of Physical Embodiment in Educational Programming Games

Accessible Touch Input for People with Motor Impairments

News Company's Link Sharing on Twitter as Informative Advertising and Content Signaling

Storytelling Tools in Support of User Experience Design

Intimate Design: Designing Intimacy As a Critical-Feminist Practice

Critical Experience: Evaluating (with) Autistic Children and Technologies

Supporting Visual Temporal Media Comparison

Using Data Visualisation to tell Stories about Cultural Collections

Technology with Embodied Physical Actions: Understanding Interactions and Effectiveness Gains in Teams Working with Robots

Designing for Ambivalence: Mothers, Transitional Objects and Smartphones


Keep in Touch: Portable Haptic Display with 192 High Speed Taxels

Mapping Memory Routes: a Multisensory Interface for Sensorial Urbanism and Critical Heritage Studies

Selection and Manipulation Methods for a Menu Widget on the Human Forearm

Motion Log Skateboard: Visualizing Pressure Distribution of Skateboarding

A Demonstration of Conveyor World: Mixed Reality Game on Physically Actuated Game Stage

FaceDisplay: Enabling Multi-User Interaction for Mobile Virtual Reality

Calibration Methods for Effective Fish Tank VR in Multi-screen Displays

VersaPen: Exploring Multimodal Interactions with a Programmable Modular Pen

TJBot: An Open Source DIY Cardboard Robot for Programming Cognitive Systems

Guidelines to Incorporate a Clinician User Experience (UX) into the Design of Patient-Operated mHealth

The Club of The Future: Participatory Clubbing Experiences

Calm Automaton: A DIY Toolkit for Ambient Displays

Morphology Extension Kit: A Modular Robotic Platform for Customizable and Physically Capable Wearables

StatPlayground: Exploring Statistics through Visualizations

Scientific Outreach with Teegi, a Tangible EEG Interface to Talk about Neurotechnologies

Crafting Tools for Textile Electronic Making

SESSION: Interactivity Exhibits

FusePrint: A DIY 2.5D Printing Technique for Good-fit Fabrication with Daily Objects

Game of Light: Modeling Diversity Through Participatory Interaction

HoloARt: Painting with Holograms in Mixed Reality

Holograms without Headsets: Projected Augmented Reality with the RoomAlive Toolkit

Virtual Interactive Human Anatomy: Dissecting the Domain, Navigating the Politics, Creating the Impossible

Tactile Drones - Providing Immersive Tactile Feedback in Virtual Reality through Quadcopters

Audiovisual Playground: A Music Sequencing Tool for 3D Virtual Worlds

Tea with Crows: Towards Socially Engaging Digital Interaction

Demonstrating TrussFab: Fabricating Sturdy Large-Scale Structures on Desktop 3D Printers

The Living Net: A Haptic Experience of Personal Data

SESSION: Video Showcase

Gushed Light Field: Video Showcase of Aerosol-Based Fog Display

EduBang: Envisioning the Next Generation Video Sharing

Shared Bicycling Over Distance

Ori-mandu: Korean Dumpling into Whatever Shape You Want

Furniture that Learns to Move Itself

MMSpace: Multimodal Meeting Space Embodied by Kinetic Telepresence

Smart Crew: A Smart Watch Design for Collaboration Amongst Flight Attendants

Delete by Haiku: Poetry from Old SMS Messages

Fashion Film as Design Fiction for Wearable Concepts

DayCube: An Interactive Object for Delivering Daily Information through Five Unique Materials

Conveyor World: Mixed Reality Game on Physically Actuated Game Stage

Videos of Things: The Other Half

The Third Eye: A Shopping Assistant for the Visually Impaired

HoloARt Video Showcase: Painting with Holograms in Mixed Reality

Buddy: Interactive Toy that can Play, Grow, and Remember with Baby

Peekabot: Robot that Helps Children's Cognitive/Physical Development

How Visual Motion Cues Can Influence Sickness For In-Car VR

ARTextiles: Promoting Social Interactions Around Personal Interests Through Augmented Reality

Essence Video Showcase: Olfactory Interfaces for Unconscious Influence

Defining Gamification Video

Pixels to Droplets: Multi-Output Display of Color, Odor, and Shape Change with Organic Primitives

FistPointer: Target Selection Technique using Mid-air Interaction for Mobile VR Environment

Ant-Based Modeling: Agent-Based City Simulation with Ants

SESSION: Workshops & Symposia

Hacking Women's Health

HCIxDementia Workshop: The Role of Technology and Design in Dementia

Conversational UX Design

Design Fiction for Mixed-Reality Performances

Designing Mobile Interactions for the Ageing Populations

Digital Health & Self-experimentation: Design Challenges & Provocations

Ethical Encounters in HCI: Implications for Research in Sensitive Settings

Making Home: Asserting Agency in the Age of IoT

Moving Transparent Statistics Forward at CHI

Open Design at the Intersection of Making and Manufacturing

Soma-Based Design Theory

Refugees & HCI Workshop: The Role of HCI in Responding to the Refugee Crisis

Ubiquitous Text Interaction

What Actors can Teach Robots

Designing for Curiosity: An Interdisciplinary Workshop

Designing for Uncertainty in HCI: When Does Uncertainty Help?

Designing Speech, Acoustic and Multimodal Interactions

Designing Sustainable Food Systems

Designing the Social Internet of Things

HCITools: Strategies and Best Practices for Designing, Evaluating and Sharing Technical HCI Toolkits

Mixed-Initiative Creative Interfaces

Problems in Practice: Understanding Design Research by Critiquing Cases

Quantified Data & Social Relationships

The Things of Design Research: Diversity in Objects and Outcomes

Values in Computing

Workshop on Amplification and Augmentation of Human Perception

SESSION: alt.chi: Challenges to Design

CHI4Good or Good4CHI

Design for Existential Crisis

MC Hammer Presents: The Hammer of Transformative Nostalgification - Designing for Engagement at Scale

New Process, New Vocabulary: Axiofact = A_tefact + Memoranda

SESSION: alt.chi: Life with robots and other non-humans

Life as a Robot (at CHI): Challenges, Benefits, and Prospects for Attending Conferences via Telepresence

The Anti-Influence Engine: Escaping the Diabolical Machine of Pervasive Advertising

Bot Personas as Off-The-Shelf Users

Machines as Co-Designers: A Fiction on the Future of Human-Fabrication Machine Interaction

A Report on the First International Workshop on Research Methods in Animal-Computer Interaction

SESSION: alt.chi: Disciplinary Challenges: Methods and Writing

The Emotional Work of Doing eHealth Research

Throwaway Citation of Prior Work Creates Risk of Bad HCI Research

Breaking Down Silos: Involving Various Researchers for Driving HCI Research

A Little Respect: Four Case Studies of HCI's Disregard for Other Disciplines

SESSION: alt.chi: Augmented bodies and interactions

Chat Speed OP PogChamp: Practices of Coherence in Massive Twitch Chat

EarthTones: Chemical Sensing Powders to Detect and Display Environmental Hazards through Color Variation

Memory Dialogue: Exploring Artefact-Based Memory Sharing

Morphological Interfaces: On Body Transforming Technologies

SESSION: Case Study: Education and Play

The Choices We Make: Game Design to Promote Second Language Acquisition

Affect and Experience: Case Studies in Games and Test-Taking

Navigating between Different Forms of Embodiment in a Synchronous Hybrid Doctoral Course

The Persona Party: Using Personas to Design for Learning at Scale

SESSION: Case Study: Age Defying

Using Robotics and 3D Printing to Introduce Youth to Computer Science and Electromechanical Engineering

Chinese Preschoolers as Design Partners -- Lessons Learned

Deriving Age Diverse Personas from a Participatory Design Study on Home Electricity Feedback

'Table Manners': Children's Use of Mobile Technologies in Family-friendly Restaurants

SESSION: Case Study: Human Health

Phlebotomists Do It Better: Exploring Soft Interaction In The Medical Domain

Case Study of Adapting a Phone-based Support System to Enable Drug-dependent Patients to Develop Coping Skills

Design for Balanced Engagement in Mixed Level Sports Teams

On the Genesis of an Assistive Technology Crowdsourcing Community

SESSION: Case Study: ReMix

Rivet Counting and Ocean Crossing: Case Examples Illuminating the Fracticality of the Theory-Practice Cycle and the Importance of Horizon Expansion

Augmented Reality Prototyping For Interaction Design Students

Gender-based Violence Campaign in Namibia: Traditional meets Technology for Societal Change

Studying Studying -- Academic Life as the Subject of Commercial Research

SESSION: Case Study: Creativity and Exploration

Dusk: Adaption and Perception in Interactive Theatre

The Storytelling Systems of Los Atlantis

Board Game Prototyping to Co-Design a Better Location-Based Digital Game

Learning from Failures in Designing and Evaluating Full-Body Interaction Learning Environments

SESSION: Case Study: Understanding People and Products

Self-Service Data Preparation and Analysis by Business Users: New Needs, Skills, and Tools

From Snake-Oil to Science: Measuring UX Maturity

Comparing the Reliability of Amazon Mechanical Turk and Survey Monkey to Traditional Market Research Surveys

Assessing Product Design Using Photos and Real Products

SESSION: Case Study: Mobile and Tools

Designing Mobile Applications with Empathizing User Experience

Exploring the use of the Physical Web with Resource-Constrained Communities

Employing Color Theory to Visualize Volume-rendered Multivariate Ensembles of Asteroid Impact Simulations

A Usability Refactoring Process for Large-Scale Open Source Projects: The ILIAS Case Study

SESSION: Case Study: Advertising and Service Design

Applied Research for Advertising Products: Tactics for Effective Research

It's All About Coupons: Exploring Coupon Use Behaviors in Email

Approaches to Successful Entry of the Ride-sharing Service for Startups

SESSION: Course Summaries

Understanding People: A Course on Qualitative and Quantitative HCI Research Methods

Fundamentals of Gesture Production, Recognition, and Analysis

Reflect, Re-claim, Reconnect: Learning to Say Yes Wisely and Strategically

Computational Approaches to Interaction Design

Crowdsourcing and Crowd Work

Designing with the Mind in Mind: The Psychological Basis for UI Design Guidelines

Creative Worthwhile Interaction Design

Speech-based Interaction: Myths, Challenges, and Opportunities

Practical UX Research Methodologies: Ethnography

Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction

Inbodied Interaction: 3 things you need to know about how your body works to lead HCI innovation

Applying Gameful Design Heuristics

User Story Mapping: The Hands-on Course

Positive Computing: Research & Practice in Wellbeing Technology

Make This! Introduction to Electronics Prototyping Using Arduino

How to Write and Review CHI Papers

Making Sense of Statistics in HCI: From P to Bayes and Beyond

An Introduction to Automotive User Interfaces

UX Interviewing: Personalized Coaching to Avoid Leaving Data on the Table

When HCI Meets Neurotechnologies: What You Should Know about Brain-Computer Interfaces

Automation: Danger or Opportunity? Designing and Assessing Automation for Interactive Systems

Sketching User Experiences: Hands-on Course of Sketching Techniques for HCI Research

Applying Color Theory to Digital Media and Visualization


How to Handle Online Risks?: Discussing Content Curation and Moderation in Social Media

Human Computer Integration versus Powerful Tools

Robots in Group Context: Rethinking Design, Development and Deployment

Human-Agent Collaboration: Can an Agent be a Partner?

Research Ethics in HCI: A Town Hall Meeting

Policy Impacts on the HCI Research Community

Tweaking Design Thinking for Strategic and Tactical Impact

The 2016 US Election and HCI: Towards a Research Agenda

CHI-nnabis: Implications of Marijuana Legalization for and from Human-Computer Interaction


Co-Design Across Borders Special Interest Group

HCI and Health: Learning from Interdisciplinary Interactions

SIG on Interactive Computing in Outdoor Recreation

From Joysticks to Pokémon Go: Games and Play Research in SIGCHI

Child-Computer Interaction SIG: Ethics and Values

Using Games for Good to Address Diversity in High Tech

Future of Food in the Digital Realm

Bridging Communities for Better HIT: Streaming Conversations from WISH on Challenges, Strategies, and Opportunities

Ways to Represent User Data: Best Practices in Communication Design

On Leading Design

Human-Computer Interaction Across the Arab World

Paradigm Shift from Human Computer Interaction to Integration

SIG: Current and Future Process Mapping to Reimagine Work

Taking Action in a Changing World: Research and Community

SESSION: Art Exhibition

California Drought Impact v2: Data Visualization and Sonification using Advanced Multimodal Interaction


Artist Pointer

Live Writing: Gloomy Streets

Fukushima Audio Census

Invisible: A Critical Digital Artwork as Performance

Banana Kiss: A Participatory Interactive Installation to Enhance Intimacy with Kiss Interaction

Vote With Your Feet: Street-Sourced Answers To Crowd-Sourced Questions

Project Florence: A Plant to Human Experience

Prey: De/composing Memory and Experience

Never Alone: A Video Agents Based Generative Audio-Visual Installation

Shaping Form S17

SESSION: Late-Breaking Works (Monday-Tuesday)

Study of Additional Eye-Related Features for Future Eye-Tracking Techniques

Imperceptible Color Vibration for Embedding Pixel-by-Pixel Data into LCD Images

FReAD: A Multimodal Interface for Audio Assisted Identification of Everyday Objects

Open Professional Development as a Sociotechnical Design Challenge

Using BLE Beacons to Simulate Proxemic Surveillance for an Interactive Art Installation

Are People the Key to Enabling Collaborative Smart Logistics?

Bimanual Word Gesture Keyboards for Mid-air Gestures

Project Telepathy: Targeted Verbal Communication using 3D Beamforming Speakers and Facial Electromyography

Technology for Self-Management of Rosacea: A Survey and Field Trial

RecipeScape: Mining and Analyzing Diverse Processes in Cooking Recipes

Towards a Prototype Tool Leveraging Design Patterns to Support Design of Games for Brain Injury Therapy

Scalable Image-based Search-and-Discovery

A High-Level Approach Towards End User Development in the IoT

Explaining the News Feed Algorithm: An Analysis of the

On the Benefit of Adding User Preferences to Notification Delivery

On the Road with an Autonomous Passenger Shuttle: Integration in Public Spaces

Face2Emoji: Using Facial Emotional Expressions to Filter Emojis

Towards a Design Space and Guidelines for E-Triage System Design

Comparing Mid-air Finger Motion with Touch for Small Target Acquisition on Wearable Devices

eSports as An Emerging Research Context at CHI: Diverse Perspectives on Definitions

CanTouchThis: Examining the Effect of Physical Contact in a Mobile Multiplayer Game

Learnability through Adaptive Discovery Tools in Voice User Interfaces

BrightBeat: Effortlessly Influencing Breathing for Cultivating Calmness and Focus

Combating Sedentary Behavior: An App Based on a Distributed Prospective Memory Approach

SmartRSVP: Facilitating Attentive Speed Reading on Small Screen Wearable Devices

Enhancing Zoom and Pan in Ultrasound Machines with a Multimodal Gaze-based Interface

A Wearable System for Multisensory Stimulation Therapy for Children

The Work of Cybersecurity Advocates

APRIM: An Account and PeRsonal Information Manager

Understanding the Lonesome Tennis Players: Insights for Future Wearables

Towards an Evaluation Framework: Implicit Evaluation of Sense of Agency in a Creative Continuous Control Task

ShapeShop: Towards Understanding Deep Learning Representations via Interactive Experimentation

Detecting Life Changes: Increasing Opportunities to Benefit from People-Nearby Applications

Assessing User Engagement in Information Visualization

Modeling User Satisfaction from the Extraction of User Experience Elements in Online Product Reviews

Understanding Diverse Interpretations of Animated GIFs

Rethinking Hearing Aid Fitting by Learning From Behavioral Patterns

Curiosity or Certainty?: A Qualitative, Comparative Analysis of Couchsurfing and Airbnb User Behaviors

Persona Generation from Aggregated Social Media Data

Undergraduate Students' Preferences for Friendsourcing on Facebook Vs. Group Messaging Applications

Hey, Wake Up: Come Along with the Artificial Learning Companion to the e-Learner's Outcomes High!

"Are You Ready to Take-over?": An Exploratory Study on Visual Assistance to Enhance Driver Vigilance

Noticeable or Distractive?: A Design Space for Gaze-Contingent User Interface Notifications

Exploring Rock Climbing in Mixed Reality Environments

SynCro: Context-Aware User Interface System for Smartphone-Smartwatch Cross-Device Interaction

Design In The Wild: Lessons From Researcher Participation In Design Of Emerging Technology

Home Talky: SNS Service for Sustainable Communication for all the Family Members across Every Generation

User Attitudes Towards Browsing Data Collection

LightingHair Slice: Situated Personal Wearable Fashion Interaction System

Comparing Thermal and Haptic Feedback Mechanisms for Game Controllers

Understanding Purchase Behaviors through Personality-driven Traces

Exploring Qualitative Displays and Interfaces

Aging, HCI, & Personal Perceptions of Time

BVP Feature Signal Analysis for Intelligent User Interface

Talking About Talk: Coordination in Large Online Communities

AwareKit: Exploring a Tangible Interaction Paradigm for Digital Calendars

DeskWave: Desktop Interactions using Low-cost Microwave Doppler Arrays

"Like" it or not: How do Users Understand the Relationship between

Tangibles vs. Mouse in Educational Programming Games: Influences on Enjoyment and Self-Beliefs

The Use of Smart Glasses for Lecture Comprehension by Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

HapLand: A Scalable Robust Emotion Regulation Haptic System Testbed

Augmenting Interpersonal Communication through Connected Lighting

Exceptionally Social: Design of an Avatar-Mediated Interactive System for Promoting Social Skills in Children with Autism

Facilitating Context Switching Through Tangible Artifacts

Streamer.Space: A Toolkit for Prototyping Context-Aware Mobile Video Streaming Apps

"Get Off My Lawn!": Starting to Understand Territoriality in Location Based Mobile Games

Inhibiting Freedom of Movement with Compression Feedback

Code Collage: Tangible Programming On Paper With Circuit Stickers

A Gaze Gesture-Based User Authentication System to Counter Shoulder-Surfing Attacks

Interactive Urban Maps for People with Autism Spectrum Disorder

On Implicit Elicitation of Cognitive Strategies using Gaze Transition Entropies in Pattern Recognition Tasks

Virtual Reality for User-Centered Design and Evaluation of Touch-free Interaction Techniques for Navigating Medical Images in the Operating Room

Recognition of Car Warnings: An Analysis of Various Alert Types

Towards Cognitive Enhancement of the Elderly: A UX Study of a Multitasking Motion Video Game

WRISTBAND.IO: Expanding Input and Output Spaces of a Smartwatch

Towards the Design of a Virtual Heritage Experience based on the World-as-Support Interaction Paradigm

Waggle -- Orientation-based Tablet Interaction

SightLine: Building on the Web's Visualization Ecosystem

Do Differences in Password Policies Prevent Password Reuse?

VolGrab: Realizing 3D View Navigation by Aerial Hand Gestures

Anatomy Builder VR: Embodied VR Anatomy Learning Program to Promote Constructionist Learning

Interaction Geography in a Museum

Laugh Log: E-textile Bellyband Interface for Laugh Logging

Toward Multimodal Cyberbullying Detection

PlayBetter: A Phone-based Baby Play Support System for Childcare Bystander Parents

Improving Representativeness in Participatory Design Processes with Elderly

Transitioning Between Audience and Performer: Co-Designing Interactive Music Performances with Children

SenseBelt: A Belt-Worn Sensor to Support Cross-Device Interaction

Attention, Comprehension, Execution: Effects of Different Designs of Biofeedback Display

A Technique for Touch Force Sensing using a Waterproof Device's Built-in Barometer

BikeGesture: User Elicitation and Performance of Micro Hand Gesture as Input for Cycling

VersaPen: An Adaptable, Modular and Multimodal I/O Pen

SegTouch: Enhancing Touch Input While Providing Touch Gestures on Screens Using Thumb-To-Index-Finger Gestures

Serendipitous Language Learning in Mixed Reality

WaveTrace: Motion Matching Input using Wrist-Worn Motion Sensors

Exploring Conversational Search With Humans, Assistants, and Wizards

Visualizing Self-Tracked Mobile Sensor and Self-Reflection Data to Help Sleep Clinicians Infer Patterns

Designing Two-player Competitive Games for the Rehabilitation of Upper-Limb Motor Function after Stroke

A Community Rather Than A Union: Understanding Self-Organization Phenomenon on MTurk and How It Impacts Turkers and Requesters

Crafting Colorful Objects: a DIY Method for Adding Surface Detail to 3D Prints

Opportunities to Address Information Poverty with Social Search

Everything's Cool: Extending Security Warnings with Thermal Feedback

Money as a Social Currency to Manage Group Dynamics: Red Packet Gifting in Chinese Online Communities

Toward Defining Driving Automation from a Human-Centered Perspective

Perceived Emotional Intelligence in Virtual Agents

infoTexture: Incremental Interfaces on Mesh Prototyping

Indexing Cognitive Load using Blood Volume Pulse Features

Exploring the Effects of Strategy and Arousal of Cueing in Computer-Human Persuasion

SESSION: Late-Breaking Works (Wednesday-Thursday)

LiveDliver & HepOrganizer: A Digital No to Hepatitis in Pakistan

Examining the Quality of Crowdsourced Deliberation: Respect, Reciprocity and Lack of Common-Good Orientation

Intuito: Opportunistic Tangible Programming by Demonstration for Physical Components

WillSense: Adherence Barriers for Passive Sensing Systems That Track Eating Behavior

Spontaneous Interactions with a Virtually Embodied Intelligent Assistant in Minecraft

Cardboard Mobile Virtual Reality as an Approach for Pain Distraction in Clinical Settings: Comparison, Exploration and Evaluation with Oculus Rift

MIT Community Challenge: Designing a Platform to Promote Kindness and Prosocial Behavior

IN360: A 360-Degree-Video Platform to Change Students Preconceived Notions on Their Career

Save the Kiwi: Encouraging Better Food Management through Behaviour Change and Persuasive Design Theories in a Mobile App

Exploring Interactions with Smart Windows for Sunlight Control

Inflashoe: A Shape Changing Shoe to Control Underfoot Pressure

BioIoT: Communicating Sensory Information of a Coffee Machine Using a Nature Metaphor

Emotional Beasts: Visually Expressing Emotions through Avatars in VR

My Bank Already Gets this Data: Exposure Minimisation and Company Relationships in Privacy Decision-Making

Mobile Age: Open Data Mobile Apps to Support Independent Living

Graphical Authentication Resistance to Over-the-Shoulder-Attacks

Escaping the Echo Chamber: Ideologically and Geographically Diverse Discussions about Politics

popHistory: Animated Visualization of Personal Web Browsing History

Cooking Together at a Distance: Sustain Connectedness for Long Distance Families

A Probabilistic Approach to Group Decision Making

Apps with Benefits: Using Benefits and Burdens to Predict Mobile App Usage

WatchOut: Facilitating Safe Driving Behaviors with Social Support

TranSearch: A Multilingual Search User Interface Accommodating User Interaction and Preference

How Image-Based Social Media Websites Support Social Movements

Factors that Help and Hinder a Daily Weighing and Reporting Behavior

Investigating the Mode in Multimodal Video Games: Usability Issues for Learners who are Blind

Baseline Measurements of Shoulder Surfing Analysis and Comparability for Smartphone Unlock Authentication

Examining Instructor Use of Learning Analytics

Challenge in Digital Games: Towards Developing a Measurement Tool

Human Perception of Swarm Robot Motion

Exploring AAPI Identity Online: Political Ideology as a Factor Affecting Identity Work on Reddit

Discrete Time Specifications In Temporal Queries

ABBAS: An Adaptive Bio-sensors Based Assistive System

FitAware: Channeling Group Dynamics Strategies with Smartwatches in a Physical Activity Intervention

SHINE-L: Sensing Health and Family Behavior Routines for Latino Families

Self-Directed Learning in Teacher-Lead Minecraft Classrooms

Za'atari Refugee Cookbook: Relevance, Challenges and Design Considerations

TangiWoZ: A Tangible Interface for Wizard of Oz Studies

Exploring Mixed Reality in Specialized Surgical Environments

Puffy - an Inflatable Mobile Interactive Companion for Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Models for Ownership: Implications for Long-term Relationships to Objects

Role of CMC in Emotional Support for Depressed Foreign Students in Japan

"Grab-that-there": Live Direction for Motion-based Games for Health

Connecting Family Members Across Time Through Shared Media

Stylus Knife for Paper-cutting: A System for Controlling a Knife

Training Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Prototyping without Coding

Design Science Methodology Applied to a Chemical Surveillance Tool

Evaluating Interaction-Triggered Emotions in People with Dementia

How Interaction Designers use Tools to Capture, Manage, and Collaborate on Ideas

Mining Visual Evolution in 21 Years of Web Design

Do User Entrepreneurs Speak Different?: Applying Natural Language Processing to Crowdfunding Videos

Mobile Remote Presence Enhanced with Contactless Object Manipulation: An Exploratory Study

Influences of Users' Cognitive Strategies on Graphical Password Composition

Sensors Know Which Photos Are Memorable

It's More than Just Sharing Game Play Videos! Understanding User Motives in Mobile Game Social Media

Inferring Landmarks for Pedestrian Navigation from Mobile Eye-Tracking Data and Google Street View

Interaction Methods and Use Cases for a Full-Touch Sensing Smartphone

Exploring Coordination Models for Ad Hoc Programming Teams

ColorOdor: Odor Broadens The Color Identification of The Blind

Towards Interaction Techniques for Social Media Data Exploration on Large High-Resolution Displays

A Comparison of Smooth Pursuit- and Dwell-based Selection at Multiple Levels of Spatial Accuracy

Collecting and Managing Data in Public Health Research on Autism

Involving Older and Vulnerable Persons in the Design Process of an Enhanced Toilet System

Move Closer: Towards Design Patterns To Support Initiating Social Encounters

On the Automatic Assessment of Computational Thinking Skills: A Comparison with Human Experts

Automated Assistants to Identify and Prompt Action on Visual News Bias

Using Nature-based Soundscapes to Support Task Performance and Mood

Are You Ready for a Drive?: User Perspectives on Autonomous Vehicles

Designing Visual Metaphors for an Educational Game for Parallel Programming

City Explorer: Gamifying Public Transit Trips While Exploring the City

Analysis of the Effect of Competition on Player Immersion and Engagement in a Mobile Game

Measuring Uncertainty in Games: Design and Preliminary Validation

Blame the Scapegoat: How Creating an Easy Target Can Help Non-Designers Critique Designs

"Alexa is my new BFF": Social Roles, User Satisfaction, and Personification of the Amazon Echo

A Fitts' Law Evaluation of Video Game Controllers: Thumbstick, Touchpad and Gyrosensor

Towards Supporting Remote Cheering during Running Races with Drone Technology

Alpha IVBO - Construction of a Scale to Measure the Illusion of Virtual Body Ownership

Virtual Reality Meets Smartwatch: Intuitive, Natural, and Multi-Modal Interaction

Craft-based Exploration of Sense of Self

Communication Needs of Elderly at Risk of Falls and their Remote Family

Digital Literacy in Architecture: How Space is Organized by Computation

VR Collide! Comparing Collision-Avoidance Methods Between Co-located Virtual Reality Users

Learning the Language: The Importance of Studying Written Directions in Designing Navigational Technologies for the Blind

Show Me Your App Usage and I Will Tell Who Your Close Friends Are: Predicting User's Context from Simple Cellphone Activity

Deformable Paint Palette: Actuated Force Controls for Digital Painting

Critical Thinking in Collaboration: Talk Less, Perceive More

Exploring the Design Space of Automatically Synthesized Hints for Introductory Programming Assignments

Facial Thermography for Attention Tracking on Smart Eyewear: An Initial Study

Was I There?: Impact of Platform and Headphones on 360 Video Immersion

The Influence of Fictitious Community Trend on Individual Physical Activity

Evaluating VR Driving Simulation from a Player Experience Perspective

Exploring the Use of Gesture in Collaborative Tasks

Experimentation for Developing Evidence-Based UI Standards of Mobile Survey Questionnaires

SynKin: A Game for Intentionally Synchronizing Biosignals

Connecting Instructors and Learning Scientists via Collaborative Dynamic Experimentation

Face to Face Matters: Communication Modality, Perceived Social Support, and Psychological Wellbeing

Communicating Through A Telepresence Robot: A Study of Long Distance Relationships

Understanding Danmaku's Potential in Online Video Learning

TiTAN: Exploring Midair Text Entry using Freehand Input

Evaluating the Actual and Perceived Exertion Provided by Virtual Reality Games