AutomotiveUI '17- Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications Adjunct

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WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshops and Tutorials

1st Workshop on Understanding Automation: Interfaces that Facilitate User Understanding of Vehicle Automation

Workshop on Navigating Autonomous Cars: The Opportunities of HD Maps on User Experience

First Workshop on Trust in the Age of Automated Driving

Workshop on User-Centered Design for Automated Driving Systems

Tutorial: How Does Your HMI Design Affect the Visual Attention of the Driver

Workshop on Human Machine Interaction in Autonomous Vehicles: the Perspective of the Two Current HORIZON 2020 Projects ADAS&ME and AUTOMATE

Control Transition Workshop: Handover and Takeover Procedures in Highly Automated Driving

ARV 2017: Workshop on Augmented Reality for Intelligent Vehicles

Tutorial: Driver Evaluation in a Small Compact Driving Simulator

SESSION: Works-in-Progress: Work-in-Progress - Monday Session

Situation Awareness and Motion Sickness in Automated Vehicle Driving Experience: A Preliminary Study of Peripheral Visual Information

A Head-Mounted Display to Support Teleoperations of Shared Automated Vehicles

Developing a Highly Automated Driving Scenario to Investigate User Intervention: When Things Go Wrong

MotionReader: Visual Acceleration Cues for Alleviating Passenger E-Reader Motion Sickness

A Concept For A Virtual Reality Driving Simulation In Combination With A Real Car

Examining the Impact of See-Through Cockpits on Driving Performance in a Mixed Reality Prototype

Towards Designing Affect-Aware Systems for Mitigating the Effects of In-Vehicle Frustration

Human-to-AI Interfaces for Enabling Future Onboard Experiences

Challenges for Creating Driver Overriding Mechanisms

Experimental Setup of Motion Sickness and Situation Awareness in Automated Vehicle Riding Experience

Anthropomorphic AI Agent Mediated Multimodal Interactions in Vehicles

Control Transferring between Automated and Manual Driving using Shared Control

SMALLCAR: A Scaled Model for Ambient Light Display Creation and Review of In-Vehicle Light Patterns

CarSketch: A Collaborative Sketching Table with Self-Propelled Tangible Objects for Automotive Applications

Driver State Estimation Based on Dynamic Bayesian Networks Considering Different Age and Gender Groups

SESSION: Work-in-Progress - Tuesday Session

SAV2P: Exploring the Impact of an Interface for Shared Automated Vehicles on Pedestrians' Experience

Which Factors Influence Attitudes Towards Using Autonomous Vehicles?

A Design Space for External Displays on Cars

Design Possibilities for Vehicle Roll Motions as Feedback for the Driver during Automated Driving

The Impact of Vehicle Appearance and Vehicle Behavior on Pedestrian Interaction with Autonomous Vehicles

Automated Driving: Acceptance and Chances for Elderly People

Force-enabled Touch Input on the Steering Wheel: An Elicitation Study

Stretchertainment: Inducing Passive Stretching with HUD Infotainment in Automotive

Blueprint of the Auditory Interactions in Automated Vehicles: Report on the Workshop and Tutorial

Enhancing Driving Safety and User Experience Through Unobtrusive and Function-Specific Feedback

Driving Acceptance: Applying Structural Equation Modeling to In-Vehicle Automation Acceptance

Eyes-free In-vehicle Gesture Controls: Auditory-only Displays Reduced Visual Distraction and Workload

Transport Companies, Truck Drivers, and the Notion of Semi-Autonomous Trucks: A Contextual Examination

Touch Screen Maneuver Approval Mechanisms for Highly Automated Vehicles: A First Evaluation

Establishing Design Parameters for Large Stereoscopic 3D Dashboards

Using Eye-Tracking to Help Design HUD-Based Safety Indicators for Lane Changes

DEMONSTRATION SESSION: Interactive Demos and Industrial Showcases

Multi-Level Force Touch Discrimination on Central Information Displays in Cars

Designing for Enhancing Situational Awareness of Semi-Autonomous Driving Vehicles

ASAM: an Emotion Sampling Method for the Automotive Industry

Haptic In-Vehicle Gesture Controls

Interactive Demo: Rapid, Live Data Supported Prototyping with U.S.E.

NERVteh Compact Motion Based Driving Simulator

SESSION: Videos Showcases

Design Process of Sonically-enhanced Air Gesture Controls in Vehicles

Multimodal Heads Up Displays to Augment Autonomous Vehicle Supervision

Driving Hotzenplotz!: A Vehicle Interface that Fosters the Joy of Driving

HUD - AR: Enhancing Communication between Drivers by Affordable Technology

I Am The Passenger: Challenges in Supporting AR/VR HMDs In-Motion