ISS '17- Proceedings of the Interactive Surfaces and Spaces

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SESSION: Opening Keynote

Taking Haptic Design from Research to Practice

SESSION: Closing Keynote

Understanding Interactive Surfaces and Spaces in Everyday Life

SESSION: Touch Interaction and Beyond

Hand Contact Shape Recognition for Posture-Based Tabletop Widgets and Interaction

CircGR: Interactive Multi-Touch Gesture Recognition using Circular Measurements

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Attracting Passers-by to Public Touch Displays With User Representations

Gesture Elicitation Study on How to Opt-in & Opt-out from Interactions with Public Displays

Measuring Readiness-to-Hand through Differences in Attention to the Task vs. Attention to the Tool

SESSION: Exploring Spaces: 3D Interaction

Summon and Select: Rapid Interaction with Interface Controls in Mid-air

Investigating the Use of Spatial Interaction for 3D Data Visualization on Mobile Devices

Superiority of a Handheld Perspective-Coupled Display in Isomorphic Docking Performances

Robotic Assembly of Haptic Proxy Objects for Tangible Interaction and Virtual Reality

Desktop VR using a Mirror Metaphor for Natural User Interface

Fast Lossless Depth Image Compression

SESSION: From Wall Displays to Liquid Matter

MeetAlive: Room-Scale Omni-Directional Display System for Multi-User Content and Control Sharing

Using Variable Movement Resistance Sliders for Remote Discrete Input

Sunny Day Display: Mid-air Image Formed by Solar Light

ThermoTouch: a New Scalable Hardware Design for Thermal Displays

Programmable Liquid Matter: 2D Shape Deformation of Highly Conductive Liquid Metals in a Dynamic Electric Field

SESSION: Feel, Taste, Smell, Splash

Interactive FUrniTURE: Evaluation of Smart Interactive Textile Interfaces for Home Environments

TastyFloats: A Contactless Food Delivery System

OSpace: Towards a Systematic Exploration of Olfactory Interaction Spaces

RapTapBath: User Interface System by Tapping on a Bathtub Edge Utilizing Embedded Acoustic Sensors

Creepy Tracker Toolkit for Context-aware Interfaces

SESSION: Mobile Interaction: Type Touch and Bend

Typing on a Smartwatch for Smart Glasses

Designing Touch Gestures Using the Space around the Smartwatch as Continuous Input Space

Estimating the Finger Orientation on Capacitive Touchscreens Using Convolutional Neural Networks

PredicTouch: A System to Reduce Touchscreen Latency using Neural Networks and Inertial Measurement Units

Effects of Bend Gesture Training on Learnability and Memorability in a Mobile Game

Release, Don't Wait!: Reliable Force Input Confirmation with Quick Release

SESSION: In the Wild: Education, Sports and Beyond

In the Footsteps of Henri Tudor: Creating Batteries on a Tangible Interactive Workbench

FireFlies2: Interactive Tangible Pixels to enable Distributed Cognition in Classroom Technologies

ClimbVis: Investigating In-situ Visualizations for Understanding Climbing Movements by Demonstration

Run&Tap: Investigation of On-Body Tapping for Runners

Towards Around-Device Interaction using Corneal Imaging


A Comparative Study of Menus in Virtual Reality Environments

A Tangible Interactive Space Odyssey to Support Children Learning of Computer Programming

Bringing Your Own Device into Multi-device Ecologies: A Technical Concept

Computational Foresight: Forecasting Human Body Motion in Real-time for Reducing Delays in Interactive System

Effects of the Display Angle and Physical Size on Large Touch Displays in the Work Place

Evaluation of Flick Gestures on Multitouch Tabletop Surfaces

Gesture Typing on Virtual Tabletop: Effect of Input Dimensions on Performance

HoloFacility: Get in Touch with Machines at Trade Fairs using Holograms

Improving the Feasibility of Ultrasonic Hand Tracking Wearables

Investigating Communication Grounding in Cross-Surface Interaction

Learner versus System Control in Augmented Lab Experiments

Objective Meaning: Presentation Mediation in an Interactive Installation

ProDesk: An Interactive Ubiquitous Desktop Surface

PULSE: Sonifying Data to Motivate Physical Activity in Outdoor Spaces

TiltPass: Using Device Tilts as an Authentication Method

Towards a Mixed-Reality Interface for Mind-Mapping

Towards Touch-Based Medical Image Diagnosis Annotation

What Are We Missing?: Adding Eye-Tracking to the HoloLens to Improve Gaze Estimation Accuracy


Adaptive Workspace using MovemenTable

Ambient Notifications with Shape Changing Circuits in Peripheral Locations

CAPP: Capacitive Passive Programmable Tangibles

Distant Pointing User Interfaces based on 3D Hand Pointing Recognition

Floating Widgets: Interaction with Acoustically-Levitated Widgets

FootStriker: A Wearable EMS-based Foot Strike Assistant for Running

GooseBumps: Towards Sensory Substitution Using Servo Motors

Haptics and Directional Audio Using Acoustic Metasurfaces

Illuminated Interactive Paper with Multiple Input Modalities for Form Filling Applications

iVoLVER: A Visual Language for Constructing Visualizations from In-the-Wild Data

LeviSpace: Augmenting the Space above Displays with Levitated Particles

Paper for E-Paper: Towards Paper Like Tangible Experience using E-Paper

Printerface: Screen Printed Electroluminescent Touch Interface

Programmable Liquid Matter: 2D Shape Drawing of Liquid Metals by Dynamic Electric Field

Proposal of Product Navigation Interface and Evaluation of Purchasing Motivation

SensArt Demo: A Multisensory Prototype for Engaging with Visual Art

Smart Home Control using Motion Matching and Smart Watches

WORKSHOP SESSION: Tutorials and Workshops

Multisensory Experiences & Spaces

Personalized Interactive Surfaces with Printed Electronics

Analyzing Qualitative Data

The Disappearing Tabletop: Social and Technical Challenges for Cross-Surface Collaboration