UMAP '17- Proceedings of the 25th Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization

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SESSION: Keynote Addresses

After Twenty-Five Years of User Modeling and Adaptation...What Makes us UMAP?

I'll be Watching You: Policing the Line between Personalization and Privacy

Emotion Analysis in Natural Language

SESSION: Long Papers

Nudge your Workforce: A Study on the Effectiveness of Task Notification Strategies in Enterprise Mobile Crowdsourcing

Long and Short-Term Recommendations with Recurrent Neural Networks

Using Learning Analytics to Devise Interactive Personalised Nudges for Active Video Watching

A Multi-Armed Bandit Model Selection for Cold-Start User Recommendation

Fine-Grained Open Learner Models: Complexity Versus Support

Where To Go Next?: Exploiting Behavioral User Models in Smart Environments

A New Statistical Density Clustering Algorithm based on Mutual Vote and Subjective Logic Applied to Recommender Systems

RouteMe: A Mobile Recommender System for Personalized, Multi-Modal Route Planning

Stereotype Modeling for Problem-Solving Performance Predictions in MOOCs and Traditional Courses

Learner Modeling for Integration Skills

"Out of the Fr-Eye-ing Pan": Towards Gaze-Based Models of Attention during Learning with Technology in the Classroom

Probabilistic Perspectives on Collecting Human Uncertainty in Predictive Data Mining

User Perception of Next-Track Music Recommendations

"Personal Social Dashboard": A Tool for Measuring Your Social Engagement Effectiveness in the Enterprise

Adaptive City Characteristics: How Location Familiarity Changes What Is Regionally Descriptive

Investigating the Impact of Personality and Cognitive Efficiency on the Selection of Exercises for Learners

Imputing KCs with Representations of Problem Content and Context

Experimental Analysis of Mastery Learning Criteria

Using Eye Gaze Data and Visual Activities to Infer Human Cognitive Styles: Method and Feasibility Studies

Group Recommendations by Learning Rating Behavior

Let's Dance: How to Build a User Model for Dance Students Using Wearable Technology

Enhancing Student Models in Game-based Learning with Facial Expression Recognition

A Deep Architecture for Content-based Recommendations Exploiting Recurrent Neural Networks

Measuring Student Behaviour Dynamics in a Large Interactive Classroom Setting

Inferring Contextual Preferences Using Deep Auto-Encoding

Weighted Random Walk Sampling for Multi-Relational Recommendation

Inferring Students' Sense of Community from Their Communication Behavior in Online Courses

Towards a Long Term Model of Virtual Reality Exergame Exertion

Get to the Bottom: Causal Analysis for User Modeling

SESSION: Short Papers

Interactive Prior Elicitation of Feature Similarities for Small Sample Size Prediction

An Analysis on Time- and Session-aware Diversification in Recommender Systems

Deriving Item Features Relevance from Past User Interactions

A Clustering Approach for Personalizing Diversity in Collaborative Recommender Systems

Personality Traits and Music Genres: What Do People Prefer to Listen To?

Improving Cold Start Recommendation by Mapping Feature-Based Preferences to Item Comparisons

The Force Within: Recommendations Via Gravitational Attraction Between Items

Encoding User as More Than the Sum of Their Parts: Recurrent Neural Networks and Word Embedding for People-to-people Recommendation

Multilingual Search User Behaviors -- Exploring Multilingual Querying and Result Selection Through Crowdsourcing

Modelling Embodied Mobility Teamwork Strategies in a Simulation-Based Healthcare Classroom

Providing Control and Transparency in a Social Recommender System for Academic Conferences

SESSION: Doctoral Consortium Papers

Towards Improving E-commerce Users Experience Using Personalization & Persuasive Technology

Analyzing the Impact of Social Connections on Rating Behavior in Social Recommender Systems

Personalized Research Paper Recommendation using Deep Learning

Conversational Group Recommender Systems

Smart Technology for Supporting Dance Education

Harnessing Virtual Reality Exergames and Physical Fitness Sensing to Create a Personalised Game and Dashboard

Modelling User Behaviour based on Process

SESSION: Extended Abstracts

Recommender Systems as Multistakeholder Environments

Towards Understanding Users' Motivation in a Q&A Social Network Using Social Influence and the Moderation by Culture

Harvesting Entity-relation Social Networks from the Web: Potential and Challenges

Enhancing Collaborative Filtering with Friendship Information

Combining Supervised and Unsupervised Learning to Discover Emotional Classes

The Adaptation of an Individual's Satisfaction to Group Context: the Role of Ties Strength and Conflicts

The Influence of City Size on Dietary Choices and Food Recommendation

Behavioral Patterns Mining for Online Time Personalization

Modeling the Dynamics of Online News Reading Interests

User Verification on Mobile Devices Using Sequences of Touch Gestures

User Modeling for the Internet of Things

Impact of Individual Differences on User Experience with a Real-World Visualization Interface for Public Engagement

Are Item Attributes a Good Alternative to Context Elicitation in Recommender Systems?

Item Contents Good, User Tags Better: Empirical Evaluation of a Food Recommender System

A Hybrid Recommendation Framework Exploiting Linked Open Data and Graph-based Features

Combining Long-term and Discussion-generated Preferences in Group Recommendations

Evaluation of Learners' Adjustment of Question Difficulty in Adaptive Practice of Facts

An Evaluation of Learning-to-Rank Methods for Lurking Behavior Analysis

Learning Inclination to Empathy from Social Media Footprints

Using System Dynamics to Model Student Performance in an Intelligent Tutoring System

Measuring Bias in News Websites, Towards a Model for Personalization

A Unified Latent Factor Model for Effective Category-Aware Recommendation

Sequences of Diverse Song Recommendations: An Exploratory Study in a Commercial System

A Personalized Global Filter To Predict Retweets

User Expertise Inference on Twitter: Learning from Multiple Types of User Data

A Neural Time Series Forecasting Model for User Interests Prediction On Twitter

Indirect Context Suggestion