IDC '16- Proceedings of the The 15th International Conference on Interaction Design and Children

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SESSION: Designing Together

Inclusive Co-Design within a Three-Dimensional Game Environment

Traversing Transmedia Together: Co-designing an Educational Alternate Reality Game For Teens, With Teens

Future's Butterflies: Co-Designing ICT Wayfaring Technology with Refugee Syrian Youth

SESSION: Play for Good (1)

Andantino: Teaching Children Piano with Projected Animated Characters

Expressivity in Open-ended Constructive Play: Building and Playing Musical Lego Instruments

Design of a Health Monitoring Toy for Children

SESSION: Making and Learning (1)

Making as the New Colored Pencil: Translating Elementary Curricula into Maker Activities

Bots for Tots: Building Inclusive Makerspaces by Leveraging "Ways of Knowing"

Inclusive Interactives: the Transformative Potential of Making and Using Craft-Tech Social Objects Together in an After-School Centre

SESSION: Words and Stories

Design Rationale: Opportunities and Recommendations for Tangible Reading Systems for Children

Evaluating Engagement in Reading: Comparing Children and Adult Assessors

Recommendations for Developing Technologies that Encourage Reading Practices Among Children in Families with Low-literate Adults

SESSION: Coding and Thinking

Of Elephants and Nested Loops: How to Introduce Computing to Youth in Rural India

User-Centered Design in Block-Based Programming: Developmental & Pedagogical Considerations for Children

A Tangible, Story-Construction Process Employing Spatial, Computational-Thinking

SESSION: Design and Games

Legitimate Participation in the Classroom Context: Adding Learning Goals to Participatory Design

Make Good Choices: Exploring Narrative Game Design with Young People in Prison

Playscapes: a Design Perspective on Young Children's Physical Play

iPad vs Paper Prototypes: Does Form Factor Affect Children's Ratings of a Game Concept?

SESSION: Design for Change

Seeking Independent Management of Problem Behavior: A Proof-of-Concept Study with Children and their Teachers

The Research Diary, Supporting Pupils' Reflective Thinking during Design Activities

Learning through Participatory Design: Designing Digital Badges for and with Teens

SESSION: Solving Problems

Empowering Children To Rapidly Author Games and Animations Without Writing Code

How Different Input and Output Modalities Support Coding as a Problem-Solving Process for Children

Frogs to Think with: Improving Students' Computational Thinking and Understanding of Evolution in A Code-First Learning Environment

BitBlox: A Redesign of the Breadboard

SESSION: Different Realities

Lands of Fog: Helping Children with Autism in Social Interaction through a Full-Body Interactive Experience

SharedPhys: Live Physiological Sensing, Whole-Body Interaction, and Large-Screen Visualizations to Support Shared Inquiry Experiences

Comparing Children's Crosshair and Finger Interactions in Handheld Augmented Reality: Relationships Between Usability and Child Development

SESSION: Game Effects

Audience Involvement and Agency in Digital Games: Effects on Learning, Game Experience, and Social Presence

Five Degrees of Happiness: Effective Smiley Face Likert Scales for Evaluating with Children

An Experiential Approach to the Design and Evaluation of a Gamified Research Tool for Law in Children's Lives

SESSION: Interactions and Engagement

Do It for the Viewers!: Audience Engagement Behaviors of Young YouTubers

Gestures by Children and Adults on Touch Tables and Touch Walls in a Public Science Center

It's Not That Long!: Helping Children to Understand Time with an Ambient Light Display

SESSION: Trust and Privacy

Should We Design for Control, Trust or Involvement?: A Discourses Survey about Children's Online Safety

The Robot Who Knew Too Much: Toward Understanding the Privacy/Personalization Trade-Off in Child-Robot Conversation

From Nosy Little Brothers to Stranger-Danger: Children and Parents' Perception of Mobile Threats

SESSION: Design Solutions

A Follow-up Study of a Successful Assistive Technology for Children with ADHD and Their Families

Hide and Seek: A LEGO Village Game for Developing Spatial Ability of Children

Interactive and Connected Tableware for Promoting Children's Vegetable-Eating and Family Interaction

Designing Animated Characters for Children of Different Ages

SESSION: Making and Learning (2)

Studying situated learning in a constructionist programming camp: A multimethod microgenetic analysis of one girl's learning pathway

Make or Shake: An Empirical Study of the Value of Making in Learning about Computing Technology

Connectors in Maker Kits: Investigating Children's Motor Abilities in Making

SESSION: Play for Good (2)

Designing ReduCat: Audio-Augmented Paper Drawings Tangible Interface in Educational Intervention for High-Functioning Autistic Children

The Code of Many Colours: Evaluating the Effects of a Dynamic Colour-Coding Scheme on Children's Spelling in a Tangible Software System

Playful Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Apps: Design Concepts and Tactics for Engaging Young Patients

SESSION: Late Breaking and Demos

Design Implications for a User Study on a Tangible Tabletop

Teaching with an Interactive E-book to Improve Children's Online Privacy Knowledge

Talkoo: A new paradigm for physical computing at school

Beagle: A Stimulating Quest Throughout the Hospital

Mummy, Why Do I Have Diabetes?: A Tangible Interface For Educating Children With Type-1 Diabetes

Evaluating the ChillFish Biofeedback Game with Children with ADHD

Gossip, Cooperation and Cyberbullying in Children's Online Communication: Designing an Intervention Based on Original Empirical Research

Linguistic and social treatment of Specific Language Impairment (SLI) using Scratch

Playful interactive mirroring to support bonding between parents and children with Down Syndrome

Set&Motion: Tool for Authoring Interactive Stories with Sensors and Actuators

Children's evolving capabilities in their interaction with touchable devices from birth to 2 years old

Creative Programming Experiences for Teenagers: Attitudes, Performance and Gender Differences

Crescendo: Routine Learning App for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

The Role Definition Matrix: Creating a Shared Understanding of Children's Participation in the Design Process

Game Kits: Metadesign considerations on game modding for learning

Reflections on the Adoption of Virtual Reality-based Application on Word Recognition for Chinese Children with Autism

Social Competence and STEM: Teen Mentors in a Makerspace

I will Help You Pass the Puzzle Piece to Your Partner if This is What You Want Me to: The Design of Collaborative Puzzle Games to Train Chinese Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Joint Attention Skills

Boxing against drones: Drones in sports education

Making Sense of Body and Space through Full-Body Interaction Design: A Case Study

DenTeach: A Device for Fostering Children's Good Tooth-brushing Habits

Children's Books: Paper VS Digital, What Do They Prefer?

Developing Transmedia Puzzle Play to Facilitate Spatial Skills of Preschoolers

Participatory Design of UKIYO-E Game for Children to Support Art Appreciation Based on Interacting with Pictures

Creating an Environment in which Elementary Educators Can Teach Coding

Preparatory development of a collaborative / interactive learning game using bodily movements for deaf children

Multiple-Player Full-Body Interaction Game to Enhance Young Children's Cooperation

Co-designing a physical to digital experience for an onboarding and blended learning platform

Helping Neuro-typical Individuals to "Read" the Emotion of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: an Internet-of-Things Approach

Collaborative Conversational Language Learning with CityCompass

A Demonstration of ToonTalk where Children Build Programs by Demonstration in a Game World

The Ensoulment of Virtual Space Minecraft as a Tool for Engaging With a Sculpture Park

DEMO: Web Application ArtEater

Supporting Social Innovation in Children: Developing a Game to Promote Health Eating

Barcino, Creation of a Cross-Disciplinary City

Developing children's cultural awareness and empathy through games and fairy tales

Child-centred design supported by comprehensive child application use analysis


Being Explicit about Underlying Values, Assumptions and Views when Designing for Children in the IDC Community

How Many Roles Can Children Play?

Designing Tangibles for Children: One Day Hands-on Workshop

Making as a Pathway to Foster Joyful Engagement and Creativity in Learning

Philosophy with Children: Helping Designers Cooperate with Children

SESSION: Design Competition

roboTwin: A Modular & Evolvable Robotic Companion for Children

The Story of Things: Awareness through Happenstance Interaction

All Creatures Great and Small: Becoming Other Organisms through the EmbodySuit