AutomotiveUI '17- Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications

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SESSION: Comparing Input Modalities

Visual Distraction Effects of In-Car Text Entry Methods: Comparing Keyboard, Handwriting and Voice Recognition

An Evaluation of Touch and Pressure-Based Scrolling and Haptic Feedback for In-Car Touchscreens

In-Vehicle Touchscreen Interaction: Can a Head-Down Display Give a Heads-Up on Obstacles on the Road?

Putting the Joy in Driving: Investigating the Use of a Joystick as an Alternative to Traditional Controls within Future Autonomous Vehicles

SESSION: Pedestrians: Communication and Alerts

Did You See Me?: Assessing Perceptual vs. Real Driving Gains Across Multi-Modal Pedestrian Alert Systems

Gap Acceptance and Time-To-Arrival Estimates as Basis for Informal Communication between Pedestrians and Vehicles

First Step into Visceral Interaction with Autonomous Vehicles

Eyes on a Car: an Interface Design for Communication between an Autonomous Car and a Pedestrian

SESSION: Gestures

Designing an In-Vehicle Air Gesture Set Using Elicitation Methods

Novel Multimodal Feedback Techniques for In-Car Mid-Air Gesture Interaction

The Effects of Situational Demands on Gaze, Speech and Gesture Input in the Vehicle

Clicks are in the Air: How to Support the Interaction with Floating Objects through Ultrasonic Feedback

Pedestrian Interaction with Vehicles: Roles of Explicit and Implicit Communication

SESSION: Driver Information Processing

Differentiating Cognitive Load Using a Modified Version of AttenD

Using EEG to Understand why Behavior to Auditory In-vehicle Notifications Differs Across Test Environments

Learning-by-Doing: Using Near Infrared Spectroscopy to Detect Habituation and Adaptation in Automated Driving

Visual Attention During Simulated Autonomous Driving in the US and Japan

SESSION: Fresh Approaches

What Did I Sniff?: Mapping Scents Onto Driving-Related Messages

Altering Speed Perception through the Subliminal Adaptation of Music within a Vehicle

What We Can Learn from Pilots for Handovers and (De)Skilling in Semi-Autonomous Driving: An Interview Study

Collaborative Experience Prototyping of Automotive Interior in VR with 3D Sketching and Haptic Helpers

SESSION: Automated Driving: Output and Take-Over

Benefits of Personalization in the Context of a Speech-Based Left-Turn Assistant

Development and Preliminary Evaluation of Reliability Displays for Automated Lane Keeping

Control Transition Interfaces in Semiautonomous Vehicles: A Categorization Framework and Literature Analysis

Comparing Shape-Changing and Vibro-Tactile Steering Wheels for Take-Over Requests in Highly Automated Driving

SESSION: AV-Driver Interaction Paradigms: What is the Role of the Human?

What's in a Name: Vehicle Technology Branding & Consumer Expectations for Automation

Driving Hotzenplotz: A Hybrid Interface for Vehicle Control Aiming to Maximize Pleasure in Highway Driving

Beyond Liability: Legal Issues of Human-Machine Interaction for Automated Vehicles

The Importance of Interruption Management for Usefulness and Acceptance of Automated Driving

Investigating Remote Driving over the LTE Network

SESSION: Peripheral Light Displays

Individual LED Visualization Calibration to Increase Spatial Accuracy: Findings from a Static Driving Simulator Setup

Guiding Driver Visual Attention with LEDs

Situation Awareness in Automated Vehicles through Proximal Peripheral Light Signals

Ambient Light and its Influence on Driving Experience