ISS '16- Proceedings of the 2016 ACM on Interactive Surfaces and Spaces

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SESSION: Opening Keynote

Movement, Material, Mind: Tangible and Embodied Interactions for Discovery and Learning

SESSION: Closing Keynote

An Artist's Perspective on Interactive Surfaces and Spaces

SESSION: Session 1: Hardware and Novel Devices

Less Is More: Efficient Back-of-Device Tap Input Detection Using Built-in Smartphone Sensors

TapSkin: Recognizing On-Skin Input for Smartwatches

RootCap: Touch Detection on Multi-electrodes using Single-line Connected Capacitive Sensing

Ballumiere: Real-Time Tracking and Spherical Projection for High-Speed Moving Balls

AnyLight: Programmable Ambient Illumination via Computational Light Fields

Ketsuro-Graffiti: An Interactive Display with Water Condensation

SESSION: Session 2: From Touch to Pen

EV-Pen: Leveraging Electrovibration Haptic Feedback in Pen Interaction

In-Place-Ink: Toward More Direct Handwriting Interfaces

ShadowHands: High-Fidelity Remote Hand Gesture Visualization using a Hand Tracker

DIRECT: Making Touch Tracking on Ordinary Surfaces Practical with Hybrid Depth-Infrared Sensing

Are Kindergarten Children Ready for Indirect Drag Interactions?

Effect of Touch Latency on Elementary vs. Bimanual Composite Tasks

SESSION: Session 3: Infoviz

UD Co-Spaces: A Table-Centred Multi-Display Environment for Public Engagement in Urban Design Charrettes

Towards Road Traffic Management with Forecasting on Wall Displays

Active Pathways: Using Active Tangibles and Interactive Tabletops for Collaborative Modeling in Systems Biology

MultiLens: Fluent Interaction with Multi-Functional Multi-Touch Lenses for Information Visualization

Expanding Selection for Information Visualization Systems on Tablet Devices

SESSION: Session 4: Cross Devices

CurationSpace: Cross-Device Content Curation Using Instrumental Interaction

CapCam: Enabling Rapid, Ad-Hoc, Position-Tracked Interactions Between Devices

UI Testing Cross-Device Applications

SESSION: Session 5: Interactions

LayerFish: Bimanual Layering with a Fisheye In-Place

Talaria: Continuous Drag & Drop on a Wall Display

Rapid Command Selection on Multi-Touch Tablets with Single-Handed HandMark Menus

GlassHands: Interaction Around Unmodified Mobile Devices Using Sunglasses

Differentiating in-Game Frustration from at-Game Frustration using Touch Pressure

SESSION: Session 6: Large Displays

Miners: Communication and Awareness in Collaborative Gaming at an Interactive Display Wall

The Effect of Visual Distractors in Peripheral Vision on User Performance in Large Display Wall Systems

Multimodal Segmentation on a Large Interactive Tabletop: Extending Interaction on Horizontal Surfaces with Gaze

Physical-Digital Privacy Interfaces for Mixed Reality Collaboration: An Exploratory Study

SESSION: Session 7: Applications

ControllAR: Appropriation of Visual Feedback on Control Surfaces

A Dynamic 3D Performance Space for Control of Virtual Musical Instruments

Shared Interactive Music Experiences in Public Spaces: User Engagement and Motivations

Felines, Foragers, and Physicists: Supporting Scientific Outreach with Multi-Surface and Multi-Space Games


Lightweight Capacitance-based Block System for 3D Space Interaction

A Distributed Framework for Location-oriented Motion-based Interactive Public Installations and Games

Presenting Business Data: Challenges during Board Meetings in Multi-Display Environments

Combining Mobile, Tangible and Virtual World Platforms to Support Participatory Campus Planning

Pose Estimation for a Cuboid with Regular Patterns in an Interactive Assembly-support Projection System

Touch Detection System for Various Surfaces Using Shadow of Finger

SUR40 Linux: Reanimating an Obsolete Tangible Interaction Platform

Exploring Time-dependent Scientific Data Using Spatially Aware Mobiles and Large Displays

Synchronized Mixed Presence Data-Conferencing Using Large-Scale Shared Displays

Sports Support System: Augmented Ball Game for Filling Gap between Player Skill Levels

Foldable3D: Interacting with 3D Content Using Dual-Display Devices

Twosome Coloring: Designing a Playful Coloring System on Dual-sided Transparent Surfaces

Finding the Minimum Perceivable Size of a Tactile Element on an Ultrasonic Based Haptic Tablet

Accessing Mobile Apps with User Defined Gesture Shortcuts: An Exploratory Study

Fun-f! Game-furniture Experimenting Interactive Surfaces for Children's Sensory Learning

HABITAT EXPLORER: Designing Educational Games for Collaborative Learning on Interactive Surfaces

Exploring Interactive Surface Designs for Eliciting Social Activity from Elderly Adults

Learning New Words and Spelling with Autocorrections

WebTEM: A Web Application to Record Text Entry Metrics

Interactive Multi-Modal Display Spaces for Visual Analysis

The Use of a Multi-Display System in University Classroom Lectures

Grab This, Swipe That: Combining Tangible and Gestural Interaction in Multiple Display Collaborative Gameplay

Carbon Copy Metaphor: Mode Switching Technique for Trackpad-based Manipulations


Quantum Cats: The Demo

CHI PLAYGUE: A Mobile Conference Networking Game

Single-Handed HandMark Menus: Rapid Command Selection on Tablets

Instruction for Paper-cutting: A System for Learning Experts' Skills

Exploring Genetic Mutations on Mitochondrial DNA Cancer Data with Interactive Tabletop and Active Tangibles

ControllAR: Appropriation of Visual Feedback on Control Surfaces

Actibles: Open Source Active Tangibles

Proxemics-Based Visual Concepts to Attract and Engage Public Display Users: Adaptive Content Motion and Adaptive User Shadow

A Dynamic 3D Performance Space for Control of Virtual Musical Instruments

BacPack for New Frontiers: A Tangible Tabletop Museum Exhibit Exploring Synthetic Biology

A Toolkit for Building Collaborative Immersive Multi-Surface Applications

ERWear: Wearable System Design through the Lens of First Responders

Tunnel Divisions: Interactive Sound Mapping of Transitory Public Spaces

ABOVE WATER: Extending the Play Space for Health

A Demonstration of Haptic Retargeting: Dynamic Repurposing of Passive Haptics for Enhanced Virtual Reality Experiences

SESSION: Workshops & Tutorials

Collaboration Meets Interactive Surfaces and Spaces (CMIS): Walls, Tables, Mobiles, and Wearables

Cross-Surface: Challenges and Opportunities of Spatial and Proxemic Interaction

Cross-Device Interfaces: Existing Research, Current Tools, Outlook

Projected Augmented Reality with the RoomAlive Toolkit

Let's Talk Architecture: An Introduction to Glass Buildings

SIVARG: Spatial Interaction in Virtual/Augmented Reality and Games

Immersive Analytics: Exploring Future Interaction and Visualization Technologies for Data Analytics