MobileHCI '16- Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services Adjunct

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SESSION: Industry case studies

Exploring best practices for card interactions through a three-method triangulation

How to develop accessibility UX design guideline in Samsung

Designing Android Marshmallow volume controls: a user experience case study

I'm just trying to survive: an ethnographic look at mobile notifications and attention management

A case study on capturing and visualising face-to-face interactions in the workplace

Lessons learned from designing a displayless consumer wearable tech


UbiMaze: a new genre of virtual reality game based on mobile devices

WatchMI: applications of watch movement input on unmodified smartwatches

ForceBoard: using force as input technique on size-limited soft keyboard

On-mouse projector: extended workspace using a mouse with a projector

Collaborative use of mobile devices to curate sources of inspiration

Clothes integrated visual markers as self-expression tool

MobileVideoTiles: video display on multiple mobile devices

PZBoard: a prediction-based zooming interface for supporting text entry on a mobile device

G3: bootstrapping stroke gestures design with synthetic samples and built-in recognizers

Affective-ready, contextual and automated usability test for mobile software

mSTROKE: a crowd-powered mobility towards stroke recognition


MovingScreen: selecting hard-to-reach targets with automatic comfort zone calibration on mobile devices

Rule of thumb: effect of social button icons on interaction

Baby+: a mobile application to support pregnant women in Pakistan

WhichHand: automatic recognition of a smartphone's position in the hand using a smartwatch

Info-Bead group modeling in a mobile scenario

If this, then habit: exploring context-aware implementation intentions on smartphones

Investigating how the hand interacts with different mobile phones

FLOW pillow: exploring sitting experience towards active ageing

Watching movies on netflix: investigating the effect of screen size on viewer immersion

Legal and ethical implications of mobile live-streaming video apps

Ergonomics of thumb-based pointing while holding tablets

Skeuomorphic, flat or material design: requirements for designing mobile planning applications for students with autism spectrum disorder

Natural collocated interactions for merging results with mobile devices

MusiSkate: enhancing the skateboarding experience through musical feedback

Smiley face: why we use emoticon stickers in mobile messaging

How do I communicate my emotions on SNS and IMs?

Spin-lock gesture authentication for mobile devices

Microgesture detection for remote interaction with mobile devices

ThumbRing: private interactions using one-handed thumb motion input on finger segments

Accessible way finding on mobile devices for different user groups

Observation based analysis on the use of mobile applications for visually impaired users

A rhythmical tap approach for sending data across devices

Mobile cross-media visualisations made from building information modelling data

Lessons learned: designing a mobile application for teaching computer science concepts to middle school girls

Multi-level interaction with an LED-matrix edge display

Tag your emotions: a novel mobile user interface for annotating images with emotions

Classifying weight training workouts with deep convolutional neural networks: a precedent study

Oh that's what you meant!: reducing emoji misunderstanding

What makes readers laugh?: value of sensing laughter for humor webtoon

Zephyr: exploring digital behaviour change interventions to treat hoarding

Educating bicycle safety and fostering empathy for cyclists with an affordable and game-based VR app

TouchRing: subtle and always-available input using a multi-touch ring

SESSION: Doctoral consortium

Methods for calibration free and multi-user eye tracking

Modeling human behavior during touchscreen interaction in mobile situations

Distance, time, and friends: system-generated cues and impression formation in mediated spaces

Designing social wearables for mediation of intimate relationships

Single-handed interaction for mobile and wearable computing

In-situ semantic 3D modeling

A multimodal networked kissing machine for mobile phones

WORKSHOP SESSION: Smarttention, please! Intelligent attention management on mobile devices

Smarttention, please!: 2nd workshop on intelligent attention management on mobile devices

Managing smartwatch notifications through filtering and ambient illumination

CoConUT: context collection for non-stationary user testing

The importance of visual attention for adaptive interfaces

Notification dashboard: enabling reflection on mobile notifications

Exploring notifications in smart home environments

Reducing distraction of smartwatch users with deep learning

Embodied notifications: implicit notifications through electrical muscle stimulation

WORKSHOP SESSION: Mobile access to cultural heritage - mobile-CH 2016

Mobile access to cultural heritage: mobile-CH 2016

New directions for preserving intangible cultural heritage through the use of mobile technologies

A comparative pilot study of historical artifacts in a CAVE automatic virtual reality environment versus paper-based artifacts

Dynamic personalization based on mobile behavior: from personality to personalization: a blueprint

A novel image based positioning technique using mobile eye tracker for a museum visit

Exploration of cultural heritage information via textual search queries

From proximity to accurate indoor localization for context awareness in mobile museum guides

Supporting professional guides to create personalized visit experiences

A pervasive role-playing game for introducing elementary school students to archaeology

Accessible museum collections for the visually impaired: combining tactile exploration, audio descriptions and mobile gestures

WORKSHOP SESSION: Inferring user action with mobile gaze tracking

Inferring user action with mobile gaze tracking

A study on representational competence in physics using mobile eye tracking systems

Knowledge transfer from experts to novices in minimally invasive catheter-mediated (MIC) interventions, eye-tracking study

Classifying mobile eye tracking data with hidden Markov models

Minimal sequential gaze models for inferring walkers' tasks

WORKSHOP SESSION: Audio in place media, mobility and HCI - creating meaning in space

Audio in place: media, mobility & HCI - creating meaning in space

On the use of audio in the educational location based game platform MILE

Local sounds & singing along in cars

Numbers in places: creative interventions in musical space & time

Towards ubiquitous location-based audio: challenges and future directions

WORKSHOP SESSION: Mobile healthcare for the self-management of chronic diseases and the empowerment of patients

Workshop on mobile healthcare for the self-management of chronic diseases and the empowerment of patients

Assistive mobile application for support of mobility and communication of people with IDD

CoachMe: a platform for promoting healthy lifestyle

End-user personalization of context-dependent applications in AAL scenarios

Fingerprints: detecting meaningful moments for mobile health intervention

Mobile apps for IBD self: management using wearable devices and sensors

Opportunities for technology in the self-management of mental health

Sociotechnical design of mHealth applications for chronic diseases

Towards successful self-management and empowerment for COPD patients

Wearable devices and AI techniques integration to promote physical activity

Standing hypotension prediction based on smartwatch heart rate variability data: a novel approach

Technologies to support psychologists and patients interactions

WORKSHOP SESSION: Interaction techniques for mobile collocation

Interaction techniques for mobile collocation

A wearable handwriting system for time-warping collocation

Indoor collocation: exploring the ultralocal context

Using elicitation studies to generate collocated interaction methods

Mobile energy sharing futures

F-formations and collaboration dynamics study for designing mobile collocation

WORKSHOP SESSION: The role and impact of aesthetics in designing mobile devices

The role and impact of aesthetics in designing mobile devices

Exploring digital-fabricated natural materials and patterns for mobile devices

The aesthetics of StripeMaps: being small and beautiful

User perspective for interactive handbag design

Design space of the new materials for fashionable wearables

Wearable head-mounted 3D tactile display application scenarios

IoT owl: soft tangible user interface for detecting the presence of people

Aesthetic physical items for visualizing personal sleep data